Messing up! (Book 3)

(Book 3) Melissa Dawson, an 18-year-old girl who is deaf, has met Harry Styles. He wants to ask her out and meet the One Direction members.

But what about Richard? The boy who has a crush on Melissa?

What about her best friend Charlie?

Will Richard become jealous or not?!

Will Melissa say yes or no to Harry?

What will happen to Charlie and Melissa's friendship?

What will happen if 5SOS gets involved?

Will they see Melissa?

Everything start messing up.

Read and find out! :D ;)


1. Last Day! :'(

Melissa P.O.V

The sun shone on my eyes when I sat up in bed and yawned. I was so tired because yesterday I was having fun but then when I arrived home, suddenly they told me that I have to go to New York with my parents. Oh! I'm sorry!

Where are my manners? Hi, everyone! My name is Melissa, but you can call me Meli if you want. I'm deaf. Oh! Don't worry; I have a cochlear implant now. How old was I when I got my cochlear implant, you ask? Alright! I got it when I was 13 years old.

My parents decided to get it for me because they want me to hear better. I know they were a little bit cruel, but they will always be there for me. It doesn't matter if I'm deaf or not. Other than that, I'm their second daughter. That's right! I'm their only deaf child.

I have one older brother, and he can hear. Anyway, enough about me! I got up and went to the bathroom. After having a nice shower, I go into my closet and put my clothes on. After that, I brush my curly dark brown hair. I start to look for my cochlear implant, and I found it on the desk.

I put it on my left ear. "Melissa!" That was Dad calls my name. I was shocked. This thing works amazing! "I'm coming!" I shout back. "Breakfast!" That was Mum shouts. I turn around to see the mirror for last time. And then, I pick my backpack up and I walk downstairs slowly. 

"You don't want to be late, do you?!" Mum asks while she shouts. I roll my eyes. "No!" I shout back. As I enter the kitchen and all I see is Mum cooks for us. "Good morning..." I sign with my voice. Mum turns to see me. "Good morning, Melissa."  She signs with her voice. 

I turn to see Dad read the newspaper and I sit down in my chair. I turn to my Dad. "Good morning, Dad." I greet. Dad looks up from the newspaper to see me. "Hi, honey!" He greets back. I smile sweetly at him, and Dad smiles a little.

Dad always does it when I say something to him. Mum carries the food to the table and she turns to look at me. "Where is your brother?" Mum signs with her voice. I sigh sadly. "Oh! I think he was in the bathroom." I sign with my voice.

Mum looks interested. She always does it when she said 'Where is your brother?' "Mason! Come on!" Mum shouts at the stairs. Mason would be my older brother if you were confused. He's 20 years old. He should have moved out already but he can't because he doesn't have any money of his own.

He got a job at JD Sport, so that way he can earn his money. Speaking of 20..! Harry! Harry was my favourite boy in this band, One Direction! "So..." I say seriously. "Are you excited about New York?" Dad asks as he looks excited and he looks at me.

I sigh sadly. "Yeah..." I say, unfortunately. I look down at the food, and I eat it slowly. "Is something wrong?" Dad asks seriously. I look up at him. "Hmm?" I say, looking like dumb. Dad shakes his head, and he sighs angrily. He looks mad.

He put the newspaper on the table. "I'm saying... Is something wrong?" He repeats. I wonder... "Oh, I just miss my best friend..." I answer. My best friend is bestie. His name is Charlie. "He's taking such a long time. My gosh!" Mum mutters. 

"I'm just 18 years old and I'm practically an adult. Why do I have to go to New York with you two?" I explain. I sigh sadly. Tell me about this! "Mason!" Mum calls. "Because... We don't trust you on your own with your brother. He's just 20 years old. You have to understand." Dad explains. 

I was confused. "So, you let Mason be on his own. I think I should be able to do that too." I explain clearly. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes, and I let them roll down my cheeks. "Mason! You have to come down now! Or you have to drive to drop off your sister." Mum orders.

