Tyler. The little ginger that is very caring. She lost everyone. Everyone who ever cared, and she going to the dark side. Drugs, drinking, cutting herself.
Ryan. The guy that lost everyone and doesn't show emotion. Doesn't let himself love. Has a bad history.
What happens when Emily stumbles to find him?


15. Chapter 15

"Tyler!!" She could here someone yelling. 

Something was moving her. Her mind was going crazy, her eyes made an effort to open but they wouldn't. 

"Help!" She screamed. No one seemed to hear her. Her mind was playing tricks on her, and she was freaking out. 

"Tyler, Tyler." She could still hear the same woman's voice, but couldn't make out who it was. Her body was shaking. Finally her eyes opened. Sitting in front of her was her Aunt Lucie. Tyler scooted as far back as she could, hitting her head on the wall. 

"W.. Where am I?" She questioned. 

"Just calm down honey, you're in the hospital." Tyler sat there and stared at her Aunt for a minute. She was about to speak, then Emily came racing into the room. 

"Get away from her!" She insisted. Lucie's expression turned to a smirk then a surprised face. 

"But whatever do you mean? I have to be here for my niece don't I?" Her smirk got bigger. 

"Get out! You have no right to even see Tyler!" 

Lucie sat there for a moment before getting up. "Whatever you want hun." Then she said something before walking out. "I'll be seeing you soon, Tyler."

Tyler was still sitting up in the hospital bed. 

"What is she doing here?!" Tyler raised her voice a bit. 

"Calm down, it'll be ok. I don't know how she got in here but she did." Emily calmed Tyler and got her to lay back down. "You had a severe anxiety attack. Something the doctors haven't really seen before. You need to lay down so that they can monitor your nerves. I'm so sorry that so much has been going on. I wish I could just fix everything for you." 

Emily wrapped her arms around Tyler. 

"No, I can't. She can't be here. She needs to leave. Why is she back anyway? She left for a reason, and you know that. Keep that bitch away from me." 

Tyler kept replaying what her Aunt Lucie had done. She started to cry from just thinking about it. 

"How could someone who did something that bad just get away with it!" Tyler screamed. Her eyes stung and she could feel the tears falling off of her face. Emily held her tight. 

"I don't know, Tyler. I don't know..." 

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