Snapbacks & Tattoos

Bradford. The Gang Capitol in the United Kingdom. Cassidy Smith. Innocent. Nice. Beautiful. Zayn Malik. He's basically the man candy. People hate him cause he's mean but they're all scared of him. He's the leader of the most dangerous gang. Let's just that Cassidy and Zayn have no idea what's coming for them.


1. Chapter 1: Bradford

My head was resting against the car window. I had dry tears on my cheeks. I miss home so much but my dad got a job transfer here in the United Kingdom.

Don't get me wrong I'm happy for my dad. I'm just mad that my family and I had to move across the pond. Im from America. North Dakota to be exact.

We pulled up into our new driveway. I let out a sigh and got out. I looked at the house and it was decent but wasn't clean either. I shrugged out off and got my suitcases. My dad helped me and he have me a small smile.

"I hope you like it here Cass. I know it's not in America but hopefully we can make this work." he said.

I simply nodded. I really didn't want to talk. I was so tired from the plane ride and the car ride. My mom was already passed out in the couch. I chuckled at went to my room.

I walked into the lightly dim hallway and opened some doors. After opening two doors I found my room. I closed the door and crawled into my bed. I put my phone on the charger an looked at the time. It was already 10:30 at night. I closed my eyes and went into slumber.

•The Next Morning•

I woke up the next morning with the sun blinding my eyes. I groaned and got up. I walked down to the kitchen and saw another family here.

"Oh! Cass. This is Tricia Malik." Mom said.

I waved. "Hi. Nice to meet you!"

"You too. You're gorgeous." Tricia said.

I smiled lightly. "Thank you."

"These are my daughters Saffa, Wayliha, and Henley. I have a son but he's not here." She said.

I walked up to the three girls and smiled.

"Hi. I'm Cassidy." I said.

"Hi." They said shyly.

"You don't have to be shy."

They smiled at me and I smiled back. God! what is up with me smiling? Their was a knock in the door and my mom went go answer it.

"Tricia. You're son is here." Mom said.

A boy with a leather jacket on and snapback on his head walked in. He had on black skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones shirt. I love the Rolling Stones.

"Sorry I'm late mum. I had some business to take care of." He said in his husky British accent.

He looked in my direction and I blushed. I saw him put a signature smirk on his face. He walked up to me and looked into my blue eyes.

"Hi. I'm Zayn." He said.

"I'm. C-Cassisy." I said nervously.

Why am I so nervous?

I guess it's his glamorous eyes and model liked face looking deep at you.

Stupid conscience!

He chuckled and looked down. "Are you nervous around me already?"

"No. I'm just-" I got cut off.

"Just what?" he asked.

What the hell am I suppose to tell him?

"I'm just shy to meet new people." I said.

"It's okay. Me too. I mean I'm shy right now cause I never seen a girl as beautiful as you." He said.

I blushed. "Thanks. I guess."

He smiled. "C'mon guys lets go!" Tricia yelled.

"I'll see you later." he said with a wink.

"Yeah. Bye." I said.

They left and my mom smirked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You like him."

"No. I don't. I'm kinda of disgusted actually. He flirts with me and we just met." I said.

"Whatever" mom said.

•Zayn's POV•

"So Zayn. What did you think of Cassidy?" mum asked.

"She's alright." I said.

I don't fall for girls. I only do them. One night stands. My family doesn't know what I really do. They think I'm nice and innocent. But I'm not.

People in Bradford hate me. They think I'm the worlds biggest dickwad and asshole. I'm not. I mean yeah I'm an asshole when people piss me off.

I'm a leader of gang and Bradford is know as the Gang Capitol in the United Kingdom. I'm the leader if the most outgoing gang. I have four other members.

Harry Styles. Louis Tomlinson. Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

Harry. I met him at a pub. He was drunk but he ended up kicking two peoples ass. He's the youngest out of all of us. He's only 17.

Niall is the second to youngest. I met him at a high school party. He kick the football teams ass. Never knew someone like him could beat up people like that.

Liam. He's the third to oldest member. He may look like a puppy but he can kick ass and sell drugs. He's very sneaky.

Louis. The forth to oldest. He's my main dealer. He acts really childish. But by night he's a badass person not giving a shit what he does.

Me? I sell and get money. That's really it. I may have sex with a couple girls here and there. That's just what I do.

My mum pulled up at our house and we got out. I just headed up to my room. All I want to do is sleep. I didn't come home till three o'clock in the morning.

As I was about to fall asleep, my phone started to rang.

"Fuck!" I yelled.

I looked at the screen and saw Louis calling me.

"What Tomlinson?" I asked harshly.

"Well hello to you too. The new shipment arrived and you told me to call you when it gets here." He said.

"Oh. Yeah. I'll check it out later. Let me sleep." I said.

I hung the phone up and laid down in the bed. My mind went straight to Cassidy. She's beautiful. I can tell she an innocent one. I could tell just through her pajamas that she has a very curvy body. I stopped thinking about her and laid down in my bed. I just can't get her out of my head. So I got up and left my house.

Cassidy's POV

Zayn. Ugh! I don't like him. He seems like a player. His good looks may get girls. But as for me, I'm not falling for his dirty tricks. I was currently in my room unpacking things. Their was so many boxes. My dad already left for a business trip. So it's just me and my mom.

"Knock. Knock."

Then he walked in.

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