17 year old Isabelle Rodriguez has home schooled since 6th grade. Now she is at the end of her 11th. Her life is always books and pencils and boring classes with her father. Her mother died whenever Isabelle was 6. She doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have a boyfriend. No phone, no computer. Just herself, her father, and her room. One day she over doses and ends up being "kidnapped" by an unidentified nurse who practically hires her to work for a secret company. There she meets a boy who changes her life.. Forever.


14. Your Safe With Me.


Blake's Pov:

      "No! Stop! Don't! Just stop! Noo!!" I heard her scream. I shook her. 

    "Hey, wake up. It's okay. Look, I'm here. Open your eyes." I said. She mumbled and then her eyes flickered open. She turned around and looked at me. I smiled at her and I tried to place my hand on her face but she shoved it away and jumped back. Her eyes were watering and she was scared. 

   "Get away from me." She said. 

    "What? It was a dream. Your okay. I promise." I said. She blinked a couple of times and looked around. She felt her face and around her eye. "What happened?" I asked. She shook her head and stood up. She ran straight into me and wrapped her arms around me. I rested my head on top of hers and stroked her hair. "What happened Belle?" I asked again. She looked up at me.

    "You.. You did something to me that we agreed not to do. But, you forced me and pinned me down. And, then you hit me." She said. My eyes widened. Her eyes started to tear up again. 

    "No. Shhh. I would never do that to you. I promise. I will keep you safe. I would never hurt you. I do. I promise." I said. She nodded and looked up at me. 

    "There is something I haven't told you before." She said. I just looked at her.

    "What is it?" She shook her head.

    "Come on." She gestured for me to follow her so I did. We went to the kitchen and made coffee and then sat at the table. "I was eight years old. I had a boy friend. He was all about kissing and holding glands and hugging. I just thought of him as a best friend. One day he pinned me to a wall. I never thought he would do it. I mean, he was ten. He tried kissing me but I said no and pushed him off. He punched me in the face and called me some things and then walked off." She said. I shook my head and grabbed her hand. 

   "I'm really sorry. That must have been hard." I said. She huffed. 

    "That's not even the beginning. After three years I moved to a different place. The neighbor hood was different. Not the city or anything. Well, he was there. I didn't know he lived there. I was ten and he was 12. He found me and threw me at a wall. He did some things and hit me and cut me with glass." She pulled up the T-shirt I was wearing and revealed a scar on her right thigh. I don't know how I haven't noticed it before. It was huge. About four inches across her thigh. I slightly ran my thumb around the scar. She let out a sigh. "I see him everyday I go to work." She said. "He looks at me with this, scary, furious eyes. He just, I don't know. He is just crazy and abusive." She said. I shook my head. At work?

    "What is his name? I can get him arrested. I can get him fired. Out of you life forever." I said. 

    "No. I want him to see me now. See that when he said I will be a failure. He was wrong. I have you. I have a boyfriend. A job. A house. A car. All I need you to do is protect me." She said. I nodded. 

    "There is no other thing in this world that I would rather do." I said. I slid my hand onto her neck, underneath her hair. She cuddle her face up to my hand. She looked scared. Innocent. Stressed. I had to keep her safe, but I had to figure out who this guy is. It makes me furious to think about him. I could feel the rage grow inside of me but I had to push it away. She squinted her eyebrows. 

     "Your hands. They are really, really hot." She said. I shrugged. 

     "They always are." I said. "Look at me. I promise you that I will not let another person touch you. I won't let anyone hurt you. I will protect you. I want you to be able to come to me and tell me anything you want. Don't be afraid. I will respect you. I will be your safe place. I will be the person you love and spend the rest of your life with. I know it's only been a month but still, it feels like two years. And I know that I love you with all of my heart and would do anything, I would die for you, just to keep you safe. Okay? You hear me?" I asked. She smiled at me and nodded. I pulled her face to mine and pressed my lips to hers softly. They were so soft. Our movements in sync, our lips dancing against each other. The feeling that I have never experienced before. It was all there. Coming so fast. But so perfect. 

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