Bind Your Love

"I wasn't supposed to fall in love with her," Zayn muttered beneath his breath. "it was unexpected"


2. Zayn & Aubrey

Another month, another week, another day, another night and another party. Day after day the worldwide famous member of One Direction Zayn Malik goes to a party. To get drunk, meet girl and one night stands. But one day everything changed, he just thought it was going to be another day and another one night stand, but no.


Zayn Malik POV


I stood in front of the mirror, trying to fix my hair after a tough night. I looked at the bed, over to the girl that was still sleeping. I slipped on my shoes and took on my blouse without making any noice. I grabbed my phone, and walked out of her house. As always, i had hangover. As i walked home, i decided to go to another party again, but this time with the other lads from my band. Liam lost his girlfriend a few days ago, he could use a night out. I went over to the other lads, who was at Liam's house. I walked into the livingroom and saw all the lads looking at me.

"Hey Guys," i muttered, and slipped down onto the couch.

"Where have you been?" Niall asked furiously.

"Somewhere" I said back, and looked at each of them.

"Look i'm sorry guys, what do you want me to do?"

"Maybe you should stop walking around and have one night stands every night." Liam said.

I nodded, i did get their point in all this but i just don't think i'm able to go out and party and don't have one night stand.

"i'll try." I said after a few minutes.

They smiled brightly, and got up from the couch. They were all getting ready to the party, but we needed to help Liam. He did want to go to the party, but at the same time he just wanted to say at home and watch movies as always. After a few hours we finally left the house, and drove over to the party.


Aubrey Rose POV


My bestfriend, Ally forced to get me to a party. She knows the bodyguard, so we could get in without waiting in the line to get inside. I couldn't say no to her, even though i didn't want to go to a party today.

I took on a short black dress, accessories and black high heels. Ally asked if she could straighten my hair, ofcourse i said yes after all i like it when people tries to help me getting ready. It took about 30 minutes to get my hair straight. I found all my makeup. I made smokey eyes, and then putted on some mascara and eyeliner.

Ally putted on some music, and turned up the music. As i walked out of the bathroom, i saw Ally put some shots on the table.

"We need to warm up before the party" She said, and handed me some shots.

I drank it right away. I'm not really that big of a fan to get drunk, but i promised her. As the hours went, we were ready to walk over to the party. We couldn't walk straight, but that alright because the party wasn't that long away. When we came there was a line to the end of the street, a giggle slipped out of our mouths because they let us in infront of all the other people in the line. It was pretty crowded inside, and we had to push people away to get up to the bar and get a few drinks. A Mojito for me and Moonwalker for Ally. The first 2 hours went quite fast, and we were pretty drunk already. Ally was out dancing with a boy with curls, he looked a lot like Harry Styles but i wasn't that sure. My mind isn't clear. As i took a bit of my drink i heard someone saying hi. I turned around and faced a boy, he was pretty hot.

"Hey," i said, trying to play hot and not wasted at all.

As i leaned against the table my drink fell to the ground "shit" i muttered beneath my breathe. He looked at me and started laughing.

"You are a cute little thing aren't you?" he said, and smirked.

I turned away from him because i was getting a bit mad of what he said. Did he make fun of me? I dont know. I ordered a drink more. As i was about to get it, he took it away from me.

"You dont need this one, you are pretty drunk." He putted it down on the table, and looked at me.

I looked around to find Ally, i wasn't really comfortable being alone with him. But she was nowhere to be found. I then looked at him, and smiled shyly.

"Who were you looking for?" He questioned.

"My friend, Ally. She was dancing with some boy with curls. Now she's gone." I said, looking around again. I looked at every face i could see, but still no Ally.

"Oh that must have been my friend, Harry. He had his eyes on her all night." He laughed.

I looked at him, and then i realised it was Zayn, Zayn malik from One Direction. I took my hands up to my mouth so i couldn't scream. He then laughed again.

"You are pretty cute, you know that right?" He said, smirking once again.

I started blushing. Its the first time a boy actually talked to me like that. Zayn have always been my fave member of One Direction, but i've heard that he always have one night stand everyday, and i dont wanna be another one.

"You too" i said, with a bit more confident then earlier.

He handed me my drink again. Was he going to get me more wasted? I took it, and drank it fast. I grabbed my jacket, to get ready to leave.

"Hey, where are you going?" He asked, and grabbed my arm.


"Let me walk you home," he offered, and took his jacket too.

I just nodded as a answer, and walked outside. He was walking right next to me. I looked at him, and saw he had sunglasses and a hat on so he wouldn't get recognized by fans. I couldn't help but laugh, he looked funny. He started laughing too because he knew what i was laughing of. The way home we asked each other a lot of questions to get to know each other. I tried to walk straight the way home, but he needed to keep me up. I am that drunk. We finally came to my house, and he walked me over to the front door. As i was about to say goodbye, he pushed me up against the door and kissed my neck all the way up to my mouth. I didn't push him way, because i enjoy it. His lips are so soft, so i couldn't help but kiss him back. I opened the door, without breaking the kiss. We continued until we came into the bedroom, where he slowly removed everything i had on. He pushed me down onto the bed, and then kissed me again. After a few hours we were both out of breath. He fell down next to me and took deep breaths. We looked at each other, and smiled. We talked a bit, until he fell asleep next to me.

I looked at the door, and sighed. 'I'm just another one night stand' i muttered to myself.

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