Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

Hey guys, here's another poem I wrote while high on love-vibes. Of course, I never actually present these poems to my partners, instead I publish them online like a real man :D

As usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated, and just to point out this poem actually follows a linear storyline, with real-world events, unlike most of my poems which are basically just huge drawn-out similes/metaphors. I like metaphors.

Similes are like a box of chocolates.

I like similes so I explained similes with a simile <3


1. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

I knock upon her door one night

one question on my mind,

I hunger for an answer,

pray she won't leave me blind

the handle twists round sharply,

and open the door sways,

I calmly, slowly clear my mind

and this is what I say;


I want to  love you fully,

with body, mind and soul,

but first I need some clearance,

for doubt soon takes it's toll.


Will you love me tomorrow, or will you close the door?


Today you love me sweetly,

the feeling rings throughout,

but turn to stone our romance

and to ashes all my doubt.


Will you love me tomorrow, or will you close the door?


I'll not make wild demands,

I will not claim your heart,

It is yours, and yours alone

I only ask of one part,

I don't want your eternity

it is not mine to own,

I'll settle for your yesterdays

in from which my memories are sewn.


But I know you loved me yesterday,

I need not look far ahead,

your future is your property

never a truer thing was said

but from you I must ask a single day,

so I can lay down tonight assured,


will you love me tomorrow, or will you close the door?



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