Only know your lover when you let her go.


1. Who i want to be is perfection.


Sometimes the world can be cruel, sometimes the world can love you. The world is around us , where you stand, where you fallen, the world is everywhere. Being known, is hard,all you need to know is were you stand. Know where you stand in one's life, if they don't appreciate your presence,don't' give them.

I'm Ivy, a name my mother chose before I killed her. The pain from my coming, killed her. My father tells me, I remind me of her. She was a beautiful lady, I can not  see how I'm a reminder. This lady, is who I want to be,she's perfection.

As growing up, my father and I travelled, at the age of twelve we settled down into a home of our own. But my father still had to travel for his job so I moved into my Grandmother. She's a nice old lady, she gives me comfort and love. I moved into my mother's room as a teen. As a teenage she read a lot of books, maybe that's were I got my obsession for books. Most of her books, were old, nothing I've came by.

At the age of Twelve, I have noticed I was really popular because of my father. It was a bit mad of how people wanted to my friend, I didn't mind I counted everyone as a friend

At the age of thirteen, was when I turned into a lady, not really I just got into caring about my appearance more. That year, everyone knew me.

At the age of fourteen, I got my first tattoo. 'Rosie' on my left wrist . I didn't get in trouble, cause no one knew for a while. Also got a couple of piercings.

At the age of fifteen, I was hard on partying and sex.

At the age of sixteen, I was failing school and failing my love ones.

At the age of seventeen, I was in rehab.   

I was a messed up teen, I had to learn that the hard way round. My return home, from rehab, wasn't fun. Relatives I didn't even know just crowded me, my father couldn't make it. That hit it me hard.


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