This is my first Movella. So don't judge if it sucks. Ok so Niall never wanted to find love in America, but what happens when he meets Alondra a normal high school band geek. Alondra just got out of a relationship, and isn't looking for love, but when Niall comes in her life everything changes. But what about Alondra's best friend Toby. He tries to tell Alondra how he feels but does it back fire or not.Some of the words and references are either in Spanish or are Marching Band related.
Contains: Strong Language


7. Chapter 6

"I can't believe it Niall kissed me." I said when I walked up to my room. I look over at the clock. It was 11:11. Damn five hours on a date. New record. I reached over to my phone to see if my parents called, but no.

I was halfway ready for bed when the phone rang. It wasn't my parents, Ciria, or Niall. It was…Toby? What does he want shouldn't he be asleep? I thought to myself while picking up the phone.

On the phone:

"Hey Toby." "Hey Alondra" "Wow haven't heard you call me that in a while." "Yeah. Um…I was thinking." "That's a first." "Yeah but really. You know that prom is coming up and well I was wondering if you'd go with my?" "Oh…Toby I'm sorry but me and Niall are a couple now. I'm sorry again Toby." After that I hung up.

Toby's POV

"Oh…Toby I'm sorry but me and Niall are a couple now. I'm sorry again." Then she hung up. After one date she's Niall's girlfriend; I've known her for years and she chooses him over her best friend. "Toby" my older brother Riley said."Yeah bro." "Did she say 'yes'?" my other older brother Conner asked. "No she has a boyfriend." "What since when." Riley asked suprised. "Since today." "I am so sorry Toby." Conner said. I could hear him trying not to laugh. "But really", he continued, "did you think that you had a chance with her? I mean she's at the top of her game, and you well…Riley help me out here." "Sorry bro your on your own." Riley said leaving my room. I felt Conner leave my room then I started to cry. Why couldn't I tell her how I feel? Since day one we've been friends. She knows all my secrets, and I know all of her's. From her tattoo to her love of some rock bands. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. I'm gonna see her on Monday with Niall. I cried myself to sleep thinking that Alondra would never be mine

A/N: hey guys I'm sorry it's kinda short. But I want to know what is y'all's favorite part so far?

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