Hermione Gaunt

After the war,Hermione goes to live with the Weasleys,along with Harry,Hermione and Ron are together but break up at one point.During the fourth week of the holidays,she gets 2 letters,a new wand and a visitor,she also goes through some physical changes.when she returns to Hogwarts she makes headgirl and a certain someone makes headboy. She falls in love with her old enemy and breaks her friendship with someone else.


2. Transformation through pain

Hermione walked in to the lounge nervously,a man was standing there smiling at her in relief,the first thing Hermione noticed about him was his eyes,they were a glittering emerald that seemed full of love and happiness,but had soo much pain,secrets and grief under them,his hair was platinum blonde,short and curly it suited him well,as he was the only one there,she hoped that Narcissa was wrong,but she wasn't,her mother was indeed dead.She screamed in silence.

"Good evening Hermione,How are you,my name is Wolfric Gaunt."Wolfric stood looking at Hermione and Ms Weasley. Hermione was speechless,she didn't know what to say.

"Well,I'll be leaving,if you need anything call me."Ms Weasley told the,before walking out of the lounge.

Hermione stood opposite her father and looked at him,studying his features. 

"I'm sorry,this is a very confusing time for,all my thoughts are muddled up together,nice to meet you....father."She introduced herself awkwardly,before holding her hand out,her father raised an eyebrow and shook her hand,gripping it tightly he pulled her towards him,embracing her in a fatherly hug,strong,safe but slightly awkward.

"Hermione,I have missed you too much to let you go again,I done it for your safety,nothing else, now I can stay with you and protect you,I must say though,you don't need it,defeating the darkest wizards of all time is not an everyday thing."He laughed,kissing her head,releasing her,tears were streaming down both of their faces,putting his hand on her cheek,he wiped the tears away.

"Don't cry,please,look I have something for you. Wolfric put his hand in his pocket and handed in his pocket and gave the photograph.It showed two people,Wolfric,a much younger man,beside him a woman,she had brown curly hair and big brown eyes. Wolfric was standing behind his wife,his arms snaked around her waist,his hands placed on her large bump,she must have been around seven months. She was waving at the photo,they were both smiling,laughing and waving.The photo was filled with lots of love and happiness. Hermione smiled at the photo before glancing back at her father.

"You look like her soo much,when I look at you,I think that I am looking at her,when your mother died,I broke,I cried,I love her with all my heart,if I could give my life to get her back,I would,the last thing she told me before she slipped away and took half my soul with her was 'Hermione Bella Gaunt,keep her safe,love her."Wolfric was whispering his voice gave Hermione goose bumps,it made her cry,she ruched to her father and cried on his shoulder,causing him to let his tears free,leak on her head,they clung on to each other for a while,they finally broke apart and wiped their faces.

"Father....When can I come live with you?tonight is my transformation and Narcissa Malfoy wanted to be with me to help me."Hermione asked bravely,hoping it was not too soon,her father's face lit up.

"Really you already met Narcissa?"He asked her curiously,glancing at her.

"Yes father,in Diagon Alley,I met her with Lucius and Draco,I had problems with my wand and went to Ollivander's and...I found out that I am a lastinta,Narcissa was nice to me,she came along"Hermione smiled as she thought of her new friend,she frowned at the thought of her going to live with him because he hadn't said anything,she presumed he didn't want her to.

"If you want to come to live with me now,then go and pack,the manor is ready and prepared,it is already seven at noon,when are you due at Malfoy Manor?"He asked her happily that she had asked him herself to go with him

"I have to go there at 10 the latest,I will go and pack now,I will be back in a little while."She kissed his cheek and set to the door before she opened the door she turned back to her father and looked at him.

"Father,do I have any relatives that are alive aside from you?"Hermione asked with curiosity and deep thought.He nodded once.

"You have a godmother,your mother and I asked Narcissa to be,she was thrilled and accepted." Wolfric smiled at the memory.

"Father,you should probably explain to Ms Weasley that I am going with you while I pack,she deserves to know"Hermione told her father and went upstairs to Ginny's room knowing the amount of questions about to be thrown at her.Before she opened the door it busted open and Ginny came out pulling her in,slamming the door behind them.Harry and Ron just stood there,looking half dead.

"Hermione!I cannot believe its true,we heard everything and sorry to listen but we were worried,oh my gosh,this must be the hardest year for you,finding your real parents,Malfoy's mother is your godmother,being headgirl,being a lastinta,we all think you are a muggleborn but turn out to be pureblood,this is the exciting year ever,what else is gonna ha...."

"GINNY!Let the girl breath,she needs to pack.Ron growled coming next to Hermione and hugging her close,she smiled at him and then at Harry.

"Guys,help me pack?"Hermione asked them with pleading eyes,she looked at them as they looked at each other knowingly,she only had a little bit of time left,rolling her eyes at the immaturity and childish behavior at a time like this,she sighed.

"Hermione,don't get angry,we already packed all your things and books,nothing is missing,we don't want you to go but we just wanted to help,mum helped as well,all your things are downstairs." Harry admitted guiltily, looking at his shoes. Hermione just shook her head and laughed,she went and hugged him tightly, after a few minutes she let him go and turned to all her friends.

"I will miss you guys,I truly will,this is not goodbye though,we will see each other at sch.."Hermione  stopped,remembering the resorting,her friends noticed this and looked at each other,not knowing what other news they will  hear.

"Hermione, what is wrong,you are coming to school aren't you?"Ginny asked raising an eyebrow and eyeing Harry,who looked back at Ginny and entwined their hands together.

