Step into Asgard

This is not a love story. But, if you want to find one in this story then go right ahead. This is about a girl who gets transported to Asgard and begins an adventure that is big. One question still bugs her from the Thor end credit scene and...she'll meet Loki. Still confused? Then read it.


8. Gifts


 That was one word.  .  . that ended the hellish nightmare.

"It's okay," I rub my cheeks. "It's okay."

There were some blurry scenes; but that shout was loud and clear. I just .  .  . Was that Loki?

     ____________             ___________            ________________

      Schenio is being kept in white, stars-wars like room. Schenio is punching at the wall--probably using all his strength to break it--using his right hand. There is a carpet that boldly defied the whiteness. There's a coat hanger. There isn't a mirror. Yet there is a rounded table with a chair right at the center of the room. There is a somewhat wide and metal object at the right hand side of this room; it's a good guess this is a bed. A stranger can feel Da-ja-vu standing a few inches from the blue shield right across a dangerous person.

  Every punch sounded loud as he struck the wall, as though Schenio was making a great impact on it when really he was not making a mark.

"Are ya sure it can't be broken?" I ask Thor, in a low voice.

This feels really scary to me; the fear is probably not-relate-able .Scared like I had been in a Halloween house.  .  .I ran out screaming  from one while leaving the guy was who scaring me just laughing way too hard. Being so scared I clutched on to the back of my grandparent saying 'Oh my god, Oh my god' over and over.  Let's just say my grandparent was cowering over for half of the time that we were in the building.

"I'm  positive." Thor said, with a edgeness to his voice.

Schenio turns away from the intact wall towards our direction.

"You cannot keep me here for long." Schenio said, with a growl.

Right there and then; I got this sickening feeling. .  .  that next time, someone else I knew, would be in there. Pretty much seperating me from them. This place is where those banished from  Midgard are sent to.  .  . No maybe it's something similar to that; Frigga had explained it to me. But some of it is a little fuzzy.

Thor turns away, taking me by my arm.

"We can step away from your cell." Thor said, as I let him take me away from Schenio's cell.

We didn't hear him after leaving; mainly because the voice  perimeter/hearing levels were allowed to be experianced when people were near it.

"If Schenio tried to get out," Thor said, as we were walking by the many cells to the exit. He let go of my arm.  "He would end up getting burns."

I raise an eyebrow.

".  .  . How would he do that?" I ask.

"By pressing his face against the shield." Thor said.

There some pretty ugly fools in those cells who walk back and forth waiting to released.

"Who.  .  ." Reasonably people wouldn't do that.  .  . Unless they are totally scared.  Sometimes we all get to the breaking point. "Dah heck is that stupid to try that?"

If a child (about the age of 4) was here with their parents; they would be scared to their wits.

"Umm  .  .  . I hate to be a drag," I said, ignoring the hideious faces of the inmates.  "Why does he not have his hand back on?"

Thor did not flinch or shrug.

 "He is more stubborn than you." Thor goes on to say. "He wouldn't care.  .  ." And then he says in a low voice, "If we threw it into Muspelheim."

"What's that?" I ask.

What the heck is Muspelheim? It sounds like Misdreavus has a third evolution.

 "A fire realm." Thor said.

I theorize they fed it to a pair of  Asgardian alligators. A average Midgardian may not know what Muspelheim is; but it's like hell.Although it is pretty different  because Frigga has told me it looks like a hot, volcanic enviorment. Thor dropped me off at a animal rescue--man, those animals are so cute!--which was a good decision on his part (not that I'll argue about it).

 "How long do Dogs live in this realm?" I ask.

Lisa, the Asgardian who cares for these abandoned animals, looks up from a little pup.

"Considerably longer than on Midgard." Lisa said, puting the pupback into the pen with it's siblings.

There are Komodo dragons in here, too!

'Awww." I soothly cooee at one in front of the window. I rub the Komodo dragon's head. You are so cuuuuuutttttte."

The Komodo Dragon purrs; I mean it! The creature purred; now, I am unsure if that is normal for a lizard.

"His name is Sam." Lisa tells me.

"Does he go insane?" I ask, my head is turned towards her.

She looks at me point-blank.

"No." Lisa denies.

"Does Loki have big winter coats?" I ask, randomly,my hands stop moving on Sam's head.

Sam turns his head and licks my elbow.

