The Five: A New Beginning

A story of our band. Told by RAine's, Skye's, and Iris' Point Of Views.


2. The start (skye)

It started just like Iris said, typical day, typical conversation.  Raine started the idea. We're a cover band, striving to be an actual band. Ideas rushed through our heads of band names. Iris suggested Elements, the I said the Five Elements (earth, wind, water, fire, electricity) Raine(I think)suggested just The Five. So The Five came to be! I created a logo just after the song was determined...


A/N- I would like to just mention a little something about someone who was a friend to so many people on here. SeaweedBrain Shadownight or Tori passed away. She got in a car crash. read all about it hre-

And here-

Goodbye Tori Rest In Peace. You'll be missed.

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