Maleficent - The Mistress of All Evil?

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  • Published: 2 May 2014
  • Updated: 3 Jan 2015
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Why did Maleficent bestow her 'gift' on Princess Briar Rose? Some believe there is a reason for everything, but no one has asked for one in the case of Maleficent, the mistress of all evil, as that's what she was regarded as. There is a time to blame. There is a time to curse. There is a time to find out the truth of Maleficent.

A different take on the story of Sleeping Beauty, giving a reason for Maleficent's 'evil.'


4. The First Gifts



   In the main hall of the palace, a massive feast was laid out, and sitting at the head of the table with his wife and child was King Stefan. He sat in front of massive stained-glass windows, but what he failed to notice was that all the rays of golden sunlight were laying themselves onto the child. Stefan had not yet decided on a name for his child, but wanted to get it right, as him and Queen Leah had been wishing for one for so long. At the end of the feast, Stefan stood up, holding his beautiful baby girl.

   "May I have your attention please!" Silence fell over the hall, and there was chinking of armour as all in the room to face Stefan, "Myself and my Queen are pleased to announce, that our daughter has been given the name of Briar Rose!" Applause consumed the haul, and chants were heard.

   "Long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live Princess Briar Rose!" With a great smile the King sat back down, and hugged his Queen, overjoyed with the name of his daughter. Queen Leah looked at their daughter, lying in her cot, and stared at her intently.

   "Her hair," She queried, "It is the brightest gold I have ever seen." Stefan smiled.

   "We are truly blessed, Leah, truly." The King and Queen smiled at each other and their child for a moment, before being met by the three fairies. The three fairies flew in, and knelt down in front of Stefan, before standing up again. The three fairies were entrusted with guiding Stefan and his army down through the north, and despite Stefan's wickedness at times, the fairies were the opposite to this. They all wore dresses made of petals, one of which was red, blue and green. The green fairy stepped forward to Stefan.

   "Your highness," She said courteously, "We each have a gift for the Princess." Stefan smiled intently, and gestured to the child smiling, before shouting for quiet. All listened intently as the green fairy bestowed her gift on Briar Rose.

   "Sweet Princess," She lifted her wand, and waved it over the cot, "I give to you, the gift of beauty and grace, as a face can make so many smile, and the grace of a Princess is desired by many." The blue fairy then stepped forward, and knowing Stefan would do battle with Maleficent soon, thought she should try to make the war not affect the growing Princess.

   "Beautiful Briar Rose, I give to you, the gift of happiness," The blue fairy eyed Stefan as her wand fluttered of Briar Rose's face, "I wish for you always to be happy, and never sorrowful or blue." The last fairy, the red fairy, stepped forward and took out her wand, ready to give her gift to the child, but was interrupted.


   The wooden doors flew open, and Stefan's flag and banners on the walls flew in the wind, and  a great burst of green light flashed on the floor. The three fairies were threw back into chest, and the lid promptly snapped shut. Stefan stared in horror as the green light twisted upward, revealing two sharp horns, and what appeared to be a staff. The green light moved toward the glowing ball on top of the staff, and when it came together, let out a final shockwave of light that knocked back the King and his army onto their feet, and when the fairies clambered out of the chest, and when Stefan's army clambered to their feet, they saw the glowing green light of Maleficent's grin.

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