One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


2. chapter 1

We started driving,it ain't too far but it's 15 minutes away so it's not that close either.

We finally reached the party and we already can see teens dancing,drinking and the music is so loud.

We started going to the door which was already open so we went in.

"Want to get a drink" Victoria asked.

"Sure" I replied.

We walked to the kitchen and took two shots.

"On 3" v said

I nodded.


She drank it but stupid me gulped it all down,i felt a burning sensation but after 2 more it turned into addiction,i just wanted more.

"Hi,every one,welcome to the best party of the year" someguy's voice boomed through the speakers and everyone cheered.

He made the stop sign with his hand indicating he still have something to say,every voice stopped,wow.

"We will start the dancing battle now,if you don't know how it goes,all of you are here because you got an invitation" he continued.

That's true V gave me one that has my name on it.

"But we also have a copy of those little invitation cards,we put all of them in that little glass bowl and I'll choose randomly any two names,if you can't dance,then either enjoy your humiliating or a friend and volunteer to take your place"

After he was done explaining,i grabbed V's hand and we tried getting out but their was body guards who told us we can except after the battle.

Which last till 10 unlucky people are chosen to go throw hell.

Don't get me wrong dancing is my life and singing too but not infront of drunk people plus I ain't that good.

He already called 8 people and they are done battling.

Just 2 more and we are out.

We waited for the names hoping it's not us,especially v know nothing except party dancing but not a battle!

"Victoria heart and lesa more" he announced.

"Oh my god,he called my name" Victoria was about to cry because we are not popular in school nor nerds,we are just unknown and everyone had their mobile video in so if she messed up,high school will be hell for her.

"Don't worry,probably the other girl can't dance either" she somehow felt better and walked to the battle circle thingy.

I went after her to watch and cheer.

I heard a bell indicating letting them know that they can start,TKO by jt starting playing,the girl started with a simple move but looked like a killer move to v and when v made her first move and everyone laughed,i had enough.

"STOP" I screamed.

Everything stopped and everyone looked at me,and it's dead silent.

"I want to volunteer,instead of Veronica heart" I said.

Veronica know I hate this but she looked at me thankfully and u shot her a smile.

"Okay,what's your name?" he asked in the freakin microphone.

"Alexandra right" I declared.

He re said my name out loud them he screamed 'welcome Alex' I nodded and went to the middle of the dance floor,did I mention that this dress won't help?

"In order to win she have to give up" i nodded.

V came and whispered my ear,"take care please,let her win,she is one of the jaguars gang,please let her win,so you won't get hurt and the guy beside her never talk to him,his name is trouble and he is in a gang,he is bad news" she said.

"You know I don't believe rumors" I said.

"I know but I know this one is true"

"How do you know" I asked.

"Just I do"

"You know why we shouldn't believe rumors because we are the best ones to know" I said.

"But u think this I've is true so be careful" she said.

I nodded.

She should be the first one to not believe this shit,because their was some rumors about both of us especially her,alot.

I went to the floor and the Lisa girl was talking to a boy who had brown eyes and his golden hair was up in the perfect quiff,he wore leather jacket,a white shirt and black sagged pants and white supras,he looked hot and bored by what she is saying.

He nodded and told him,'bye trouble'.

What kind of name is that?

Anyway she looked at me in a dirty way and the music started playing.

And she done several simple moves which the people watching liked.

I just stood there waiting for her to win.

But when she shouted "you and your friend are pieces of shit who can't move" I saw tears will up in v's eyes.

The boy locked eyes with me for a sec and he smirked.

I started to walk to the front,and done few not so simple moves that made her stop and watch.

The crowd cheered.

I popped in and out,i swirled more fast,she started dusting her shoulder then went for a Some kind of hip hop moves,which caused me to go in circles around her while dancing then it started doing more complicated moves,and to let her rot in hell,I did the crisscross move 8 times in a fast manner that you can think I'm flying with moving my shoulders in a circular manner.

I swirled and stood few inches away from her,i kissed the palm of my hand which I grabbed in it done glitter from the floor in an earlier move then opened my hand and blowed.

That gut was laughing his ass off.

She looked bombarded,good.

I grabbed my friends hand and told the guy to announce her the winner instead on me and he did.

After that I went to the girl she was still removing glitter off her in the ktf for of the circle and everyone laughed.

"Hi,biatch,that will teach you to not call my friend shit,who is the piece of bullshit now?"

