Morgan never sees her parents who are world travelers. She gets bullied all the time by Katy Miner. Until hoodie shows up. Who is hoodie? What impact did he make? What would happen to Morgan without hoodie?


2. Start

I was walking to school when I ran into Katy Miner. She shoved me and grabbed my backpack. I tried to stop he but Tom (her boyfriend) laid on top of me. He reeked of beer and cheap Cologne. He smiled and then slapped me across the face when I tried to struggle. Katy as usual just wanted to take my homework. I get detention and no one believes that she is guilty. But right as she is about to unzip my bag. A hooded stranger tackled her and grabbed my bag. They put it on and got ready to face the real challenge Tom. Tom swung at hoodie and hoodie dodge it. I tried to get up but got dizzy from when Tom slapped me and fell down again. Tom was cracking up and hoodie punched him taking Tom by surprise. Tom lunged for my bag but head butted a tree. It was my time to crack up. To finish off Tom, hoodie kicked Tom in the privates. Tom and Katy were in aching pain. Hoodie helped me up and said "my name is Niall James Horan I moved next door 1 month ago." My name is ..," I know who you are silly I've been taking the same route and watched Katy bully you. I knew u wasn't powerful enough until today when Tom went on top of you. It made me so mad a pretty girl like you would be abused by those jerks." We are walking by now and we stop ready to cross at any moment. " You really think I'm pretty?"Of course your the prettiest girl I've ever seen. And I've been all over the world." Really I like you too after today. Where did you learn those moves?" I got beat up too so I learned self defense." Wow your really interesting and your life is too." Thanks your amazing too o you wanna be mine?" Like boyfriend and girlfriend? I be never had some one like me before so the answer is sure." I kiss him on the cheek. He grabs my chin and we kiss for 50 seconds. I felt fireworks go off when we were kissing.

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