Feel Me

"You mean I'm not like the rest?" I say, my hands shaking, my heart beater faster than everything, my head spinning.

"You are not like anyone else. Your emotions are irregular, morphed." She says, her piercing green eyes staring into my soul.

"Has this ever happened? Are there any others?" I ask, and I have to look away from her green eyes, they seemed too hipnotic.

"I don't know." She says, and for the first time think I catch a glimpse of either fear or uncertainty in those piercing eyes.

Celta Happy lives in a world of emotion. There are 5 Terra's, all based upon an emotion. Love, Fear, Anger, Kindness, and Happiness. Once you turn 13, you are tested, then genetically engineered to feel only one emotion, then moved to your new Terra. But what if you don't fit into a character? What if it just... Doesn't work?


1. •Chapter One•

"So...." My voice trails off as I stare at the gray, happy eyes of my best friend, Lenia. She was the one person I could always turn to no matter what. And today, I am almost positive that I will leave her. And even if I dont, I wont know who she is, I wont remember anything. I will only feel happiness.

She smiles at me, but I can see the corners of her mouth shaking. I frown. That's a sign she's nervous, and scared. "You know, its going to be ok." I say, trying to soothe her, and calm her. But inside, I did not mean those words. I feel lies fall out of my mouth and hit Lenia and everyone else around me. I lie alot, if you couldn't already tell. I hug her, expecting to feel at least some realization of comfort, but instead she stiffens. I feel her arm pull away from mine as she stands up and just walks away. "Aren't you going to say anything?" I say, my anger rising. I change emotions so easily. I wonder what Terra I will get, then scold myself for getting distracted and fix my gaze on Lenia.

"You honestly don't get it, do you? Im leaving you today! We will never see each other again! I thought maybe you might show just the smallest bit of concern, but I was wrong. Even if we stay in the same Terra, we wont recognize each other! Ha! But like you care about that." She says, then turns on her heels and walks away.

I know better than to go after her. Tried that the first time, and... Lets just say it didn't go well. But this time... I think she meant it. That last part, about not seeing each other in just a matter of hours, was true. I am 13, and so is Lenia. Today, we will test our emotions to the limit. The test will show which emotion we most summon: Love, Happiness, Fear, Anger, and Kindness. Then we will be genetically engineered to feel that single emotion-- it will strip away our life.

Yes, in a mere matter of hours my life will be stripped away to nothingness.

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