Falling Angel

Harmony Angel, a girl trapped within a web of lies. Her pack mistreated her for many years after her parents death so the day came when she was to shift. Transforming into the she-wolf, she runs away from her pack, her life and her mate who never knew who she was. This isn't a simple rejection story but the start of the new future, the first of the three wolf children. Will Harmony ever be the same again? Will she ever manage to tell her mate who she is and what is her destiny?


9. The Hunter Wolf

1 year later            

Jason’s POV

It has been a whole year since Jacks sister Harmony left. For some reason I have been feeling like shit about it, I don't know why. Jack has been in a big mess. He rarely eats or sleeps. For about two months after she left he just sat in her room looking at a picture of her.

I am now alpha of the strongest pack in the world. We have got a fierce reputation for being ruthless to hunters and rouges. We are allies with every pack  mostly because they fear us. I knew that Jack was going to be miserable today since it’s the one year anniversary of her being away. He blames every one for bullying her. He mainly blames himself though, saying he should have protected her more. We never found out who her mate was, the one that rejected her.

"What’s wrongs Jase" Rebecca said softly whilst rubbing my arm. Since I was to become alpha I needed a alpha female but since I didn't find my mate by the time my dad passed the title to me I had to make Rebecca it.

"Nothing" I replied simply.

"Jason I am not stupid", yes you are, "You are thinking about that runt. She left Jason and I still don't get it why you care at all that she is gone. You never even paid attention to her. Not even knowing what she exactly looked like even when she is you best friends sister." She growled.

With that there was a knock on my door. FREEDOM!

"Enter" I shouted using my alpha tone.

A small girl entered, Jacks mate Sophie. She was a frail thing but kind. Sophie always acted as if she knew something that the rest of us didn’t know. She reminded me of my mum in many ways. My mum has not spoken to me much since I made Rebecca the alpha female. Can’t really blame her though, becoming alpha made me grow up and realize what a bitch Rebecca actually was.

"Excuse me alpha Jason but there is an urgent phone call from one of the packs close by." Sophie said. She was always nervous around me. It might be, because she was a rouge when she met Jack and as I said we were ruthless towards hunters as well as rogues.

"Thank you Sophie, and once again call me Jason." I smiled whilst climbing out of bed leaving Rebecca whining as usual.

Seriously it’s like she can’t keep her legs shut for even a minute! Once I was in my study I picked up my phone.

"This is alpha Jason speaking"

"Hello alpha Jason. This is alpha Dave. My pack is wishing for your assistance. We have a hunter problem"

"How many hunters"

"It is only 4 alpha but they are more powerful than any others. And one of them is a wolf"

"Okay I will prepare my pack. We will come and join yours. Expect us there by tomorrow night"

"Thank you"

With that he hanged up the phone and I called a pack meeting through the packs mind link.


The whole pack was sitting in the meeting room on their chairs. I was on the stage facing them. I raised my hand silencing them as I began to speak.

"One of our neighbouring packs as called and asked for assistance with hunters. There is only 4 hunters but they are strong. One of them is believed to be a wolf. No questions. Now go and pack your things. We leave in a hour." I finished and walked out of the room to go get ready.

A hunter that is a wolf. How could one of our own kind side with our enemy?

Sighing I went to my room and packed. This is going to be a hard one.

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