Miracle Child



One day there was a girl named Anna and she was 6 years old. Her parents left her on the side of the road one day and she just sat there thinking they would come back. Finally, 2 days later, a little boy came up to her and grabbed her hand and said "my name is River. I am 7 years old. I've been watching you and nobody has came and got you so I am going to take you to my parents."

"Ok. But are they going to leave me?" Anna asked.

"No! They are going to love you. Trust me! The Lord knows what to do!

Anna walked to River's parents but River stayed behind.

"Hi. I'm Anna. I'm 5 years old and your son told me to come talk to you. My parents left me and I've been alone for 2 days." Anna said.

"Honey, we don't have a son." The woman said.

"Yea. We really want to have a kid but can't." The man said.

"Oh ok. Well sorry to bother you. Goodbye." Anna said and turned to walk away. The woman grabbed her arm and said, "Stop! You can stay with us. My name is Prim. My husbands name is Noah. Let's go home and you can explain what happened."

"Ok!" Anna said and they went home. When they got there they sat at the kitchen table and asked Anna to explain what happened. "Well mommy and daddy do drugs and they are always mad and they hit me because I'm a bad girl. 2 days ago, they left me on the side of the road and I thought they would come back but they didn't." Anna said.

"Oh baby girl! I'm sorry! We won't do that to you! We have an extra room you can stay in. Do you go to school?" Prim asked.

"No ma'am mommy said I wouldn't make it at school with my behavior."

"Well, we can take you next year. Do you want to climb the tree in the backyard?"

"Yes. But may I please get some water?"

"Sure honey." Prim got a glass of water and gave it to Anna. When wasn't thirsty anymore, she put the glass down on the table but it wasn't balanced and fell off the table and spilled. "I'm sorry! Please don't hit me! I'll go to my room!" Anna said crying.

"No, Anna. It's ok. We are not going to hurt you. You are just a kid. You make mistakes. Let me clean this up and we can go climb the tree." Prim said.

"Ok yes ma'am." Prim cleaned up the mess and they went outside and climbed the tree. Anna made it really high and slipped and fell down. She should have broken something but instead she landed on her bottom and wasn't hurt at all. She walked over to the end of the yard and saw River. She thought it was her imagination so she went inside with Prim and Noah. When they went in, they ate dinner and went to bed. Anna had a dream about River. He was in heaven and he was talking to Jesus. "I am proud of you River. You are doing very good at protecting her." Jesus had said to him. Then Anna woke up. She went to the living room and Prim was up. They watched tv until Noah got up. Prim looked at Noah and nodded. Noah looked at Anna and said "Anna, you are our child now. You can call us mommy and daddy."

"Ok I love you mommy. I love you daddy." Anna said then skipped out back to play. "I love Anna. I know it's only been a day but she's precious and has manners and she's amazing!" Prim said to Noah.

"Yea. She is perfect! We should enter her in the beauty pageant at the church down the road it's for ages 4-8 and it's just beauty not talent or anything else! And you don't have to sign up just sign in on a sheet of paper when you get there! It's this evening!" Noah said.

"Ok! Let's go get her ready!" Prim and Noah tell Anna what's going on and take her out to get her hair done. They dye her hair light brown with pink tips. They curl her hair and put a headband on her. Then they buy her a dress. They buy a purple one with a frilly bottom and glittery at the top. Then they go back home and Prim gets a necklace with a little bumble bee on that says "BEEautiful". She puts it on Anna and says "My mom gave this to me when I was 6. She said it meant I always had her love with me. Her mom gave it to her and now it's a yours"

"Thanks mommy! It's beautiful!" Anna said hugging Prim.

"Just like you baby girl! Now let's go to that beauty pageant!"

They went to the pageant and Anna got first place. When they got home, Anna put on her pajamas and went to bed. Things went great the next couple of weeks. Then one morning Anna woke up and didn't feel good. She went to her parents room and told them. Prim checked her temperature and said it was 105°F! They rushed her to the hospital and waited on the news. Finally the doctor came back with the results. He took Prim and Noah into the hall to tell them what was wrong. "It seems Anna has a rare sickness called birfencia. (I made it up) It can make kids very sick and very few have survived from it. I'm sorry we are doing everything possible to help her. She will need to stay here until further notice."

Prim hugged Noah and started crying. She told Noah she would be back later and she left. She went to the church to pray. "Dear God, please let my Anna be ok. She is our little baby and she is the perfect child! I love her to death! Please God, can you just maybe send an angel down or something!? Please!!! Thank you! Amen!"

Just then Noah called her. "PRIM COME HERE NOW! A BOY JUST SHOWED UP AND SAID HE NEEDED TO SEE ANNA AND I LET HIM IN BECAUSE ANNA SAID HE KNEW HIM AND THEN HE RAN OVER TO HER AND SAID "You have someone who cares deeply about you. You will be ok. Do not worry about a thing. Just get rest and calm down." THEN THE DOCTOR CAME BACK SAYING SHE WAS HEALED! THEY ARE KEEPIG HER HERE TONIGHT TO MAKE SURE SHE IS 100% BETTER!!!!!" He shouted into the phone.

"OH MY GOSH IM ON MY WAY!" She said and hung up.

"Thank thank you Lord!" She said looking up, a big smile on her face.

She went straight to the hospital and they stayed there over night. The next morning, the doctor came in and said Anna was healed and they could leave. They went home, happy as ever. When they got home, they spent the day together.

Days turned into weeks turned into months turned into years. Before they knew it, Anna was 21 and married. River showed up at Anna's house the day she got married. "Hi Anna. I won't be seeing you anymore. God sent me to help you, now you are strong enough to face this world on your own. Goodbye Anna." He said. Anna smiled and said "Thank you, River. You are a very angel and I'm thankful for you helping me and for my life today!" She hugged River and he left.

Anna learned to face her problems and how to survive in life. Soon she had a daughter of her own and had a happy healthy family.

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