McKenzie Claire

I'm Annabella. My ex got me pregnant at 16. He said he loved me. But the next day he was gone and I never seen him since. He ditched town. Worse of all the next week I found out I was pregnant. So I decided to start all over just me and my baby. I moved out of Canada and into California. I left my family in my hometown but we visit them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. My only question is did he ever return? Is he looking for us? Is he going to find us?

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2. The Diner

I opened the door and walked in with McKenzie on my side. The little bell rung indicating to the employees that a new customer has arrived. Like always. Naomi came out.
"Hey gurl. Just you two today?"
"Hey Mac, (Mac is McKenzie's nickname), you want your favorite seat?" Naomi looked down at Mac and smiled.
"Yes" she said jumping up and down.
Naomi grabbed 2 menus one normal one and one kiddie one. 
"Well lets go before someone takes it." 
"No one's going to take it." Mac screamed running to the booth.
Both Naomi and I laugh and followed her. 
"Alright so you guys already know what you want right?"
"Yes, go girly"
"I want the m&m pancakes please."
"Of course and Anna, (Annabella's nickname)"
"Cheese and bacon omelet, over easy."
"Ok and I'll be right back with your chocolate milk and coffee."
She walked into the kitchen. I turned to McKenzie and she was drawing on her menu with her crayon. I was trying to see what she was drawing but gave up when my phone started ringing. I went into my purse and without looking at the caller ID I aswered.

"Hey Anna I wanted to know how my daughter and granddaughter are doing?"
"We're fine, we're about to eat breakfast then we're going shopping." 
"What kind of shopping?"
"Oh. Well you might want to shop at the dress store while your out"
"Your cousin, Megan, is having her sweet 16 next weekend and your name was apart of my invitation. So I figured I would tell you that she wants you there"

"Ok we'll be there. And momma we can stay at your house while we're up there right?"
"Of course, you don't even have to ask."
"Ok I'll buy the tickets later and tell you what time to come and pick us up from the airport."

"Ok bye Anna. I love you."
"Love you too. Bye"
I hung up as I saw our food coming.
"Here you are your pancakes and your eggs." 
She walked to the door because another customer came in.
"Mommy?" McKenzie said with a mouth full of pancakes.
"Yes sweetie" I said between bites.
"Was that Grandma on the phone?" 
"What she want?"
"Cousin Morgan is having a very special birthday party next weekend and wanted us to come."
"Are we going?" 
"Yes, we are going dress shopping after we're done"
"Ok" she smiled up at me then continued to eat.

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