"Of course, I am coming back to school,there is going to be a resorting ceremony,to get over the house rivalry."She muttered the news to the others.They gawped at her,as if she had Voldemort had  come walking past.

"What?!No, it can't be"Ron gasped,pulling his hand away from Hermione's waist and placed it on his head tugging his hair in frustration.

"OK,that's fine,if you guys are not in Gryffindor,I will kick your butts muggle style."Harry joked trying to defuse the tension,instead he earned three death glares,the whole room went silent,they were all staring at their feet.

"The thing is,no Gaunt member has ever been in another house apart from Slytherin,if I get put in Slytherin,I will actually kill myself,they do not know that I'm a pureblood yet."Hermione muttered breaking the heavy silence.

"Well,I have to go now,father's waiting for me."Hermione whispered,she hugged all her friends tightly,she pecked Ron on the lips and snuggled in to his chest.

"See you at the platform,write to me"Hermione whispered.She made her way downstairs, to see her father carrying her trunks,he was standing next to a sobbing Ms Weasley,she glided towards her and hugged her tightly,she did not want to say goodbye because it wasn't goodbye,she would still see them soon.She let her go and stood next to her father,she linked arms with him and gripped his robes firmly.One last glance towards Ms Weasley and that was the last thing she saw of the Burrow for a very long time.

They twisted for what seemed like hours,finally,their feet landed firmly on the ground.

I appeared on a large grey porch,which was like the muggle museums the Grangers used to take me to as a child,I let go of my father's arm and looked around the outside of the house,there were two large snake on either side of the great wooden doors,they were very tall and on top of the snakes head,they were balancing a very big black stone balcony.A green plant clung halfway up the building,stopping at the balcony.there was one large chandelier,there were flames flickering and dancing in the wind,my hair was doing the same,dancing around my face,I was too curious to be nervous, I put my hand on the door knob,noticing two black snakes carved in to it. I took a deep breath and glanced at my father,I knew he was watching me and blushed,I had to admit,it already felt like my home,it was home,the Burrow was always my home,but now I have a different home.I looked at my father again,he gave me a reassuring look and a smile.He nodded.I took a deep breath,hesitantly, I pushed the door open.As soon as I did,the enchanted chandeliers above my head lit up,I looked up at the ceiling,it was really high and was an arch shape.There were three chandeliers,one big one in the middle and two smaller ones beside it.I lowered my gaze to see a big glossy white staircase,which split into a further three leading left right and middle,to my left there was a hallway, the same to my right,it was soo empty and big but felt warm and welcoming,the walls were grey stone same as the outside,the floors were a sparkling black.I was concentrating soo hard on my new home,I lost track of time.

"Now,Hermione,lets go and have dinner,me must leave by ten."Father told me,he led the way and I followed him,he went up the middle staircase and along a long corridor,it had lots of doors and portraits,a few love seats were placed under the large white squared windows,finally we came to the last door,he opened the door for me,I smiled at him,as he followed,we sat down at the table for six.

"This is one of the smaller dinning rooms,for everyday,the others are way too big."He took a seat next to me,as the clock chimed nine the table filled with food,we ate in silence, not knowing what to say,I glanced around the room,there were two large white and black couches in front of a blazing hot fire,the fireplace was beautiful but clearly ancient,there was a large green and silver mirror on top,a large window was opposite me,a very long telescope and globe were by the window,I was concentrating soo hard I didn't notice my father leave then come back again.

"Hermione,I wanted to give you this."I turned to him and noticed he was holding a small black box in his hand.

"It was your mothers,she was saving it for you."I saw a tear form in his eye,he blinked it away.

"Thank you"was all I managed,it made a lump in my throat as I tried to hold back my tears.he handed me the box and I took it,I opened it,it was beautiful,it was a silver and green snake,in an "s" shape,the problem was I didn't know what it was.

"Um, father,what is it?"I asked blushing red,I felt my face heat up as I heard his harmonious laughter.

"Here,let me show you"Father took the black box from me,he took the snake out and placed it on my color bone,it transformed in to a necklace,instead of the snake being an "S" it was now a "G".

"Thank you father,it's beautiful."I beamed at him,father then glanced towards the large clock,it was ten o'clock.

"Father we are late."I announced it sounded more like a question,even to me.He nodded his head once,I realized that the table was cleared.Father glided out the door to find his wand,the door slammed against the door frame,the ringing that was in my head wouldn't stop,I started to feel faint.I let out a blood curdling scream,my body hit the floor,my bones felt crushed,I couldn't feel anything but the pain,I let out another scream,I heard foot steps running towards me,someone calling my name,I wanted to let them know I was fine,I felt my body shiver, sweat poured from my forehead,it was like I was on fire.Burning.I felt my body being lifted into the air,I was in someone's arms,there voice was soothing me,that hurt me more,the pain was worse, my echos were haunting me,making me shiver more,she was right, it was more painful then the crutiatis curse.I felt myself being sucked into the air,my organs,they were squashed,my bones were cracking,my head was throbbing.My voice tried another scream  nothing came out,as I opened my mouth,it felt worse.It was like drowning in air.I felt a thud and heard distant voices.I was passed to someone else,their arms were strong,comforting,safe,their voice calmed me down,it helped with the pain,forcing my eyes open I saw them,the stormy grey eyes,a tint of blue in them,they looked in to my eyes,I knew he was running shouting for someone,for help.Their eyes never left mine.My eyes began drooping,pain got the better of me,my body was shivering and shaking.The last thing I felt was lost,lost in the stormy grey eyes,of the familiar face. 


I felt my eyes battering open,people around me,I felt my hand was warmer then the rest of my body,I glanced down,seeing a pale hand,entwined around mine.

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