By now Miley Cyrus,feelin my self is playing.

"You are the shit princess" she shouted after me and everyone ohhed.

I smirked and my friend begged me with her eye it not start a fight with her but I couldn't.

I turned around and walked towards her.

"Look hun,i tried to show you who is the boss by dancing but if you gonna act like a stuck up bitch,i can just redecorate that face of yours" I declared,meaning every word,i hate violence but she asked for it.

"You know who am i?" she asked.

"I know,hahaha,and I can redecorate your face with out breaking a sweat" everyone had their phones up to video that.

The good girl gone wild or something,i might search that later on google.

"Come on me bitch" she said.

I went her way,and she tried to punch me but I dodged it.

She is gonna lose because she is not calm which mean she is not focus.

By now the boy is watching with mega amusement on his face.

Plan b by sino contesto started playing and I couldn't resist.

I think the drink are working.

I then moved my hip while I dodged her punches and kicks.

After 1 minute she looked tired.

I went to her hit her in the place that will hurt,i made her fall on the floor then I punched her to finish my master piece.

And as I expected after the punch she stayed in her place.

I looked around for my friend but didn't find her.

I called her 47 times and texted her 39 texts but no answer.

I searched every room and bathroom but didn't find her.

So I went out to look around but that wasn't a good idea because it's a forest

But u still kept walking,i can't let her get hurt,emotionally or physically.

I kept going throw the forest.

When I heard talking I followed the voice.

He was the boy from before but he was holding a gun to some other guy's head and asked him for the money he owed him.

That brown eyes boy had his friends around him also holding guns.

Well I think they are gang.

It's not a rumor.

I hid behind a tree.

I heard them talking then the guy on the floor said he doesn't have the money then the brown eyes guy held the gun do close to the one on the floor and told him 'trouble doesn't play',then he shot him.

I squeaked.

Everyone looked at me.

The trouble guy looked like if he is about to explode.

He came my way .

"What did you see?" he asked.

"N..nn..nothing" I stuttered.

He chuckled then he carried my on his shoulder till I felt him drop me in the passenger seat.

He started driving.

"Please let me go,i won't tell anyone"

He didn't reply.

"Please,pinky promise" I said which caused him to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I asked after feeling offended.

"You" he simple said.

"What about me?" I asked and he just shook his head still snickering.

I face palmed my self which cause him to look at me and laugh harder.

"Please drive me home" I said.


"Umma be killed" I muttered.

"I'm not gonna kill you shawty" he said,which made me somehow feel safer.

"I wasn't talking about you,another two people are killing me once they see me"

"Who" he asked raising an eye brow my way.

"My parents" I declared.

He laughed again.

"You are in the car with a killer and all you can think about is your PARENTS?" he laughed again.

His laugh sounded like an angel laughing.

I nodded.

"Dude,you don't know my parents,you are not that scary in comparison with them" I stated a fact.

He laughed again.

"I seem to amuse you" I declared.

"Yup" he nodded.

I took the silent time to study his face from the side.

He has the perfect golden quiff and brown,honeyish eyes and those tattoos on the his arm.

Yes he is not wearing his jacket.

"Take a picture,it will last longer" he said smirking.

"HA.HA" I faked a laugh and looked the other way because I felt myself blush .

"Where are you taking me?" I asked,he didn't answer so u kept respecting my question 3 times after that .

"Can you please SHUT THE FUCK UP?" He shouted.

I nodded then looked out if the window.

Tears willed up in my eyes and some fell but I quickly wiped them,i don't like to look weak though I feel I am.

He slowed down infront of some mansion place and went in and parked his car.

"Get out" he said bluntly.

I got out slowly,well I'm kinda scared now.

This house is too far from the party and more far from where I live.

He grabbed my arm harshly and I can feel the bruise form on it.

He led my to the door and opened it .

He. Pushed me in first,ding ding we got a gentle man,please note the sarcasm.

I went in and it looks AWSOME,everything looks neat and modern.

He lead me upstairs to a room which I think is his that says trouble on the door.

We walked in,every thing is white except for the wall behind the bed,its purple and the bed had a white comforter with 4 lines blue and purple on it,he had a walk in closet,i can tell,amd a bathroom I think,because I saw two doors,and the biggest tv flat screen I have ever seen.

"You will be staying in my room for a while" he said And went to the closet and closed the door after him,i just sat on the sofa beside the window and looked out.

