The boy who dared - Liam Payne One Shot

Liam has a bother, Zayn. Zayn thinks that Liam is scared of everything, but one day after a party, Liam wants to prove him wrong.


1. The boy who dared

I just walked out from my friend’s party. When I came outside my brother, Zayn was there. “What are you doing here?” I asked a bit sassy. “It’s not me who chose to be here.” He answered back with an even more sassy tone than me. “Well I can walk home by my own.” I said, now a bit angry that mum and dad still thought I was a toddler. “No you can’t. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t, because you’re scared of the graveyard.” “I am not!” I protested. We fought a bit about who was right, and then we started to walk.

We were walking until we were in front of the graveyard. “Why do have to pass the graveyard every time?” I asked, now a bit scared actually. “You’re just scared.” “I am not.”  “You are indeed.” “No! I’m not!” I answered a bit too fast.  “Well then I dare you to stand on a grave.” He said. I was really scared. There was no way I was doing that. “And when you are standing on it you have to dig your umbrella down the grave.” “What?” I was scared, really scared. “See, you’re scared; just like I said.”

 Yes, I was scared. I could feel cool running through my veins. My body was shaking, and Goosebumps started to appear all over my arms. “I’m going to prove you wrong.” I said ice cool. With that I started to walk in the direction of a grave. The ice cool feeling was getting cooler.  I was now standing on a grave. What if there are ghosts here? I thought. I thought about for a second. Then I dug my umbrella down the grave. I thought I heard my brother shouting: Liam! Come back; it was just a game! But before I could answer him, my legs were sinking into the ground. “Help!” I shouted. But I think my brother had run away.  I couldn’t move. My feet were pale and ice cool. They were now under the ground. I couldn’t see them and I couldn’t feel them. My skin was getting paler and paler, and then it totally darkened for me.

I woke up by people shouting. I tried to sit up, but my legs were numb. “Liam!” My parents said. I guess my brother ran to them for help. “I’m sorry Liam. It was just a game.”  He apologised. “Just a game.” He repeated.  They tried to help me up, but my legs were stuck. I’m going to die. Was the last I thought; before it all went black; again.

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