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When the music stops is the only one left behind. Niall Horan...


16. Larger event

I don't know what happened to my life. In a month's time I was away from Niall and Louis appeared almost every night. It was as if he wanted to convince me to take him, but I chose to be a good friend. I didn't have sex with him again but I saw at him that he wanted to change that.


"We're having a grand opening celebration for the venue where we'll do the gig in." 
I frowned and looked at Louis. 
He smiled and kissed me quickly on the cheek. 
"I want you to go there with me." 
I hesitated. 
Louis laughed a little bit and didn't seem worried. 
"He has moved on and you are free of him." 
The words hurt and I was surprised that I reacted as I did. Louis saw it and took me right into his arms. 
"Come on and put him behind you?"
Louis kissed me lightly and he looked almost praying out. 
"I will wait for you. Someday you'll realize that you're mine, I'm yours." 
I sighed. 
"Louis, you can't force me to...." 
He put his hand over my mouth. 
"No, but I'm trying to show you one direction. I'm trying!" 
I swallowed and took his hand away. 
"What if I go with you? If they ask who I am, what will you say?" 
Louis hesitated. 
"The truth, you are my closest friend." 
I frowned. 
"And to Niall?" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"He knows that I'm here and we hang out."


I said yes and immediately ordered Louis with clothes and he did even sure I got help with my hair and my make-up in that evening.I felt almost like a model and when I was done, I looked like something completely different. I had a black tight dress that showed all my forms and my back. Louis had bought the necklace and ear pendants. I just stared at myself in the mirror. Louis laughed lightly at me. 
I swallowed. 
"No comment!" 
He laughed 
"I knew you'd be pleased."


A black limo came and picked us up. I had no idea what awaited me, but when we got to the right street, I was about to faint. There were fans everywhere, the people stood and took photos, and it was people from different TV channels and waited for a single glimpse of us. 
"I can't do this." I hissed to Louis and my whole body shook. He took my hand and laughed with amusement. 
"Well, you can do it, I promise it will be a wonderful night tonight."


When we came out on the red carpet, was the scream around us in total. Everyone took photos of us and I felt like a big star. I swallowed and felt that Louis held my hand tightly. He waved, he smiled and he looked as if he loved it. I just felt shaky and I almost wanted to go back home. A microphone was pressed up in Louis's face. 
"So who did you take with you tonight? Who's the girl?" 
"My girlfriend!" 
I couldn't do anything about it. Louis seemed almost to run me over and he didn't understand that I just wanted to be friends. I quickly forgot to be angry. We had to pose against a wall and I just saw a lot of flash against us. It was as if we were in the middle of a lightning storm and I couldn't protect myself.


"Louis, you should sit at the table at the front." 
I just followed him and I heard a guard started talking about what would happen. I saw a lot of famous people and actually seemed the whole event has become bigger than I had imagined. Louis didn't released my hand and we slid into a large banquet hall. A large stage was at the front and everywhere stood table and chairs. It was full of people. 
"There, there!" the guy pointed to Louis knew what table it was about. "And try to look happy." 
The last he said to me. I was startled and Louis just laughed. 
"She's nervous."
I blushed and tried to smile. 
"I'll look happy!" 
The guard smiled. 
"It will be filmed in the hole evening and one television channel showing live." 
I just stared at him and then at Louis. 
"YOU didn't tell me that it would ..." 
He interrupted me. 
"Enjoy darling. Why not just enjoy this."


Niall was in the room. I saw him from a distance and he looked as handsome as ever. He had left his dark hair but bleached his bangs, just to look like his old self. I couldn't stop looking at him. Louis noticed it and he wasn't happy. 
"Niall has got a girl, a date!" he said and I had to look at Louis. 
Louis smiled and he pointed towards a slender blonde, who looked more like a porn star than a girlfriend. 
I almost choke. Somewhere inside me, I doubted that he loved her, but on the other hand, she was everything I wasn't. She had a narrow waist, large breasts, and she got all the guys to just look at her. 
"Okay?" I mumbled. "She was ...." 
Louis smiled and kissed me lightly on the cheek. 
"They met a week ago. She says he's like a lion in bed and she don't want anyone other than Niall."
I saw Niall walk up to her and he took his hand around her waist. He didn't look happy, but it could be because the evening was important for everyone's future. Right as it was he saw me. I couldn't let go of him with my eyes and he couldn't let me go with his. It was as if we got stuck and couldn't take us from the lace. Louis was talking to a guy and he didn't notice that Niall went to me. I chose to take a few steps towards him.


"You're beautiful!" Niall whispered hoarsely. I smiled weakly and blushed. 
"Thanks, you're handsome, as always." 
He laughed a little bit and swallowed. 
"So, it's an important night?" 
I nodded and looked over at the girl. 
"She's special?" 
Niall was startled and he knew who I was referring to. He blushed and chose to directly change the subject. 
"SO how are you?" 
I swallowed. 
"Okay, and you?" 
"Good ..."

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