He came out wearing baby blue sweats and a white shirt,he threw the cloths he was wearing on the bed.

He was about to go out but stopped in his tracks.

"YOUR PHONE" he said,his back still facing me.

"I don't have it"

"I saw it AND your pocket knife when you were dancing,now give them to me before I take them myself"

"And you are staying the night" he said.

"What?why?" I asked.

"Because I said so"

"Where am I going to sleep,trouble?"

"I don't know,on the floor" he shrugged.

"But not on my bed,i don't want to catch a disease" he said chuckling.

Ugh I hate him.

He turned around and I went to him and gave him both.

"Good girl" he said.

He went out.

After 30 minutes of boredom.

I found his clothes on the bed and in the corner of the room.

I kept convincing myself that I won't clean that but heck,i can't breath while the room looks like this.

I'm just used for everything to be tidy,thanks mom,i feel like cleaning the killer's room all thanks to you teaching me to not leave anything untidy.

I went to the corner and what's dirty was thrown in the hamper and what's clean is neatly folded or hanged in his closet.

When it came to the last pieces of cloths thrown,was the ones he just took off,i smelt him in the cloths.

I snapped out if it and hanged them too.

I remembered that I had my little perfume bottle in my hidden picket too.

I got it out and sprayed some so it would feel somehow like home because I need to sleep.

I grabbed a pillow and slept on the floor,and when I closed my eyes it felt like home,thanks to my perfume.

I felt sleep taking over me and everything went black....

Justin's p.o.v'

I went down to the guys,henry,johny,jack,ralph and Ronald.

Johnny is my best friend,he is the wise and very calm one and he is the one that do a lot of stuff,steal,rob and a lot of the things I do,age 20.

Jack is a cool guy,who likes food and he is the one that takes care of alot of shit like me and Johny and he is good with locks,but he rarely kills,which is the opposite of me and johny,age22.

Henry is the newest member who joined 4 years ago,he is one of the best sellers we ever had,and you know we don't sell candy,age 24.

Ronald is the funny guy but one of the best computer hackers in the world,he is 23.

Ralph is our boss but he is like a father to us,we are like family,he doesn't do field work anymore so he takes care of financial shit plus doing plans,following out weapons shipment and a whole load of important shit,age 38.

For me,im 18,my full name is justin drew bieber,i do everything Johnny does including killing all the time,johny is good with killing too but I'm known in the whole town for it,i have the best torture slow and fast ways to kill someone AND I do bombs,no one else can do those babes.

I saw all of them sitting in the living room.

"Hello,kiddo,good job with the fucker" Ralph complimented.

I smiled.

"But we faced a problem,the job wasn't done properly" I stated.

"What the hell do you mean bieber?you killed the fucker,right?" he asked fuming.

"No I let him go and u bought him candy" I sarcastically replied.

"Of course he is fucking dead" I stated seriously.

"Then what's the problem?" he asked getting comfortable again.

"A girl saw everything" I plopped on the chair.

"What?how come you are so calm? what if she tells the police,we need to evacuate this place,NOW" he panicked.

"Chill,i got her" I calmed him down.

"You killed her?" he raised an eye brow.

"No,she is upstairs in my room,i took her with me" I said.

"Them kill her in the morning" he said and chilled again.

"No" I stated.

"What do you mean by no,bieber?" he stood up.

"No,i'm not killing the chick" I replied calmly but also standing up.

He punched me but I punched him back.

Soon the boys took us off each other.

I went up lisa's room and found her watching tv.

"What ya want bieber?"she asked.

I kissed her then it turned to make out session,soon after that I found myself naked ontop of her naked body.

And we slept beside each other.

She knows I'm using her in sex,when I need to release stress or anger,and she still don't mind me fucking her.


I woke up to the sun rays in my eyes.

I stood up,wore my sweats and went to my room.

Wow,the room is so clean.

I went to the closet to get some clothes for me to wear after the shower but u found all of my cloths color coded.

Did Alex do that? why she had to be nice?


I walked out if my closet to find Alex still sleeping on the floor as I told her.

I feel something weird shoot throw me.

She looks uncomfortable from the wooden floor.

She looks cold in that dress that now showed her underwear.

I felt....guilt?

I picked her up and placed her in my bed and covered her.

I went to the bathroom and took my shower to clear my head.

Alex's p.o.v

I woke up while trouble was fixing his hair,he looked like he just took a shower.

