One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


1. prologue

Alexandra's p.o.v*

"HELL TO THE NO" I screamed the same words at my friend for the thousand time today!!!

"Come on lex,it will be fun"she wined like a little kid,again.

"No,Victoria" I wined the same way she did few seconds ago.

"Please,if you went to this party,i won't ask you to go to any parties again" she said.

I eyed her up and down with a glare to show her that I'm not buying what she is saying,i know her since first grade,she will ask me to another party by next week,even if I went to this one.

"Fine,you are right,i would ask you to go with me to more parties,but if you went to this one,I'm not asking you to go to any for a whole month" okay now I buy this.

"Fine,i'll go,but better keep your word V" I warned.

She made the cross my heart sign,i giggled at her childish behavior.

"Better hurry up or we will be late to class" I mumbled while I already started dragging her towards our class.

We have math,so once we entered the class and sat in our places and the teacher started speaking,i went deep in my one world.

Who am I ?

Do I really know the answer to that?

Well let's see,I'm Alexandra right,i'm 16 years old,i love music,i love the colors purple and pink,i feel so protective when it comes to my bff,vectoria,i can shoot, box and use a knife in a hurtful way,but nobody knows that about me except Victoria,i love reading,i would prefer a nice book on a rainy night,more than a party.

The bell rang,snapping me back to reality.

I walked down the hall with Victoria by my side,talking about the party and how much she is excited about it.

I,on the other hand,thinking about that,finally,there is only one more hour left for me to pass till I go home.

"LeX!" my dumb friend shouted while she is one meter away from my hand that would've slapped her so damn hard for drawing attention to is like this,what can I do,i just love my best friend.

"Yes dumpy,and lower your freakin voice" I hissed playfully.

"Shut it princess,you can't even cuss,properly" she chocked out between her fits if laughter.

"I can" I argued.

"Can not"


"Can not"



"Ugh,just drop it,you are so childish,V"I sighed in frustration.

She laughed and I face palmed myself,then she started tickling me,in the middle of the freakin hallway.

"Stop it" I chocked out.

"Give me one reason I should stop" she said,pretending of thinking.

"I'll let you pick my outfit for tonight" I said.

She stopped for a sec.

"And makeup ?" She raised an eye brow.

I gave in,"fine bitch,but don't make me look like a Barbie doll" I warned.

"Well,that's for me to decide" she smirked.

"Why I have a bad feeling about this ?" I laughed.

She punched me playfully.

The bell rang indicating that last period is about to begin.

We stopped fooling around and skipped to the class quickly,we hade mr,labndore,he is just so...annoying,mean,evil and hates me for no reason.

He came in and started explaining the lesson,he is our social studies teacher (history and geography).

After 30 minutes of torture,he started saying something about a project or something which caught my attention.

"Class,please attention,don't pack yet,we still gave 5 minutes,i just want to tell you that we have a kind of project thing that needs to be done,no it won't be groups,each one have to do it alone,and the project is to write about any of out lessons from your point of view,in 3000 words,don't forget,that project is the quarter of your your marks,so focus and do it properly" he said with that annoying smile on his face.

The last bell rand indicating the end of that beautiful,fun day,please more the sarcasm.

Me and v practically ran out of this class,we just hate it so much.

"Well,see you tonight V,i wait for you by 5 to come so we can chill for a while the dress up,okay?" I asked my friend giving her a hug.

"Sure"she said hugging back.

After u said goodbye to my friend I started walking to my house.

"Mom,dad,I'm home" I shouted once I entered as usual.

"In the kitchen" mommy shouted.

I started walking to the kitchen,i gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and stole a piece of tomato from the salad she is making.

I kissed daddy's cheek,he was trying to steal some food while mom is cooking too.

This out typical life,but there is something missing.

"Mom,where is traves,derek and zayn?"

I asked about the two devils I call my brothers and the wittle angel,whom I love to death.

"You should go upstairs,change and tell them food is ready" she said.

"Yes,momma" I replied while I stole another tomato.

"Hey,she gets to steal food but I don't!!" my dad objected,causing me and mom to snicker.

"And u don't talk like a gangster like that again" she said pointing an accusing finger my way playfully.

I went upstairs and changed,then decided to go tell the twins about food.

I opened their bedroom door,after all I don't have to knock,they are 9 and zayn is 3 so I don't think I have to knock.

Once the door opened,there heads snapped my way.

"Hi,sissy" they both said.

"Hello my little devils" I greeted back,Which cause them to chuckle.

"Come on munchkins,the food is ready"

They groaned because of the name I gave them but followed me down stairs,while both of them races down stairs,zayn was having hard time trying to run like them,i picked him up and went down,he giggled,he is just so cute.

I have to tell mom about the party,she will probably let me go because that's the first time I ever want to go to a party.

"Come on kids,set down" mom said.

Every one sat,and mom picked up zayn and placed him in the baby chair.

we all started eating.

Since it's been 15 minutes since we started eating,i should tell her about the party.

"Mom" I caught her attention.

"Yes sweetie" she replied,while she ate another piece of chicken using her fork.

"I wanted to ask you if...." I was about to continue but dad decided to talk.

"Sorry sweetie to interrupt but I need to tell your mom something" he said when he noticed fe interrupted me.

"It's okay daddy you go first" I said smiling.

He smiled at me then went back to the point.

"Do you believe that Macy's father just called me and told me that Macy wanted to go to this party tonight and he agreed,i just can't believe him!,its so dangerous" my dad said,directing the talk to my mom and my breath hitched.

