Sky has spent 16 years trying to hide how different she is.
From seeing things normal people can't, to her rapid healing abilities- she's always known she was different.
When her mother suddenly disappears and government officials pop up wherever she goes, she'll do everything she can to get her back and to get answers. Even if that means trusting the illusive Riley Parker who seems to know more than he's letting on.

As Sky beings to realize exactly what and who she is...will she be strong enough to handle the truth?

After all, she is an ABOMINATION.


1. Prologue


"Being normal is overrated. Be who you are and don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't. Life isn't supposed be expected, it's supposed to be extraordinary." 

-Courtney Taylor



Aegle (Αιγλη) – Radiance/Splendor

Aristaeus (Αρισταιος) - "the best"

The wailing child was placed in her mother’s arms as a group of women flailed around frantically; trying to catch a glimpse of the new-born.

“There is no time to waste. Give me the child,” Aristaeus’ dark voice boomed.

The mother looked upon her child with a sad smile as tears filled her bright blue eyes, “Let me hold her Aristaeus. Just once.”

As the mother looked down at her child, a wave of sadness overwhelmed her and a sharp cold descended upon the room. This would be the first and last time that she would see her daughter.

“What will you name her?” the midwife smiled warmly at Aegle and the room descended in a hushed silence. Impatient and frantic, the room awaited a response.

“We don’t have time for this, Aegle.” Aristaeus reiterated.

Ignoring her partner, Aegle looked up to the stars and stared in wonder, “What do they call it here?”

“The Sky, I believe,” The midwife answered.

Looking down at her one and only daughter she smiled, “Then let her name be Sky for she is as beautiful as all constellations the sky beholds.”

“That is not tradition.” Aristaeus snapped.

Glaring sharply and defiantly at her partner she spoke calm and clearly, “If she is to be part of this world, she will have a name fit for this world, and not of ours. She will be named Sky and that shall be the end of it.”

Finding no reason to argue at a time like this, Aristaeus nodded in agreement and took a moment to admire the child. As much as he would have loved to have remained in this moment for longer, they would be here soon. They would take them and the child unless haste actions were made.

“It is time.” He held out his hands to the tearful mother.

As Aegle wiped her tears away and looked upon the child once more, she whispered the final words her child would ever hear her say, “Embrace your destiny”

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