Holding Out To Be Heard

This is my latest spoken word poem, which will hopefully be up on my Soundcloud in the next month!
On the subject of being ignored, I think this is one of my best, so let me know what you guys think!


1. Holding Out To Be Heard

Hello World, is this thing on?
I don’t think it’s working
or maybe I’ve done something wrong
because the universe is never this quiet;
there’s always something ticking,
tocking, a baby cooing,
but all I can hear now is nothing.
This silence is so deafening
I can’t hear myself screaming.
Can you see me? Maybe I’m invisible?
It wasn’t the superpower I wanted,
I wished it be invincible,
to soar through the skies and ride the clouds
like soft waves. Please look at me
I’m not the one to be ignored,
I’m the one of sensibility,
the voice of reason - a silent one at that.
I promised to hold out for adoration
from a higher power, or another human,
but what human would feel such desperation
to fall for a silent one like me
when they could be loud, up in the stars
with the people who think they’re gods?
I wonder if I’d ever get far
by climbing to a rooftop and yelling.
I might get further if I decide to leap
and hit the ground, greeting death happily,
he’d be the first man to ever creep
as quiet as a mouse, and still be heard.
Do I need to raise my voice?
Do I need to shout?
Hello World, can you hear me now?
I think I’m being drowned out
By the broken wistfulness
of the children wishing to the skies.
All I can hear is them, World,
their shrill, withering cries.
They’re calling to everyone
but you can never hear a thing,
caught up in your own shallow news
that’s honestly worth nothing.
When will you realise that?
Stop, and take a silent breath.
Listen to the World around you
before there’s nothing left.
It’s disappearing quickly.
All of this shallow selfishness
leaves those unknowing behind,
and they try to catch up, breathless,
as you mock them for merely trying
to gain a little bit of attention
because sometimes they need it more,
even with the slightest part of tension
issues like world hunger can be cured.
Because, World, trust me when I say
that these problems aren’t going away,
even when you ignore them, day after day,
they’re just growing in your absence.
Just like me. Look at me.
I’m changing when you’re not here,
I’ve grown, gained so many abilities
that you’ll never even notice.
I’m stood here before you now
to encourage you to try and stop.
I honestly am blind to how
you still have never stopped.
There’s always something better
someone better to talk to, or about,
but there’s always one question
lingering on our tasteless lips,
decaying on our lifeless tongues.
Why are you ignoring us all?
The children, the losers and outcasts
wonder; have you heard of pride before a fall?
Because I’d love to watch you fall
and suddenly realise that World, you’re here,
you finally feel like we always have;
unwanted and wanting to disappear
because the World no longer cares.
So sit up against that cracked up wall,
throw a battered chair, kick at a door
because you’re one of us after all.
You’re as broken and lonely as the rest of us.
Where are you, World?
I can’t seem to see you, or hear you.
After everything you’ve always hurled
at me, I think you deserve to live like this.

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