The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


21. Question!!!

        So would you guys like to do a "meet the author" thing where you can ask questions about me and stuff like that? You can get to know me better and learn things about me that you didn't know (like why I write, what I enjoy doing, what I read, things/people I hate/like) Things like that. You can ask as many questions as you like, just make sure they are appropriate and that they aren't super personal. Other than that knock your self out! Just comments your questions and I will answer them at the bottom a chapter or if I have a lot in their own chapter! So comment your questions!!! ... if you have any.

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