Tay Tay <3

This story is about Taylor Caniff and this girl name Ashby. Taylor bullies her and she never knew why until now...


3. Chapter 1

Ashby’s P.O.V I woke up getting ready for the torture of my life, also known as school. I begged my mom to home school me, but she never had enough time. Usual her. After I got dressed and ready, I went downstairs and ate breakfast. I wasn't that hungry, so I just got Egos. I got done eating, so I left for terror. When I got out of my car, I saw Taylor making out with some girl on his front porch. I moaned and walked on. “Hey,” he said throwing the girl off of him. I turned around,”what?” “Don’t get an attitude with me,” he snapped at me. “You don’t own me,” I said walking away. “Yes I do,” he said while grabbing my arm. He turned me around and pushed me on the ground. “Why’d you do that?” I asked him. “Because I felt like it,” he told me. I got up and walked to school. I was so tired of him, he could be such a bully at times. Anyway when I got to school, I saw Jordan. “Hey,” I told her. “Hey,” she said when she responded. I looked down like I was going to cry. “What’s wrong?” she asked worried. “Taylor,” I said about to cry. “It’s ok, we’ll get through this,” she told me. I nodded and headed toward my locker. I put the combination in and opened it. When I was about to leave, Taylor came up and pushed me on the floor. I started to cry because I hit the wall behind me. “What did I ever do to you?!” I asked him. He shrugged and pushed me again. God he is so rude. Sophie, the head of the cheerleaders came up to him and started kissing him in front of my locker. They got heated and he grabbed her butt. Then they went to the bathroom. They’re probably having sex. I got up and went to class, what a player. When I got there I sat in my seat next to Grace. She was my best friend in this class. I’m pretty popular with everyone but the cheerleaders. Just a couple of them are my friends. “Hey girl. Can you hangout this weekend?” she asked me when I sat down. “Uh yeah sure,” I told her. Before I knew it Taylor came in with his collar half messed up from being too dirty with Sophie. I heard they went all the way. All the girls looked at him with googly eyes because he was the hottest guy in school. I don’t know why he bullied me. He sat down in the seat next to me. “Hey sexy,” he told me. That’s what he called me. The reason why he probably bullied me is because I slapped him at that party one night. Well he was the one who tried to get me in his pants when he barely knew my name. I rolled my eyes and focused on my school work. “Babe you know I would stop bullying you if you gave it to me,” he said while smirking. I knew he would stop bullying me if I did but I didn't want to. I just stayed in my spot and scooted down in my seat. I was comfortable until he touched my thigh. “What the heck!?” I said freaking out. “Babe chill,” he said. “If you tell I can just hurt you again,” he told me. I knew that he would so I had to keep quiet. Ugh I hate him so freaking much. There’s other girls in this world that would love having him. Why does he have to do this to me, why does he want me? I decided to ask him. “Why would you want me out of all the girls in this world?” I asked him. “You’re so fucking sexy,” he told me. “Ok, but there’s other people in this world,” I told him. “I know but I want you,” he told me. “Well I’m not single and I wouldn't date you anyway,” I told him. I knew this would make him mad and bully more often, but I was just tired of him obsessing over me, I mean there’s like 2 billion people in this world other than me.
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