My Signs!

So.. this is practically a rant (or guide for 'Obsessed') that I will write when I feel like it. If you know who am I, read this!!! :) And please don't leave hate comment below, okay? :3


5. "Don't do it!"

Well... basically this is really short.

So, I think everything I do is wrong. How?


Mom : Go eat.

Me : (looks at plate) Um.. actually it's too much for me.

Mom : (no response)

Me : (sigh) (eat until it's half the big plate)

Me : (go to wash dishes)

Mom : Wait. You have too much left over.

Me : (straight face) (start chewing so slowly)


That's what happened to me at the table, but let's take another example...


Bro : Tomorrow there's school for me!

Dad : (surprised) So I have to wake up earlier?

Me : I'm not surprised.

Mom: That's not a good thing to say to your dad.

Dad : So... we have to teach them manners?

Mom: Definitely.

Me : (straight face and continue playing with iPod)


That one happened right now. And another example is about the eye doctor.. which make me want to scream. -_- geez, I'm crazy.

By the way, when I took a 'depression test' (not professional one) it says I have one kind of depression!! Geez, if I rely on that test, that one will explain why I'm so moody. I screamed at my friends because of nothing.

Sigh. And that one is embarrassing!!! So, I get moody about the eye test, and all that stuff... but really? Depressed??

Actually sometimes I feel like I want to cut my life, then when I'm with my friends that cares about me and I remember that thought I will think something like, "I'm definitely crazy that time! Life is way more fun!"

And that is my days. There is this one time I really feel that if I disappear no one will notice it (even thinking about that one feels strange) and no one will be sad. And one time where I just don't think and have fun.

That's me. I'm always that extreme. Even in choice. It's like I have two personality, but that's impossible.

And enough of that... and see you!!!


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