I know Macy,she is our third friend,she is AWSOME,beautiful red head,and yes,i have a red head friend which is Macy and a beautiful blonde,V,she is also so beautiful with those wide blue eyes,macy's eyes are gray,all in all I'm so ugly compared to my friends,i have the brown locks with blonde tips and the honey eyes which I find not attractive on me.

And mom won't let me die my hair except from the tips.

"Oh my god and how did her mom agree,if I was in her shoes,i would never agree" she said.

And again I felt like throwing up.

"Go on sweetie what were you saying?" mom asked me.

"If I tell you,you will say no,anyway" I said.

Their faces turned a little angry,they probably thought that I'm going to ask them to go that party,which I wanted to,but after seeing their faces,i changed my mind.

"Say what you want now and better not be what on my mind" dad said.

I can feel sweat form on my skin out of nervousness.

I gulped and racked my brain for a lie,i never lie so it's hard for me.

"I wanted to ask you if I can buy a car" I stated trying to look confident.

Their faces relaxed.

"We won't say no sweetie" my mom reassured.

"We just think it's Better if you get one when you are 18 " my dad said.

I wasn't planing to ask for a car,again.

But damn almost everyone of my friends own a car,and my parents have the money to buy me one,but the think it's not 'safe',and to get a car now is like spoiling me or whatever they are saying.

I drank what's left from my sprite and went to my room.

I striped and took a shower,shaved what needs to be shaved and went out.

I wore my pjs,apparently there is no party for me tonight.

It's already 5 pm anyway.

Some one knocked on the door.

I shouted come in.

My mom popped her head in.

"Hi sweetie,we are going out for couple of hours to the twins teeth doctor,okay?"

I nodded then she left.

I threw my self on the bed,only to stand up again to get the door which the bell indicated that there is some one out.

They probably forgot something.

I skipped down stairs and opened the door,only to be met by V.

"Hi mrs.grumpy alex" V joked.

"Hi v" I stepped aside to let her in.

She went to the kitchen,i laughed at my friend's usual behavior.

She came out,holding two cups of sprite with Ice and lemon slices in them.

She pulled me up to my room.

Then she started going throw my closet,i have a walk in closet.

But not a large one.

I turned on the air conditioner cause it felt so hot in here.

She came out of the closet holding a tight black dress that she made me buy,but I never actually wore it.

Let me tell you why,its mid thigh,it has long sleeves but it's dropped from the front so practically a part of my boobs is showing and is I bent down you will see my boobs completely,plus for the back it's opened in a shape of square,till the beginning of my butt.

You won't see my butt but if you pulled it down you will,

"You will wear those" she declared pointing to the dress and some high black but so hot stilettos.

"No,because I'm not going" I said knowing she will flip.

"Why?" she raised an eye brow.

"Because when I was about to ask my parents they started talking about macys parents and how much are they irresponsible for letting her go" I explained.

She laughed out loud.

"I can't believe you were about to tell them about the party Alex" she said still laughing.

"Then what you thought I was planin to do?sneak out?" I laughed but I stopped laughing when I noticed the serious look on get face .

"That's exactly what I expect you to do lex,you know that OUR parents are not the type if parents who will let us go to a party" she said every word truly.

I nodded.

"But I'm afraid to sneak out" I confessed.

"They will be back in an hour"i completed.

"AWSOME,then we can get ready in that hour and you can pretend to be sleeping when they come and check on you and after that you will lock the door,i come out of the closet and we sneak out" she explained the 'plain'

"As much as I want to say no to that but I actually want to feel like a teenager even just for one time,i want to feel free" I admitted.

She smiled and hugged me.

Let's get you ready chicka.

After 20 minutes,v was done with my make up and told me to dress while she did hers.

I want to the bathroom,added some pink sugar lotion to my body,and yes I adore sugar and sugary perfumes,then the roll on body perfume that contains glitter.

After that I wore my dress them my silver jewelry.

And big silver hopes and dangly bracelet thingy around my ankle which hanged around my stilettos perfectly.

I added cherry red nail polish to my hand nails and toes nails which matched the black smoky eye and red lipstick v added to me.

My hair hung loosely as loose curls around my face,which made my blonde tips seem somehow good.

And with those rings and to finish the look I added a cherry red cover and button to my phone and a black screen saver that said fuck me in red,v chose the wallpaper so don't judge.

I came out if the bathroom and sprayed a lot of perfume every where on the dress.

V was dressed in a gray tight dress that reached mid thigh but it's sleeveless and had a v neck that showed almost her boobs and she wore bright neon pink heals.

V looked me up and down.

"We look hawt" she semi screamed.

"Or hookers" I smartly relied while laughing.

She laughed and I heard the door open.

She quickly ran in my closet and I turned off the light and tucked my self under the covers with only my head showing,but my back faced the door so she won't see the makeup.

I heard my room door open and close.

After that I heard my parents's room door close.

I stood up and locked the door after telling V to come out of the closet.

I grabbed my phone and I putted it in that pocket,you know they sell those black little things like the ones used for the Guns the are so slim,you tie them around your thigh,i have one of those on now.

I tucked my phone in that pocket and my little knife,don't judge,you don't know what can be found in a part like this.

We climbed out of the window.

That wasn't hard for me either.

I went dine faster than v and waited down preparing myself to catch her incase she fell,i would rather if she falls on me to make it safer for her.

She reached the floor safely.

"Wow you went down fast and you know how to defend your self,you are born to sneak out girly" she commented which cause me to laugh.

"I told you to let me teach you but you always forget" I pointed out.

She laughed and lead me to her car at the end of the street .

Well I guess it's time for the party to begin.......


Heyoo cupcakes ?


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