Caleb a young vampire decides to hatch a crazy plan to have revenge on a old vampire hunter, but he may get more than what he bargained for...


1. Prologue

“We go and break in the house at nine that way he will be out, but the family will still be in there,”   Caleb explained and sipped from the black plastic bottle, licking his lips clean of the excess crimson drops. “It will be completely dark, he won’t know what has happened, until he arrives home then he will be next.” 
   “Are you sure this will work?” asked a clearly older man who sat opposite to him, with a strangely helpless expression on his face that looked to Caleb for guidance. As if the roles between the two men were reversed. 
   “I promise you it will work,” Caleb replies with absolute certainty leaning over the table, and tipping his sunglasses forward so the man could see that the promise was genuine in his eyes. Then he leans back and pushes the sunglasses back to onto his nose. “We will take revenge, it will taste as sweet as the human blood that will flow through our veins.” He raises the bottle from the table like he was making a toast. “Tomorrow night is ours and we shall feast like true kings of old!” A sinister grin contorts his features like a wolf pulling back its lips to reveal its sharp fangs. 


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