"What kind  of question is that." Lisa puts up a bag.  She turns away from a bird cage. Her eyes are understandably broken--in the way that a friend who lost someone good would be--in some retrospects. "Loki is dead."

Cue eye roll from me.

"Did ya know him well?" I ask.

"Yes.  .  . " Lisa said.

"Don't tell Thor." I  look both ways. "But.  .  .  I think Loki is not dead."

Lisa's face becomes heated like a object put into a wielders furnace.

"Stop putting my hopes up."  Lisa points to the door. "You like horses?" I nod. "Good,then go out and visit them."

I shrug, knowing a nerve has been picked on her and then go to the door Lisa had pointed to.

"Also," Lisa perks her voice.  "Despite Loki being dead and all.  . " I could tell the words were not wanting to come out. "Do not ride the black and white horse; he is Mar."

I raise an eyebrow.

Lisa laughs as she continues on, "He kept insisting!" She explains. "To name him after Mar;The Asgardian mischief manager."

"Mar.  .  .?" I said.

"He taught Loki most of his tricks." Lisa explains, waving her small and somewhat wide hand slightly.She sure does like moving a lot like a dancer. "Frigga, on the other hand, is responsible for his mastery in magic."

Anyway, later on today Fandral and Duetei told me  the reason why I changed from mortal to Asgardian. If there is fundamental flaws in physics. logic, Micheal Bay doing the 'Bad wolf is here' everytime saying each Transformers movie is his last, and in acting.  .  . Suppose-ably this might not be a shocker. Back on topic; my Lasah Blastah has the gift

Not quite exaggerating on that part.

 "The blade was made four hundred years ago." Fandral said, as he and his friends were preparing to go out. "And it was the wise gods who made it and.  .  . " He took the time to actually think about it. " .  . Put something on it."

"What?"  I ask, as a Duetei is trying to put on some kind of boot.

"The Vanir, from Vanaheim." Fandral said. "The wise gods."

"What about this 'something' ya mentioned?" I ask.

"It's not like something. " Fandral said, trying to explain this a little more clearly. He uses his hands to attempt describing something that could be a bit complicated. "it's more like. .  ."

"Like  .  .  . King Arthur's Excalibur," I ask. "And the sword from Transformers Prime that could only be taken out by a prime?"

No; I do not watch Transformers Prime. The character's mouths move like freaking water! I only know about the sword because I had read some threads on "Transformers World 2005" website. Too bad. Hasbro did not introduce Bumblebee Prime in Transformers Animated or the first Transformers Live Action trilogy.

 I've matured and grown up; I'm not as a big Bumblebee fan.

Since when does a freaking gift make a weapon capable of making a mortal into an asgardian and change their appearance?

 "Sort of like that." Fandral said, with a shrug.

"Joy, turn around." Thor said. "And don't look back."

I raise an eyebrow at Odin's son as though he's doing a Tom Riddle moment.

 "Excuse me?" I ask.

"You  heard him." Hogun agrees, twirling a finger. "Turn around.  .  . and don't look back."

So as a really 'follow what the leader said'  type of person; I turn around and didn't look back.

"Keep going!" Fandral yells. "Take a turn when you hit the boulder."

Oh what Boulder?, Mr.-I-like-women-and-know-how-to-treat-them.

"I'm going.  .  ." I said.

 It's strange to say that I blacked out a few minutes after I didn't hear them anymore. The most bazaar thing ya can eve have; knocked out wise. Why am I saying this? Moments after darkness; this spheria tone scenery replaced it, and it's like I am watching someone's past through someone's window. Ya know like Christmas pasts. There was Asgard in it's unchanged city structure being golden and so magnificent as it is usually.

 Then like a hawk that view was increased into the tall, large piano-like tube castle.

  That's when I heard laughter that could only belong to boys.

Two young boys came running down the hall.

  "Brother," A blonde boy,  who strongly reminds me of Thor,  calls after his brother. "That was genius!"

  "Getting Sif to believe she was holding a toy spider,"  The second boy, behind the blonde one, slides to the corner of the hall.  He huffs as though what he's about to say is correct. "That was a brilliant trick."

 I realize; the blonde boy is Thor, and the second boy is Loki.

 "Tricks?" There was Odin with Frigga (Much younger than I had seen her present-day).

Thor and Loki are stopped  in their tracks.

"Rabbit tricks."  Loki said, arms behind his back.

"With spoons." Thor went along with it.

 These two just make it up as they go. yeeeep.

