this story is about a girl named Katlin. Katlin has a secret but this you'll here later. but something is in the air a new person some one dangerous but smells so good. Katlin has blackesh hair with purple hair and yellow eyes and always wheres a black hoddie. will someone find out her secret or will she fall in love with the boy.


2. the new boy

                                                            Morgans POV

                   She is beautiful.A natures wonder but i can't say that or she'll ask questions .So i say 'Nice to meet you to.' I strech my arm out to help her up but she and felt hot like she put it over a stove and kept it there for hours and hours. 'Sorrry' she says her voice a perfect sound like the wind when you run. "Hi i am Katlin. Katlin Townsdale" her frown turns into a smile. then i notice somthing her eyes.

          ' Well are you going to tell me your name' Asked Katlin 'What' i asked "oh yeah im Morgan.Morgan Prescott''Well nice to meet you Morgan Prescott. I have to go now bye"said Katlin 'Wait, what why'' Cause the last bell just rang.' said Katlin 'so i like talking to you' why did i say that. Im so stupid.'Well i dont want to spend any more time here than i ever want to. So bye'As she walked away. Beautiful,sassy,mysterious. i went over to my locker and got my bag and turned back she was gone

                                                           Katlins POV

        'Good for you katlin.' i say to myself. But he was so cute thick muscles, brown hair,brown eyes but he is so mysterious that all i know is his name maybe i just worring but i dont know"hey im home' 

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