"Alright! I'm coming!" Mason shouts. I sigh sadly. "I'm sorry, Dad. Have a beautiful day!" I apologise. I put on a fake smile on my face and finally, Mason came downstairs. With that, he enters the kitchen. "Good morning!" He says. "Good morning!" Mum and Dad say in the union. 

"Wow!" Mason sounds surprised. He looks at me. "Melissa?" He calls. I sigh sadly, stand up, pick the food up and I take toaster to put it away. I will eat it when I walk. I just ignore Mason. "Thank you for the food, Mum..." I sign with my sad voice.

"You're welcome, honey..." Mum signs with her voice. I turn around to see Mason stand in front of me and I walk past him to get my backpack. Mason and Mum whisper something that I can't hear. He starts to follow me. "Melissa?" Mason calls.

I start to walk away and I open the door. He stops me from grabbing my hand, I turn around to see him. "What?" I ask annoyingly. "You're my sister. Don't even said that to me like that face..." He signs with his voice. I get it off. "Then, don't talk to me and don't tell me what to do! Would you leave me alone?!" I sign with my voice. 

I shake my head, and I walk off. I wonder what if I make Mason sad? I sigh sadly, and I stop to walk away. With that, someone taps on my shoulder gentle. "Mason, what do I tell you?" I ask. With that asked, I turn around to see him with my annoyed face.

"Not until I want to know... What's wrong with you?" Mason asks confusedly. Now he intends to learn that... I sigh sadly and I turn away from him but look down on the ground. "Alright! I'm mad at you! I'm jealous! You're... Hearing and I'm... Deaf! We are a different person!" I sign with my crying voice.

I sigh annoyingly, and I walk off. I'm so late for college. The person walks past from me. It was a girl. She has Blonde hair and Blue eyes. She's 19 years old. It was Charlie! She stands there when I reach out to her as I wave to her and she waves back with her friendly smile.

This is it! We walk together to college. "Hey! I want to tell you something. My parent asks me to go to New York with them." I sign with my voice. Charlie's smile fades down. "Oh! Okay! For how long?" She signs with her voice. Charlie's my best friend and yeah, she can signs. 

"To work there for three months..." I sign with my fear voice. She looks shocked. " months?! Oh, my god! It's too long!" Charlie signs with her voice. I nod. "Yeah, I agree!" I sign with my voice. We stop to walk, and Charlie put her hands on my shoulder to make me turn around to see her face.

"Meli, why do they ask you to go with them?" She signs with her voice. It's better, to say nothing! "I don't know..." I sign with my voice. We continue to walk away. I lied because I don't want her to be angry and tell them off. People keep to saying it!

Urg! I'm not Snow White! Oh! I'm sorry. Do you know about that? Some people called me Snow White because I have a perfect red lip, my curly hairs and my body. Charlie stops to walk away and turn around to see the people. "Do you hear that?" Charlie signs with her voice as she turns back to see me. 

I stop to walk away, and I turn around to see her. I have to act like an innocent. "Hear what?" I sign with my voice. I know what are they talking about is me, but Charlie knows about that too. It was only me and Charlie know about that as we get used to it.

"Lot of people talking about you even more! I'm so jealous!" Charlie signs with her voice. Not going to lie, I know how she was feeling... I nod and then she looks shocked. I was confused. What's going on? "What if Harry Styles are talking about you too?!" Charlie signs with her voice.

My eyes went wide and I open my mouth. "I-I-It's impossible!" I stammer. I know it is! "Oh, Yeah!" She nods. She squeals as she jumps up and down. "Oh. You're crazy!" I sign with my voice. Charlie stops jump and she looks at me with her exciting face. 

"What?" I ask confusedly. Does she think it doesn't matter if I am Snow White, right? "Oh my gosh. One Direction came here by tonight!" Charlie signs with her voice. Speaking of night, we were going to get on the plane at 6.30 pm. "What time?" I ask.

"About 6.25 pm!" Charlie answers so quickly. Oh, well... I sigh sadly. "Why are you asking?" She continues with her signing, I shake my head quickly. "Nothing! Come on!" I shout. I walk off and she races me. That was close!


