You can be my Romeo..

Don't be afraid? What is there to be afraid of, when fear is all that welcomes you and the dark is all you see? Cassie hasn't ever be afraid but until she held possession of love, the kind that hides reality.


1. Cassie

Cassie, wasn't all happily. She had a past so unforgettable and dark. She couldn't hold the past so she let it go and with that released fear and her burden heart. Ever since that day, she wasn't afraid, but fear is what keeps us together. She's together and better then ever, at least better then before.

Cassie, held an unearthly beauty and composed strength from it. She's mature for her age and immature for her mistakes.

This year is her last at High school, so she's a senior. She vowed after she graduates she'll live and never come back. She had it all planned out, she'll be a professional artist for a living and make fame.  She'll get an apartment and make her way up.

This year, she'll make it.Five words, nineteen letters, is what she writes in her journey every night since the first day of the year.

An unforgettable past is carried by an unforgettable dark blonde waves. Her body is slim and pale. Greenie, blue eyes that intrigues strangers. She's beautiful, someone once said.

She's kind, lovable but at times she breaks down into tears because of memories. They haut her but she manages to forget but it's still there. Its like a scar, it's there but it's easy to forget to.

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