He caressed my cheek and kissed my lips softly.

"You're sure?" he smirked into my hair, I nodded.

"I want to be like you, make me like you" I pleaded softly. He slowly lifted to down towards the bed, I showed my small, fragile human hand out towards him. He grabbed it graciously, then bit into it slowly but with force.

"I'll finally be like you" I whispered as I fell onto the bed.


1. Chapter One: Fallen

"I don't understand you Kale, why did you do that, why did you hurt me, why do you always break me! That's all you ever do!" I screamed at my boyfriend.

"You never gave me any choice Sophie!" He yelled back, my world slowly crumbled, as he watched, I fell to the floor.

"That didn't mean you could cheat on me, I can't believe you Kale, why didn't you just break with me? That would've been so much easier Kale, I wouldn't feel dead, I wouldn't be like THIS!'" I sobbed into my jumper, covering my face from Kale's glare. "Get out Kale, just leave" I instructed. He nodded and ran out of my parents house.


I stood up, picking up pieces of broken glass, they shattered when Kale threw a plate. It wasn't meant to end this way, it was just a dinner. But I guess he confessed more than he should've. I was honestly in denial about what he had done to me, the way he hurt me is different then the others. This time I feel scarred.

I wiped away the tears that were slowly forming in my eyes, what a fragile state I was in today, I slightly laughed at myself. I threw away the broken glass, figured out an excuse why it broke and picked up my phone, turning the screen on was a hard action. Kale's name didn't light up on that screen, I guess that's what I was most afraid of.


"Rose" I broke into tears..

"What happened Sophie?" She didn't seem interested, but I decided to inform her on the details anyway.

"Kale.. H - He cheated on me" I whispered, the hole it had formed grew, to even say those words it had hurt. Rosalie grew into a fit of laughter, anger grew inside me, bubbling up.

"Oh, you think he would've actually stayed with you Sophie! You must be joking, everyone could see it, he would never stay with you. He cheated on you more than he has revealed to you Soph, I can't believe how stupid you were for falling for HIM! Oh, Soph, you were never near his standards anyway" she laughed. Confused, and upset that she wouldn't be kind to even say the simple but pleasurable word 'sorry', I cried silently, tears slipping from my dark eyes.

"H - How do you know Tessa?" My words broke up, from crying.

"You were just a bet, a silly, little girl who knew nothing. You really should've seen his face when you texted him.. 'Oh, she's so annoying' 'She won't leave me alone' You were just so clingy, you should've known" I hung up on her.


I was a bet.


I was a game.


I love a boy, who never had loved me. I loved a boy who played me.


I ran to my bed and collapsed, from exhaustion. I cried, mascara running down my flesh, red cheeks.


I should've known, who my real friends were. And who Kale really was.




Hi! If you read this book, well, thanks!


This chapter is quite small, mainly because I don't want to get into things right away and make things rushed. The mysterious 'thing' will probably come in a few chapters.


It would be greatly appreciated if you comment about what you like, and if you share this with your friends! It seems like this chapter is in no relation to the actual story, but it will all fall together when I write more chapters! Thank you x

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