After the college,

I stand here in front of the college and I was waiting for Charlie to come out. While I was waiting, I start to sing the song quietly. The song that I know is Justin Bieber - Mistletoe. It was a private singing lesson for the exam. Because I don't want to sing in front of everyone so I have to do it in private!

I stop to sing because I can hear that was Charlie who runs and call my name. She pants heavily. "Hey! I'm sorry about that!" She apologises. I giggle. "It's fine!" I say as I shake my head. I smile at her and she walks around me. I follow her. 

"What?" I ask confusedly. Charlie turns around to see me. "Who's this person sing the song? It sounds like a girl." She signs with her voice. Oh! She must hear me sing! Yeah! She doesn't know that I have a good voice. "Her voice sound like amazing!" Charlie continues.

I sigh happily and I smile at Charlie. "Let's go home..." I order with my signing. We walk to her house together and we've to talk about Harry Styles! Oh, my god! She must love him all the time. All I need to do is a nod. That why I love him because of Charlie.

She was the one who forces me to listen to One Direction's song. She drives me crazy. I only know Harry Styles but another member, I don't know everything about them. "I'm going home. Night!" Charlie signs with her voice. she walks away but I stop her and I say something...

"Night! See you in 3 months!" I shout. I walk off, and I sigh exhaled. When I arrive home at 4.25 pm, I just stand here in front of the door. Sweet home sweet. My parents already had pack these clothes.

But my clothes, I don't know. I run upstairs to my room, and I was shocked. I saw Mini Blue Dress on the bed, and I walk to my bed. I pick it up. "Who's brought it?" I talk to myself. Someone was standing behind me, beside the door. "I did it." That was Mason.

I was shocked. I thought so... I sigh happily and I turn around to see him. It was really him, Mason. "I'm sorry..." I sign with my sad voice. Mason shakes his head. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't know that you were jealous." He signs with his sad voice.

I drop the dress on my bed, and I run to Mason's chest. I give him a tight hug, and he hugs back. He was a good brother. I'm so glad that I have him. "I'm sorry! I was angry..." I apologise. Mason gives me a sweet smile when I pull away from the hug moment. 

"Don't worry." He signs with his voice. I give him a friendly smile. "Right, let's pack..." I order by myself. I was about to walk off, but Mason stops me by grabbing my arm, and he shakes his head. "Come on..." He says. I look up at his happy face, and I was confused.

"What are you talking about?" I sign with my voice. I was more confused that Mason smiles nicely. "I'm already packing your clothes for you..." He signs with his voice. I feel the tears build up in my eyes. "Thank you!" I thank him. Mason already smiles wide when I pull away to see him.

"So... Snow White, are you ready?" He signs with his voice. I was shocked. "How do you know about that?!" I sign with my voice. Mason sighs happily. "Lots of people. They're talking about your face, beside your lip... It was a perfect red lip." He explains with his signing.

I was shocked, my hand move onto touch my lip and I look at him. He chuckles a little. "You ready?" Mason asks with his signing. "Yes..." I nod. Dad calls me to come downstairs as we're going very soon. "I'm coming!" I shout. I pick the dress up, and I put it into my purple wardrobes.

Purple was my favourite. I stay away from it, and I start downstairs. "Are you ready to go?" That was Dad asks. I look around and my eye lock on the clock. It was 4.50 pm. I sigh sadly and turn around to see my parents stand in the front of me. 

"Yeah." I nod slowly. We all walk out of the house and my parents give Mason a tight hug. Finally, my time! I smile at him. "Good luck!" I say. Mason smiles back. "Thanks, Sis." He thanks me. I give him a huge hug and he hugs back. He pulls away to see me and I sighs happily.

"You too..." He says happily. I nod slowly and walk off to my parents. We going to the airport. "Goodbye, house..." I talk to myself quietly. I tried to get some sleep and trying but I couldn't. "Melissa! Listen!" Dad shouts, seems excited. He turns up the radio volume loud and it was the song.

