This is a story about maggie. Maggie conn. Who falls in love with her BFF, Jacob Bailey. But what happens when Jacob ends the friendship bc he thinks he's to cool for maggie? Will maggie go crazy? Read to find out.


1. intro

Hello I'm Maggie conn. I have three sisters, mollie (12), mills (7) and madison (18). But madison doesn't live with us. She lives with my mom. We live with my dad. My dad yells a lot. But it seems like he only yells at me. But anyway, I'm 17 years old and attending New Hope Highschool. This is my last year here as a senior. I have dark brown hair that comes about two inches below my shoulders. My eyes are blue with a brown circle around the pupil. I have a lot of freckles. I meant friends. Nope. I meant freckles. Well anyway, here is the story of how me and my bestfriend, Jacob, became enemies.


This was just an intro telling about herself. I will be updating right after this. AND THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE LONG CHAPTERS. IDEK. -maggie

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