 Odin  caught on with their act, and had Loki apologize to Sif for pulling a trick like that.

 "Hey Sif." Loki said, in his low and shy like voice.

Loki kicks at a pebble; the pebble fell down a row of stairs.

Sif looks like a child; kind of like a girl I knew who gave me that brand of brownies with M&M's to me during Lunch; that was in Tennessee or Texas. She (The girl) didn't have brown hair; just blonde. The only reason why it's still in my memory is because worrying whether or not I get hurt from being a cheerleader had started at a school in Texas. YES! I remember, it was indeed Texas.   .  . Or Tennesse. And also I lost my tooth in a classroom there.

  "Tt-t-there was a spider," Sif stutters."And all you did was run from it!"

 "Heh.  .  . heh."Loki nervously laughs, as Sif raises an eyebrow at him.

"Loki, did you have a part in that?" Sif asks him, as her stutter gradually surfaces away.

Loki rubs the back of his neck.

  "I.  .  . " Loki  is acting guilty. "May have."

Sif chases after Loki.

Hahaha. This is turning out to be fun watching this scene.  .  . If this did happen, that is.

It became later on in the day; at least for Young Loki. Loki sat outside the castle, his legs dangle over the balcony.

"Hello Loki." A voice startles him.

Loki fell backwards from the balcony and lands on his back.

"Hey!" Loki said, getting back up. "How do you know my name?"

The Asgardian who startled Loki stands upright looking as though he didn't do anything

"Odin told me." The Asgardian said.

"Who are you?" Loki asks. "Is this one of his ridiculous and extreme punishments?"

The Asgardian. laughs, apparently amused by Loki's question..

"I am Mar." Mar said. " And your Father decided it was best.  .  ." Mar's right eye winks. Then Loki's eyes somewhat shined as though he could tell this Asgardian was going to be a someone  who mattered. "To have a god of mischief know how to do a trick right."

 "God of.  .  . Mischief?" Loki repeats, his eyes became full of ambition and wondrous tranquility.

 Mischief managed.  .  . in a way that's twisted and yet, made a mark on Loki.

"You are so young," Mar said, "But it's time you know why these powers are yours;Not because you are a god. But because you are worthy of it."

Loki follows Mar.

So Loki named a horse after his mentor? Sweet!

Suddenly the scenery changed: I saw this wasn't on Asgard; but this time somewhere dark and unfamiliar. It was a creepy realm if a child had to describe it in one word. There is smoke lingering in the air. Twigs, dead leaves, and a ground that ya could partially see through the smoke.  It took me a second to realize that  time had considerably passed.

"Mar!" Young Loki held the bleeding Asgardian in his arms.  "Hang on,you can't leave me now!"

Mar seems to be losing conscious; he also looks a bit older than young Loki.

"Not after you promised me .  .  / " Loki said, sounding as selfish from his present self. "To show me a -ss-s-ecret part of Midgard, just for practicing Miscief."

"Don't bl-lb--blame you--r-r--rself, Loki." Mar coughs, as there is commotion coming from a great distance away. "It never helps doing that.  .  ."

Mar's armor is so ratified and damaged; It made wonder how in the world he can speak

"Heimdall!" Young LoKI shouts at the sky. "Bring us back to Asgard!"

Mar's eyes were loosing light.

"A trickster always learns from his previous mistakes.  .  ." Mar's right eye closes as the sky above collects a rotating tornado-funnel formation. "Remember that Loki." Those words caught the young Upset Loki by surprise. "You will be a fine, god of mi-mis-. .  . chief."

"Mar," Loki weeps. "Don't say that!"

I saw this egyptian, creepy arse small rhino creature coming towards them with backup behind it.

"Oh Loki.  .  ." Mar smiles, as blood is coming down the corner of his mouth.

Mar's bruised face lost color, as his left eye closed completely.


_______________________               ___________________________

   A Chitauri takes some hair out of her comb and then jumps out into the portal to it's realm. That scene is gone movement not that too far. The room changes for a open balcony door belonging to Joy into a dark, star-wars like cave where exiled warriors were sent to. There were creatures pawing at the shield using other impromptu objects. They wanted to be out as anyone would be at that time. Those objects are put away when a Asgardian Guard snaps at the exiles.

   Joy stood at the blue sizzling, window like shield.

