When Jade Collins moves to a small town in California, she meets the man of her dreams.

And when Michael Smith meets someone exactly like his dead wife, he is stuck in a decision to move on or lose the love of his life.

Can Michael ever love again?
Will Jade finally learn what love is?

Read to find out!


1. O N E: J A D E

The bus pulled to a stop, and I looked out the window. Small houses, and a beach. The sign said 'Welcome! To Hougo California!' My stop. I grab my luggage, which consists of mostly clothes, and a few personal belongings. I rushed outside, eager to stretch my legs.

Sun beat down on my back as I worked my way across the street, to a store that read 'Cassie's Corner Store'. A nice place to find a job.

I walk in, and set my bag down then take out my resumé.

"You're not applying for a job, are?" The lady behind the counter says. She long, whit hair that tumbles down her back, with hazel-green eyes and a tall, but plump figure.

"Yes, why?" I ask, confused when she laughs;

"Not much people tend to stay here," she says to me smiling, "but I guess you intend to?"

"Yes. Do you need my resume?" I ask, and slide it across the counter.

"That'll be okay, dear. Your hired," she says, and shakes my hand. "I'm Cassie, if you couldn't tell already. You can start work tommorrow, if like. How does a 3 hour shift work?" She asks, as if it was the first serious question throughout the whole conversation.

"That's perfectly fine, thanks," I say, then smile at her. "One question, do you know were 19 Dunbar Street is? Its supposedly were my house is," I ask expectantly.

"Really? Dunbar Street? You must be very poor, dear. But if you really want to know, you take a left at the stop sign down the road," She explains.

"Thank you," I smile, them grab my luggage and walked out the door.

"If you need any help with anything, just ask," she waves after me, so I wave back. I walk down the street, and take a left at the stop sign to Dunbar Street. I walk a little ways down, and I start to notice something all of the houses have in common; They're all abandon.

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