Trust&Forgive or Betray&Forbid

When the 5 factions and a new city called Forks, is introduced to the hunger games, Tris and her boyfriend Tobias, have been reaped from the factions, Katniss and Peeta have been reaped from the districts and Bella and Edward have been reaped from Forks. But will they decide to trust each other in order to get home, or will they turn against each other and become worst enemies?

Find out what happens to the 3 couples in this thrilling story, in many points of view! And don't forget to like, favourite and fan!! I promise you'll love this thrilling tale!❤️


1. TheFactions: Tris POV

I wake up, nervous and shaky. I've never woken up like this before, but it's reaping day. The hunger games have been introduced to our 5 factions! Anyone from the ages 12 to 18 can be reaped. 1 male, and 1 female tribute shall be reaped, and anyone from the required ages can be allowed to volunteer for their same gender. This is the 50th annual hunger games or something? I don't know but I'm nervous. I have no idea what to be expecting. There will probably be ALOT of people there. OK, so 2 people from each faction and that's 10 already. 2 people from each district I think? And there are 13 districts so that's 26 + 10 which is 36! And I think it's going to be 14 people from a city called Forks so that will be 36 + 14 which is 50 tributes!! They must have an awful big place for us to fight! We fight to the death so I doubt if I got reaped that I would come out alive, I mean I'm not very big for my age. I'm 16 and I'm called Tris Prior. I have a slim body shape, light brown hair and hazel eyes. My boyfriend is Tobias Eaton. He has a very muscular body shape, short brown hair and brown eyes. I love him. My only family is my brother, Caleb Prior, but I don't have time to describe him. My only friends are Uriah, Christina and Peter. Anyway, enough about my life, let's get back to the reaping!

I throw on a knee length pale grey dress that belonged to my mother. I pull on grey boots and just brush the tangles from my hair. I meet Tobias at my door and he kisses me gently. "Are you nervous?" He asks with his smooth, silky voice. I think for a minute. Yes, I am nervous. "No, not at all" I reply smiling. He smiles back at me showing all his lovely white teeth. "Good" he whispers. I walk hand in hand with him to the reaping until we need to leave each other to go into our separate sections of boys and girls. He goes into the 18 year old boy section and me into the 16 year old girl section. A weirdly dressed lady come onto the stage. I look for Tobias in the crowd of boys but fail to find him. I look back at the front but tune out and don't listen to the lady. I am brought back to reality when everyone stares at me. "Tris Prior, where are you darling?" Asks the posh Capitol voice. I suddenly realise I have been reaped from Abnegation. Shit. I walk up looking fearless and stand on stage looking emotionless. I listen for the boys name. "Albert--"

"I VOLUNTEER" cuts a voice from the crowd. I look down and see Tobias standing there. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE" he shouts again. Everyone knows that Tobias and I are a couple, and everyone stares in horror. I can feel tears falling down my face as his body slams against mine. I wrap my arms around him, scared and shocked at the outcome. "Very well! Looks like we have our tributes from Abnegation, now let's move on to Amity" says the lady excitedly. I don't pay attention to anyone else. I walk into a big brown building with Tobias and I'm supposed to wait for people to visit. Caleb enters first. "Hey sis' you can do this! I know you can" he says while hugging me and Tobias but before I can reply he walks out

Next in is Christina. "Your strong" she chokes out. She doesn't say anymore but hugs me tightly and gives Tobias a nod. Peter walks in. "Uhh... I don't really know what I'm supposed to say, but I think you guys can do this... You know, get out together" says Peter and he hugs us both and leaves. Uriah comes in, but not smiling today. "You go out there, and you win for your faction" he says to Tobias and I. I smile and hug him tightly. "I'll miss you most of all" I say. "I won't get to see your cute smile everyday anymore" I say pinching his cheeks. He smile a little and gives Tobias a hug. I thought he was our last visitor but the Evelyn walks in. Surprisingly she hugs me. "You'll find a way to get out with my son OK?" She says. I nod and smile at her. She goes to Tobias next. "If you leave this girl, you'll never be happy, so keep her safe" she whispers to Tobias. She's grew to like me over the years but it took time. I'm just glad she's being nice to me now. Of course I need to be nice in return, which is fine with me. I take Tobias hand as we are led to a very fancy Capitol train. The other factions will go on separate trains. "Tobias... If we don't make it" I begin to say but he cuts me off with a kiss. "We'll get out of there together" he whispers. "I promise" I nod and burry my head into his chest and listen to his heart beat.

((So what do you guys think of my first chapter from Tris? I think my next chapter will be from Bella, then Katniss and then I'll do the boys, Tobias, Edward then Peeta! I'll do them in that order the whole way through! I know Tris and Tobias aren't actually in Abnegation but they are in this, and also, Edward is human in this because if he was vampire it would be unfare! So yea I'm changing it up a little, but hope you enjoyed my first chapter! Remember to like, favourite and fan!! Also comment what you think!!))

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