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Don't ever let me go.
I won't.


1. Bold Move

~Hadley's POV~

Front row tickets.

Meet and greet tickets.

How could life get any better right now.

I thought to myself as I walked into history class. My last period of the day.

I saw Thea and my smile grew wider and wider as I got closer. She stared at each other while the bell ringed behind us. Ms. Hilbert walked in and started talking about WWll or something like that. I always pay attention, but today my mind was somewhere else and thank goodness Ms. Hilbert never asked me a question. When the bell rang Thea and I shot up, ran out of the classroom, pushed everyone out of the way, and run to my car. That's when we take a break. We look at each other and I drive away thinking about it the whole thing. We get to my house and run upstairs flop my bed and deeply think one more time then we get ready.

~Thea's POV~

You ready Hadley? Yep so ready, she replies. I was ready too. Ready for this night to start. Ready to see a band I have been obsessing over for what seems like a million years. To be honest I'm more excited to see 5SOS. Hadley's more excited to obvisouly see 1D. We walk out to the car and drive off. We turn on our favorite song Little White Lies and blast it at top volume. And singing like complete idiots. When we get there we run in and we got here 4 hours early to see the sound check. Which was perfection. I kept eyeing my favorite of the band Zayn. And I saw Hadley out of the corner of my eye, trying not to drool over Niall. She is crazy. 4 hours later it started. 5SOS came out and I almost drooled over Calum. I mean how could I not. Have you seen him?

~Hadley's POV~

5SOS cam out and I thought they were ok. I wasn't a hardcore fan like Thea was, but I thought Luke was the cutest. Then the moment I was waiting for. 1D, 1D, 1D! Everyone shouted behind me and I would have joined in, but I was in a daze. And the concert was beautiful. After the concert I almost bawled but then I remembered. The meeting and greet. I grabbed to Thea's arm and sprinted to the meet and greet room. We were the last in-line and I mean it dead last. It wasn't terrible or anything, but we had to wait three hours until it was almost our turn. I looked up to see how many people there were left and I saw her. Emerald. My worst enemy since second grade. I tried to hide my face, but it was too late she already saw me. We started walking up and she tripped me! And she wasn't afraid to hide it that she was the one who did it. Fell into Liam's arms while she walked away laughing with her little posse. Everyone asked if I was okay and I said I was fine. I thanked Liam and when I stared into his eyes I felt a chill. He pulled me in between Niall and him I looked up at Niall and the same chill ran down my body. Didn't look away until the cameraman said smile. Then we asked them if they could sign our phones. When they were signing our phones, Niall accidentally pressed my home button and saw my home screen picture. Who's this? Niall asked. That's my dad. Is he in the military? Yeah he was in the military he died about a year ago. Everyone was telling me I'm sorry and it's not like a I've heard that a million times. But coming from them it felt good. Then we just started talking about random stuff. About an hour later 5SOS came in wondering what was taking them so long. They started talking to us, Thea and Calum slowly drifted away in their own conversation. I was left to talk to everyone else and the one time I glance over at Thea and Calum. Make out central was happening! I looked away quickly and giggled. After about two hours Paul came in and told them they had to go. Everyone gave Thea and I hugs goodbye. Liam was the last one to give me a hug and when he did, he grabbed my phone out of my pocket and started typing stuff in. Then he clicked it off, have it back to me, and walked away not looking back. What was that? Thea asked I don't know. I turned my phone back on and the thing that popped up was my notes. On my notes it said, meet me at the airport, Gate M13 in five hours. Bring your clothes and any other stuff you need for at least 30 days. ~Liam. Thea's and my mouth almost fell off as we read it. I guess this won't be he last time we see One Direction.

~Liam's POV~

What was that all about? Niall asked. Nothing, just nothing. Oh well nothing? You just grab random girls phones all the time then? Nope, she was special. I say imaging her beautiful face in my mind. Hey your not the only guy who likes her Liam. That's when the image faded. I have him a death stare and walked out of the room. I made a bold move tonight I told myself and she was going to be mine. I had already lost two relationships I wasn't going to lose another.

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