The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


19. Scared

             *Carl's point of view*

        I heard a gunshot. She could be dead right now. She could be dead right now and its all my fault. I let her go. I didn't stop her. I wish they would have taken me first. Someone walks up to the door and opens it. "Come on," the man that took Izzy demands.

      "Where is she?" I stay planted in place.

      "She's outside. I can take you to her," he smiles.

      I know this is a trap, but at this point where else do I have to go? I walk over to him and grabs a hold of my arm. We walk through the store and outside and to the woods. She's in the woods?We walk a little ways and that's when I hear it. Heavy breathing and moans. She's being attacked my zombies. We walk a little more ways and that's when I see her. She is tied up to a tree, kicking at the zombies, but the kick isn't doing much good. I jumps forward trying to reach her, but the man holds me back. "Izzy!" I gasp.

       She looks at me with angry, but terrified eyes. I'm scared too. I'm scared that she is going to be bit by a zombie. I am scared that she is going to die. I struggle against the mans arms, but I am no match for him. He is too strong. He forces me to stand where I am and for my head to stay looking at her. "You see. This is what happens when you kill people," I can practically see the evil smile on his face.

        I want to look away so bad, but I also don't. I'm afraid to watch, but I'm afraid to look away. She kicks the zombie a few feet away from her and she looks me in the eyes and then to the man. She kicks a leg behind her. She's sending me a message. She's telling me to do what she just did. I kick my leg up behind me and catch the man in between the legs. Izzy smiles. The man lets me go and I grab one of his guns. I at his forehead and pull the trigger. It catches him right between the eyes. He falls the ground. I grab his other gun and spin around. The 2 zombies turn their attention to me and I shoot them both. I know all the gunshots will attract more zombies so we have to hurry. I reach down and grab a knife that was in the man's pocket.

      I run over to Izzy and cut the ropes off of her. She falls forward and I catch her. She is barely breathing. "Izzy!" I demand.

      She must have over exerted herself when she was fighting off the zombies. "Just breath. Take deep breaths. In. Out," I coax.

      She breaths in and out for a moment and finally her face starts to relax. "We have to go," I tell her.

      I lift her up in my arms and ignore the searing pain in my arm. I run to the road and start to go in the opposite direction of WAL-MART. "No. Go there. I have to get my stuff," Izzy insists.

      "We cant," I shake my head. "They'll kill us."

      "We have guns. We can shoot them and get WAL-MART back."


      "We have to!" she demands.

      "Then you stay here," I get ready to set her down.

      "No! I am going with you! You're not leaving me here by myself. And I am not giving up that easy. If you don't go then I will go by myself. If you do go then I am going with you. Which is it?" she demands.

      I know she isn't lying. I sigh. "Come on."

     I set her down and we walk across the parking lot. "Let me have one of the guns," she says.

     I give her the pistol and the knife. "You don't want the knife?" she asks.

     I shake my head. "You're better with things like knifes."

     "A little," she smiles and takes the knife.

     She puts it at her hip and places her shirt over it so it isn't noticeable. We walk right up to the door and open it. The 2 people keeping watch raise their guns at us. I raise my gun and point at the one of left. Izzy points at the guard on the right. "Where's Mick?" the one I am pointing at asks.

       "Back at the woods," I tell him.

       "What did you do to him?"

       "Nothing," I lie.

       "What did you do to him?" he demands.

       "Nothing," I say again, but this time I pull the trigger and send a bullet flying into his skull. Izzy looks over at me for just a split second before she shoots too. Only her bullet hits the man in the arm. He groans and drops his gun, but he stays planted in place. She shoots him again. This time in the other man. He groans and again and Izzy rushes forward. She kicks the man in the leg and he falls down. I don't know what the point of this is. Why is she torturing him?

        "A little help here?" she snaps.

       I run over to her. "What are we doing?"

       She smirks. "A shield."

       I smile a little before forcing the man to stand up. I point my gun to his head and make him walk forward. The rest of his group lines up in front of us. I see now that there are 5 women and 6 men. We did kill 2 men of theirs though and we have one hostage so they really did have 14 people. Luckily there are no kids. I don't think I could shoot any kids even if they were from an enemy group.

       They raise their hands and look at us cautiously. "We're gonna give you a choice. You can either leave now and never come back or you can stay and fight. Which is it?" I demand.

      "Where's Mick?" one of them asks.

      "He had an accident."

      "You killed him!" one of them women screams. She makes her way to the front of the group and raises her gun. I shield myself with the man as she shoots. She isn't a very sharp shooter because she missed all 3 of us. I peek my head and see she is being restrained by 2 other men. She is shooting daggers in our direction. I fight back the urge to smile. She looks so stupid being held back by 2 men. There is no way she could get past them.

        I'm guessing Mick was either her husband, boyfriend, or brother. I feel a little sorry because I would go crazy if Judith or Izzy died, but really this Mick guy deserved it. "He tied her up to a tree and was going to let the zombies eat her!" I yell at the women.

       A couple of the people narrow their eyes and a couple cringe. "He really did that?" a women asks.

        "Yes," Izzy rolls her eyes in an irritated way.

        The group forms a circle and talks in urgent, whispered voices. After a moment they come out of their circle and a man speaks up. "We will leave... if. If we can have just a little bit of food each," he says.

       I look over at Izzy and she nods her head. I turn my attention back to the group. "Okay. You can each 1 can of food, a water bottle, and something extra that you guys want." They smile. "And you have to promise to leave our group alone," I add.

       They all nod. Everyone except the women who is still struggling to escape the 2 man's arms. "We agree to your terms," the man that spoke a moment before speaks again.

       "Okay so... I'll take 5 at a time and Izzy will stay here to keep watch," I tell them.

       The first five follow me and we walk to the food section. They each get a can of food, a water bottle, and an extra thing of their choice. I take them back to the group. "Okay Izzy. You take 5 and I'll keep watch," I instruct. She nods and the next 5 follow her.

       I look at the 5 people carefully as I wait. They could just be tricking us into thinking that they agree to our terms. They could attack me at any minute. I lean against the wall and wait for Izzy to return. It takes her a good 5 to 10 minutes to get back. Her 5 joins the group of people. "Okay now that you guys have your food you have to leave. And you have to promise not to mess with our group again," I raise an eyebrow, waiting for anyone to object. No one does.

       With one last glance they leave the building. I watch them as they go. Its amazing what food can do for you if you have it. Now we just have to find the rest of our group.


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