Wait a minute! I know that song! Oh, my god! It called Best Song Ever by One Direction. Ugh!! Why do they need to put Radio that stupid song up? What? I do like their music... I honestly don't know what to say. I give them a fake excited smile and they hand me a sweet smile.

"Yay!" I act excited. I turn to see the window and smile face change into the disgust face. What? This doesn't mean that way I like them but only love Harry. I sigh sadly. "Please, tell me this is over..." I whisper as I say it three times. I turn around to see my backpack, and I pick it up.

I look through my bag to find IPad, and I found it. I starting to playing it until we arrive at the airport. "We're here!" Dad shouts. We already have to book the hostel in New York. Here it goes. "Melissa. Smile? That's what I want to see." That was Mum orders me to smile.

I smile sweetly. I wonder why? Why does she want me to smile? "I'm already smiling..." I say as I still smile at them. "Let's go!" Dad orders while he shouts. I got out of the car and I look around until... I was actually surprised to see the Curly man.

Oh, no! Do you know who? Yep! It was Harry Styles. Oh. He wasn't alone. I saw the other boys come around him and they walk away together. "Melissa?" Mum calls out to me. I turn around to see Mum, and she was at the car booth as I saw her.

"Yes?" That's all That I say. Mum asked "Well..? Could you help us to carry this suitcase?" Mum asks annoyingly. I open my mouth, and I turn back to see Harry. Oh, no! He came to walk past us! He was laughing, look down on the ground while he was smiling, and he looks up at the boys.

He looks around while he looks wired until his green eyes stuck on my light brown eyes and he waves his hand at me. I turn back to see Mum and give her a unconformable smile. "Sure!" I say kindly. Mum gives me a big suitcase, and I pull it away.

Oh. It looks heavy. Someone suddenly stands behind me. "Need help?" That was a man's voice. I was frozen by someone says something to me and I gulp. This voice. It was so familiar! Oh, no! Mum looks up at the person behind me and looks at me as she gives me a flirty smile. 

Please, tell me it's not Harry... I turn around to see the person who has curly brown hairs and green eyes. Guess who stand behind me? Anyone? Nope? It was Harry! I sigh exhaled. "Yes..." I nod. Harry picks it up, and he put it on the trolley as I was surprised.

Whoa! He looks so healthy! He turns around to see me. "Done! Are you a fan of us, One Direction?" He asks. I shake my head. "No. I only know you but other, I don't know..." I say as I roll my eyes. With that, I look at the road beside him. "Do you have a name?" Harry asks.

I say nothing. Mum explained "Ah! Excuse me! Mr Styles, She's deaf..." Mum explains. I sigh sadly and he turns around to see my Mum. Oh, great! "Oh..." He says as he looks realised. "But I can speak. My voice is good, not perfect." I sign with my voice.

Which is all of it is true! Harry turns around to see me, and he gives me a friendly smile. Ugh! I look down on the ground, and I sigh annoyingly. I can't believe it! "So... A name?" He asks. With that, I look up at him after he says something and I cross my arm.

"It's a secret. You will know my name someday." I sign with my voice. I smile at him, and I turn around. "Ooo! Ouch! Tough girl! Me likely!" Harry tenses. I scoff, and I turn around to see him. I know it! Again! I saw this face in the newspaper, and that's when he show this face to his ex-girlfriends.

"Oh, please. Don't tell me you're a flirt with me, are you?" I sign with my voice. I sigh annoyingly. "Honey? We're gotta to go now. Say goodbye to your new friend." That was Mum's voice. I mean nothing but I scoff, and I roll my eyes as I walk away. 

"Honey!" Mum calls angrily. I stop, and I turn around to see him, still standing there in his same spot. "Bye. Oh. By the way... My name. Start with M." I sign with my voice. I continue to walk away with my smirk smile and my parents walking away to get a plane with me.

Good one, Meli. After that, We got to the airport, and it is time to get ready to take off, and it is now. Goodbye, London. I smile at it. By the way...

Why does One Direction doing here?


A/N: Welcome to this book 3.

It isn't about Hollie.

Now... Melissa's turn now.




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