  It had been four days since Schenio had arrived; lately it was getting really boring attempting to read Asgardian books. Schenio saw no interest in them, nor knowledge that benefited his current situation.The bookcase is upside down with it's books still hovering in place.One light in the ceiling had been destroyed leaving one half of the room very dark, and the other half remained white, like a analogy between good and evil.

"So." Joy said, in a low voice. She takes the hood off. A viewer can see recognition flicker in Schenio's eyes.  "Why did ya come?"

Schenio looks over his shoulder, his eyes are pierced straight  at the woman.

"You have.  .  . an interesting fate."  Schenio admits, biting his lip for a second there. It's a nasty habit for a Dark Elf like him.. "I see it clear as day."

"What's me fate?" Joy asks, smiling.

Schenio saw her as an odd individual who fought back the urge to smile (and did it) when ready to ask a question. As a Dark Elf; it was easy to tell if some one was keeping something back. It was the gift  of all curses. .  .in a twisted way. Schenio looks away from her as he mutters to himself whether or not 'Me' is the proper wording for a girl like her. He argued with himself, basically. Schenio does this often when deciding on a important task.

After a few minutes, he came to a resolution.

"I cannot tell you." Schenio looks up from the floor towards  Joy.  He then says in a lower voice. "It has to be lived."

"Why  did ya come here?" Joy insists on the first question she asked.

Schenio's head almost jerks.

"We all have  a fate." Schenio's arms go behind his back. "And I was supposed to come here." He saw Joy fold both her arms and roll her eyes when he said it. There is a dark glow about him;  Sorcery-wise. "It's my duty not to tell a Demigod."

Oooh, that struck a nerve.

"Watch yer mouth." Joy said, making an edgy growl at the word 'mouth'.  "See where that gets ya." Her voice eases down. " .  . when ya get free."

Her words were only empty threats for the time being; Schenio looks closer at her eyes. I know what's behind those eyes. Joy's eyes say more than a thousand words. He creepily tilts his head at her. They even say she wants to slap him right here and now without a  shield in her way. And they just show me a little, short stubborn girl.

"Many years ago; before I came here." Schenio said. He lets his right hand grow into a fist. An average midgardian could tell this dark elf wants revenge.  "Malekith sacrificed my entire race; my family, friends, and.  .  . everyone."

He turns away, briefly, towards the darkness. He has a pausee between what he wants to say and words that you wouldn't necessary care for.

"And he was our leader." Schenio closes his eyes as he ends the silence, after having that small window of time remembering those who died.

We see the image of the ships crashing into the ground.

 "I, and.  .  ." Schenio eyes open. "A number of others, survived." Joy tears up a little from hearing his story. He turns back towards her direction. "And you do not have a right to know your fate."

 We see a scene where several surviving dark elves weeping at their loss.

 "Dude," Joy said, holding a index finger up.  "I've been alone for half my life." She nods at the word 'alone'. She puts the hand,that had a index finger up, down. "I know what being alone does to ya."

Schenio shook his head, grumbling to himself about something that may shock her.

"For a Demigodian," Schenio said. "You've already finished that 'I wish to make a difference in this world!' wish you made as a eight year old."

Joy's mouth remains open and no words come out.

Joy closes her mouth.


Schenio laughs at her refusal to believe him.

"Fine." He said, taking a step slightly towards the darker half of the room. "Then leave me be, you unbelieve-able-not-so-Psychic-believer."

"You are a psychic?" Joy nearly screeches.

Ah, so that's what she got out of it.

"It is painfully obvious." Schenio said, twirling a finger. "I wanted to see the intelligence of Demigods. And you, Joy, have failed."

"I wasn't born yesterday, Mr.Dude-who-flipped-me-over." Joy called on his uncalled for move.

Schenio rolls an eye.

"Hold your hand out." Schenio said.

Joy raises a careful brow at him, suggesting a little reluctance.

"Trust me. " Scheni said, pointing to his face. He has a untrusted smile on his face. And also, that a individual would expect him to say 'You can trust this face' right after that.  But instead he did not say what was expected.  "It will be very beneficial to you."

Joy reluctantly reaches her hand out to the wall.

"Cooperative." Schenio said, with a cliche-like grin.

 His hand goes through the shield and clutches Joy's hand; there is pain that originates in her hand.

"I like that."

In a moment not too soon; Schenio is gone in blink.

"What." Joy looks at her hand and saw a dot. "Oh slaggitl, I got the black mark!"

Joy runs off into the nearest springs room to wash it off; forgetting Schenio's rather strange move and odd disappearance.

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