My love finally

A 16 year old girl gets bullied all the time at school. She just wants someone to tell her she's beautiful. Justin Bieber feels alone, he want someone to treat him normally. They save each other


3. his house

Ugg no did I have to wake up? I was having such a good dream. Oh goodie my phone just buzzed. Oh in the heavens is texting me this earlier. Oh it's Justin, never mind I'm ok with that. What does he say

*phone convo*


I it's Justin we met at the mall

Mia: hi Justin yes I remember you what's up

Justin: lol what I can't just text a pretty lady, I have to have a reason to

Mia blush a lot

Mia: aww thank you of course you can

Justin: well I do have a reason actually I was wondering if you wanted to hang later

Mia: yess Id love to, I have school though so it would have to be after that.

Justin: ok that's fine, what time works for you?

Mia: anytime after 3 is good for me

Justin: ok cool how about me do 3:30

Mia: that works where?

Justin: how about Starbucks?

Mia: yes that is perfect. I will see you then.

Justin: can't wait

Mia: me either talk to you later bye

Justin: bye beautiful

He is so nice and sweet. I'm already in love with him.

*skip to 3*

I am on my way to Justin's right now, he texted me his address so I am using the gps to find his house. Oh good found is street. All the house I've seen so far are not houses no there mansions. It's like he lives in a palace. OMG I just parked in front of his house, his house looks to be about 4 stories. Better text Justin and tell him I'm hear.

*phone convo*

Mia: Justin I'm here out side you gourde oh and your house is gorgeous it's more like a mansion than a house

Justin: thank you, why are you not in the drive way I can't see you

Mia: I parked out side your house because I don't know how to get through the gates.

Justin: ok well come up to the gates and I will let you in

Mia: ok

So I got back in the car and drove up to the gate and it opened so I drove in, parked the car and locked it. I got to the door and rung it. He opens the door and let's me. He is such a gentleman.

"Hi" I said while I looked up at him

"Hey" he said back then he took my hand and said "come with me" so I did.

A little bit later I had to go so I said goodbye to him

"Bye Justin"

"Bye Mia" and I drove home, did my homework ate dinner and went to bed.

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