"Morning"i mumbled.

He just looked at me then nodded my way.

"Asshole" I muttered but just because I have the best luck ever,he heard me.

His eyes turned black,while he walked my way.

"Be grateful bitch,i saved your useless life from the hands of the guys downstairs" he hissed.

I nodded.

"I can't believe I let you sleep on my bed" he muttered while he went to his dresser to get something.

I looked down and found myself on the very very comfy bed and the softest blanket I have ever seen sprawled over me,now I feel bad.

"Sorry" I said quietly,he looked my way.

"What ?" he asked shocked.

"I'm sorry" I said but louder this time do he can hear me properly,he looked shocked.

"It's okay" he said.

"I'll go down to eat breakfast,are you gonna eat?" he asked.

"No,thank you,but can I take a shower?" I asked.

He chuckled.

"Yeah,sure,why you asking me that?" he asked smiling.

"I want something to wear" I said.

"Oh,yeah,wait a sec" he said going threw his closet.

He came out holding short denim shorts and a white shirts of his.

I wonder why he have girl's cloths.

I took them then mumbled a thank you.

He left and I went in the bathroom and locked the door.

I stripped and ran the water till it felt hot,i like hot showers not warm.

I just stood there under the shower,letting the water wash all my worries about my parents when I go back home,if I went back home.

About trouble's real name that I REALLY,REALLY wanna know.

I pushed all of the thoughts away and got out of the shower rapping my self in a towel,why am I fat?and why am I ugly?hmm...but I'm thankful for everything I have.

I started dressing and I decided to leave my hair to dry into its natural waves.

I walked down stairs cautiously.

I found my self going to the only room I know how to get too,the living room.

I entered and there was 2 boys sitting on the couch and trouble was sitting on a bean bag.

Once I entered,all of them looked my way.

"Umm,can you take me home now?" I asked trouble.

"Up" he ordered but I didn't get it.

I just stood there waiting for him to explain what he said.

"GO BACK UP TO THE FUCKING ROOM!" he shouted with a voice that made tears well up in my eyes but I turned around and walked so fast that no one would see me cry.

I closed the door after me and say in the corner,hugging my knees and cried,no I'm not usable like this,i might act sassy but if you talk mean to me there is a 200% chance I'll cry.

I felt the door crack,i didn't move.

"Come,i'm taking you home" I heard trouble say softly,when I looked up,o saw something in his eyes,guilt?no it can't be,right?

I nodded and stood up,going to pick up my dress to wear it.

"No,just keep wearing this,it's okay" he said.

I nodded again and left the dress on the floor,i don't like it that much anyway,i think it's too slutty.

I walked after him and he held my hand while we walked down stairs,probably,in order for me to wall faster and still not fall because I'm wearing very very high heels.

But still the electric shock bolted through me and didn't go away,soon I found him pulling his hand out of mine,and the electric shock was gone,the warmth,the happiness,all of it is gone.

I realized why he took his hand out of mine,we are standing infront of the car.

I sat in the passenger seat.

"What's your address?" he asked.

I told him my address.

He drove quietly.

We reached my place.

"My parents are gonna flip" I thought out loud.

He chuckled.

"I still can't believe that you are scared from your parents more than me" he said amused.

"Well,you have to meet them sometime,and just them you'll know why I'm about to shit myself" I said causing him to laugh harder.

I stopped infront of my house,I said thank you and bye and walked out of the car.

"Alex wait" he shouted.

"Yeah,..." I went back to his car door window,but from the drivers side.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked.

I furrowed my eye brows then smirked.

"If I can ask you one too" I stated.

He laughed.

"You go first" I said.

"Can I umm,you know have your number" he said those words that made me confused.

"Sure" i told him and he gave me his iPhone,i wrote my number and saved it as Alexandra right.

He looked at it then laughed.

"Your name is Alexandra right?no wonder you do no wrong" he stated.

It was my turn to laugh.

"My turn" I stated.

"Shoot" he said.

"What's your real name'trouble'?" I air coated the trouble part.

He smirked.

"It's justin babe,Justin bieber" he stated.

Hmm,Justin bieber,cool name.

"Okay,justin,bye bye." i kissed his cheek just to bother him then walked to my house front door,i'm busted anyway.

I heard his car speed down the road.

I closed the door behind me.

"Alexandra Ann right,where were you?"

............ To be continued

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