Inkwell, Meet Ponyville

Inkwell, Princess Luna's daughter, is a small filly, and when she moves to Ponyville, she doesn't know what to expect. She learns to love Ponyville, along with having fun with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but it gets hard to have fun when trying to hide the fact that you're a princess.


1. My Arrival


“Hi there! I’m Pinkie Pie! You must be new here! I haven’t seen you before!” An excitable pink pony said as she attacked me with her excitement.


“Yeah, I am! Hi there, I’m Inkwell, but you can call me Inky if you want. Pinkie Pie, right?” I said.


“Yeah, but you can call me Pinkie if you want! You know what? I have a sister named Inky, too!”


“ Weird coincidence! Okay, thanks! See ya round!”


I tried to walk away, even though I knew I was being rude. I didn’t want to, but I had to go see Twilight Sparkle before anyone else saw me. I didn’t want to be rude to Pinkie, because she seemed like a pretty nice pony, but I had to be somewhere.


“So, what’s a little filly like you doing walkin’ around Ponyville all by yourself?”


“Actually, I need to be somewhere, if you don’t mind….”


“Hey! I know Ponyville like the back of my hoof! I could take you where you wanna go!”

I thought about it for a second, and I figured that Pinkie seemed pretty nice, so I agreed. Having a friend wouldn’t be all that bad after moons in a castle with only royal guards to play with.


“Okay, sure!” I said.


“Okey dokey lokey then! Where do you need to go?” Asked Pinkie.


“I have to go the…library, I think. I have to see the Princess. Twilight Sparkle. Do you know her?”


“Do I know her?!” Exclaimed Pinkie. “She is my beessstttt friend! I can take you to the library easy-peasy!”


            And with that, Pinkie and I walked to the library together. I told Pinkie I wanted to go straight to the library, because I had to see Twilight immediately. She begged me to let her throw me a party and introduce me to everyone, but I said she could after I met up with Twilight. She said she could at least show me around Ponyville, and as much as I would have loved to go on a tour with her, I couldn’t. Pinkie agreed, brought me to the library, and knocked on the door.


Twilight opened the door after a couple seconds.


“Yes? I am studying! Oh, hello, Pinkie. I can’t come to a party right now, I have some things to do.”


“Okay, but Inky here says that she need to talk to you.”


“Inky….,” Twilight said. “I don’t know an Inky.”


“Hi!” I said. She looks down at me. I didn’t think I was that short. After all, princesses usually grew faster.


“Inky! I was wondering when you would come. The Princess—uh, I mean, your mom—said that it would be around next week. Since I wasn’t expecting you, the place is going to be a bit of a mess. But it’s you! I haven’t seen you in moons!”


“Twilight! I was scared that you didn’t remember me for a minute there!” I said, relieved.


“Of course I do, silly filly! Now, come inside and we can talk.”


“Okay!” I said. “Bye, Pinkie! Thanks! See you sometime around.” I waved my hoof and Pinkie waved back and skipped away.  I was really starting to like Ponyville.






So, Twilight welcomed me into her house and we sat down to talk. She introduced me to Spike, but I didn’t like him too much. For some reason, he was just obnoxious. But back to the explaining.


“So, why did you come early?” asked Twilight.


“Well, Mom was getting really busy in Canterlot, and she decided to send me early.” I responded.


“Luna—I mean your mom (I am gonna have to get used to saying that)— and I haven’t talked for a while now. Remind me again why she sent you?”


“Well, Mom said that she wanted me to get out and see Equestria, and she knew that I would love Ponyville, so she sent me to you. She said she would come and visit me, but that it was very busy in Canterlot while she was dealing with some problems.”


“Alright!” Said Twilight.


I liked Twilight. Of course I had met her at her coronation, but I hadn't really talked her. She seemed smart and intelligent.


“So, what am I going to do about school?” I asked.


“Oh, yeah! Your mother has made arrangements for you to go to school in Ponyville, where Miss Cheerilee will be teaching you. And don’t worry about your friend situation. I have picked out a couple fillies that I think you will really like.”


“Oh. Okay.” I said with a small smile, trying to fake it.


The truth is, I really didn’t want to go to school. I was home schooled when I lived in Canterlot, so nobody ever thought anything about it. But I am afraid that if I go to school in Ponyville, the foals will make fun of me for being a princess. They will think that I can do everything, and I really can’t.  That’s not it, though. I don’t even have my cutie mark. That’s a major point. But I had already known that this would happen, so I planned ahead.


“Twilight, can I unpack my bags? I am living with you, right?’ I asked.


“Of course! Where else would you live, silly? You can unpack your bags in the room behind that door over there.” Twilight pointed to a plain wooden door.


“Alright, thanks!” I walked in, and set my pouch down on the bed. It was a nice room, with windows nice floors. It had a bed with a pretty quilt on it, a nightstand, and a dresser. Of course, it was nothing compared to the rooms I had in Canterlot, but I didn’t care. You see, this is where a lot of people would say that I am just a snotty princess. But they wouldn’t believe me if I told them that I was actually really down to earth. I notice the differences between Canterlot and Ponyville, but it doesn’t change anything and I don’t expect anything more from the ponies that live in Ponyville.


I unpacked my clothes, even though all I had was a dress for special events and my cloak. I threw on my cloak, because that way it would hide my blank flank and my wings. That way, ponies would think I was just a normal unicorn. I put my hair up in a bun so it wouldn’t look so magical and wavy. I almost forgot to take my crown off before looking into the mirror of the dresser. If I forgot-- now THAT would be a big mistake. I set my other belongings down and put them around the room. A picture of Canterlot, one of my mom, and one of my Aunt Celestia.




I walked out of my room.


“Twilight, should we go meet those fillies now?”


“Huh?” Said Twilight as she looked up from her book. “Oh, sure! While we’re at it, I can give you a tour of Ponyville, too.”


“Okay, sounds good!” I replied. I was happy. I knew I would be fine with my cloak. At first, I was worried that it would look weird that I had a cloak, but it matches my coat so well. I am navy blue with markings on my hooves that make it look like I have stepped in black ink. That’s why my name is Inkwell. I have pretty blue, wavy, starry hair, just like my mom, but I don’t have any bangs. Because my cloak is black, just like my markings, it will look just like a good fashion choice.


Twilight and I trotted out of her door, and she drew me a map of Ponyville with her hoof in the dirt.


“Here is Sugarcube Corner—this is where Mr. and Mrs. Cake live with their two foals—Pumpkin and Pound. They run a bakery. Pinkie Pie also lives there with the Cakes. Okay, here is the Sofa Shop,” she pointed to a square on the crudely drawn map with her hoof. “They also sell quills. And then here is Fluttershy’s place—you haven’t met her, but I will introduce you—and then there’s the Everfree forest, where Zecora, our zebra witch doctor lives, and Rarity’s dress shop, and Sweet Apple Acres, and…..” Twilight kept going, and I thoroughly learned the location of every building in Ponyville, inside and out. She said she’d introduce me to everybody she had mentioned, so that would be fun. I hope.




The first place Twilight showed me was Sweet Apple Acres. I met Granny Smith, who was so cute and old, and Big Macintosh, Applejack, who seems super cool and fun, and then I met Apple Bloom. Twilight and Applejack went over to talk, so Apple Bloom and I were alone.


“Hi, I’m Apple Bloom!” She said. She seemed very confident and stuck out her hoof. And she had such a charming southern accent! I loved it.


“Hello. I’m Inkwell, but you can call me Inky.” I said, just as confident.


“Ooh! That’s a cool name you got there! Where ya from?”


“Me? Oh… I….I’m from…..uhhh….Cloudsdale!”


“Cloudsdale? But you’re not a Pegasus.” Said Apple Bloom, confused.


“Did I say Cloudsdale? I meant Baltimare.” I replied nervously, putting the biggest smile I’ve ever made on my face.


“Oh….well, okay!” Said Apple Bloom. “I think we’re gonna be best buddies, 'cause you seem pretty nice! That's a nice cloak you've got. Gotta cutie mark under there?” Apple Bloom pulled up my cloak before I could stop her.


“Uh, yeah! I..uh…totally!” I said.


“No you don’t! And you’ve got wings, too! But you have a horn….you’re an ALICORN?” Apple Bloom said, now yelling at me.


“Whaaaaaaaattt?” I said. “Noooooo… how did those things get there? I…uh… well, I… yes. I’m an alicorn.” I said, giving up.


“AWESOME! Wait a second….that means that you’re a princess! Not only that, you’re from Canterlot! And you’re a blank flank!”

Apple Bloom exclaimed. “Oh, sorry. I just got kinda excited there for a second.”


“Yeah, all of that’s correct. My mom is Princess Luna, and I am a princess, but mom has kept me a secret for all these years because she didn’t want me to live in the bad side of fame, too. She said she would tell the rest of Equestria when the time was right. She sent me here because it is getting to busy at the castle and she wanted me to spend some time with Twilight.”


Apple Bloom just stood there, mouth hanging open. Yep, I had ruined it for myself. Now Apple Bloom was only going to talk to me about me being a princess.


“Another blank flank!” She said.


“Well, that kinda hurt,” I muttered.


“Oh, sorry. But look.” She  turned around and showed me her left flank. “I’m a blank flank, too!

It was true. Her flank was just as bare as mine.


“Wait, you don’t care that I am a princess? I mean, you still want me as a friend?”


“No, of course not! It just makes you awesome! But I wouldn’t show Diamond Tiara.”


“Who’s Diamond Tiara?” I ask.


“Diamond Tiara is the meanest filly around. Her dad is Filthy Rich, the richest pony in Ponyville. And if she saw that you were a princess, she would be REEALLLY jealous! But since you’re a blan- I mean, you don’t have your cutie mark, than you can be part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders!”


“What the hay are the Cutie Mark Cru…whatevers?”


“ CruSADERS. Alright, my friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo don’t have their cutie marks either, and we are a band of fillies trying to get our cutie marks by going on AWESOME adventures!”


“Woah! I would love to join, then. We will get our cutie marks in no time! So, will Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo go to school with us?”


“Yeah, of course!” Said Sweetie Belle.


“Inky! We have to go meet Rarity and her little sister, Sweetie Belle! Are you coming?” Yelled Twilight from the living room.


“Yeah! Umm...can Apple Bloom come with us?” I yelled back.


“Sure, now let’s go!” Apple Bloom and I walked out of the room and into the living room.


“Ready?” Asked Twilight.


“Yes-indeedy-doodle!” Yelled a voice that certainly wasn’t mine. I looked at Apple Bloom, but she looked just as puzzled as I was.


Twilight turned around. “Pinkie! How long have you been here?”


“Just the past fifteen minutes!" Pinkie said as she jumped out from behind the couch. "Can I come with you? Oh, pleasepleaseplease?”


Twilight looked at Apple Bloom and then at me.


“Sure!" We said simultaneously.


“Okey-dokey-lokey! Let’s go!” Exclaimed Pinkie.


Three friends already. Maybe being a blank-flanked princess wasn’t so bad.


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