The Dead Walking 3

So many things happen in a lifetime. Some are good and some are bad. All of these things make up a person. All of these things determine who you are. I have to say that my memories are mostly bad, but the few good ones are the things that keep me going. (this is the third book in the Dead Walking series)


20. I Couldnt Have Been More Wrong

          Izzy's point of view*

        "You don't really think they will leave us alone do you?" I ask.

        "Not really, but they're gone for now. I'm tired of killing people Izzy. I'm tired of being a monster," he sighs.

        "Me too," I agree. "But sometimes we have to fight."

        "Well I saved us from fighting today and that's all I really care about right now. That and finding the rest of the group. Where do you think they are?" he tilts his head a little.

        "They couldn't have gone far. I bet they are camped out right now in the woods somewhere. They wouldn't just leave us to die," I shake my head.

        "No. They wouldn't."

        "But right now Carl, I really don't want to go looking for them. One night out there wont hurt anyone," I tell him.

        "I guess not, but we have to leave in the morning then. I don't want them to get too far away," he explains.

        "They wont. Lets get some sleep and we'll go searching tomorrow," I promise.

        "Are we going to sleep in the be we used to stay in?"

        "Yeah, I guess," I shrug. "We don't have anywhere else."

        He nods and we walk to the bed that we share. I sleep on the inside, closest to the wall and Carl lays beside me. He drapes and arm over my waste from behind and I close my eyes. "We never got our weapons back," I can almost see the smile on his face.

       "I'm not getting up to find them," I mumble.

       "Okay," he laughs.

       I smile a little, but my eyes stay closed. "Goodnight."

       "Goodnight Izzy," he replies.

       That's the last things I hear before I go to sleep.




         I wake up still laying in the same position with Carl's arm still around me. Of course he is still sleeping. I'm kind of glad though. That gives me more time to rest. I sigh and squeeze my eyes shut. I fall back asleep a moment later.

        The next time I wake up I can tell it is awhile later because I am already wide awake as soon as I open my eyes. Carl's arm isn't around me anymore. I roll over and see he has his hands behind his head and he is staring up at the ceiling. He looks over at me when he notices me looking at him. He smiles at me. "Good morning," he says.

        I stretch and let out a yawn. "Why don't you ever wake me?" I ask.

        "Because you look so beautiful when you're sleeping," he smirks.

        I blush a little and smile. I don't have anything to say that except, "so you watch me sleep?"

        "Yeah. That's one of the only times you aren't scowling," he teases.

        I shake my head. "That's a little creepy Carl. Watching me sleep," I shake my head jokingly.

        He just laughs. "Are you ready to go on a search?"


        "Then lets find or weapons and go," he insists.

        "Okay, okay. Where do you think they hid them?" I ask.

        "I have no idea," he shakes his head.

        "We can split up," I suggest.

        Carl nods. "I guess, but where should we meet up and where I am I searching and where are you searching?" he asks.

        "Um... I'll search the right part of the store and you search the left. I guess we can just meet back here," I shrug.

         "Okay," he has his thinking face on.

         I head off to the right part of the store. The right is really "the back" if you look at it from the main doors, but we were looking at it from the side so the "back" is now the right half of the store. This means Carl will have the check out isles, most of the clothes, and a few shelves in the front. I will have the electronics, the toys, the knives and things used for hunting, the furniture, and a few other things. I will probably be the most likely to find the weapons because I don't see them hiding them up front, but then again I could be wrong.

       I take my time walking up and down the isles. I start at the electronics and make my way down each of the isles until I reach the furniture and the toys. Once I have gone through all of the isles I start to head back to where we said we would meet up. "I found them Izzy!" Carl calls from across the store.

      "Okay! I'm coming now!" I yell back.

      I run across the store, speeding down isles, dodging clothing rack, and jumping over things in my way. I feel like I am flying just a little bit except for the fact that my feet keep hitting the ground, hard after each time that I jump. I finally reach Carl waiting by the door in less that a minute. He smiles and hands me my sword, my pistol, my book bag, and my pocket knife. I put all the weapons back in their places around my body and we walk out of the store. "Where were they?" I ask.

      "They were hiding underneath of a cash register's counter. It was like isle 12 or something," he tells me.

      "Another "hide and seek game" awaits us," I joke.

      "Should we just check the woods first?"

      "I don't know where else to start," I squint my eyes against the bright sun.

      He doesn't say anything. We walk straight all the way from the doors to the woods and we keep walking straight. I hear a few groans up ahead and a squishy, chewy sound. I see the body and the zombies first. I see the body of the man we shot lying on the ground and I see the 2 zombies bending over him, feeding. There is blood all around him and his insides are being torn out and shoved in the zombie's mouth. I smell it next. My stomach wrenches and I gag loudly. I look over to the side and hold my hair back as I vomit. I keep walking to the side, trying to get away from the horrid smell. Carl walks behind me and put and arm around my waist. He pulls my toward him and pats my back. "Its okay Izzy. Just breath. Its okay," he assures.

      After a moment I am back to normal. "I'm okay. Its just... the smell," i almost gag again at the thought of it.

      "Its okay, just don't think about it," he tell me.

       I nod. "I can do that."

       "Lets just go around them. Keep our distance," he suggests.


       We make a semi-circle and keep walking. "How come you never did that before?"



       "Oh I used to. Almost every time I would, but I guess lately I just either became used to it or I hadn't ate enough to throw anything back up," I shrug.

       "So you think its because you've had more to eat lately?" he asks, a little disbelievingly.

       "Don't you?"

       "I don't think that's the reason, no," he shakes his head.

       "Then what?"

       "I think that for while you didn't because you became to numb. You were by yourself and you toughened up a lot. Now that you're back with a group and you've started to love people again I think you are starting to soften up again," he smiles, like this is a good thing.

        "That's crazy. I'm still just as tough as I was when I was by myself," I snap.

        "I know you're still though. Everyone has to be tough to survive this. Its just that... you had to look after yourself for so long. You became used to having to kill things and see dead people all the time and I think your body got used to that. Your body got used to the feeling that you get when you see that kind of stuff. You're still tough now, but its a different tough. A better one, I think," he explains.

        "Maybe, but I still think that sounds crazy."

        "Sh," he stops real suddenly and I stop to. I look around and listen. I hear voices in the distance.

        "The gunshots we heard earlier don't mean they're dead," I hear Beth say. "They might still be perfectly fine," she assures.

        I hear a sob. Its most likely Rick. "We can go back," Daryl suggests. "Right now. We can go back right now."

       "Yeah. We can take the place back," Michonne agrees.

       I hear some shuffling in the distance as if they are getting ready to leave. I look over at Carl and he nods. We start running. I'm not even sure where they are exactly, but it sounded like they were just a while away from us, straight ahead. The sound of crunching leaves and snapping twigs gets closer and finally me and Carl reach a small opening. There are a couple logs sitting around an almost dead fire. I see footsteps leading to the left and I follow them with Carl at my heels.

       I follow them for awhile until finally I see them up ahead. "Guys... its us... we're here," I say in between breaths.

       The turn around and their faces light up. Rick runs to Carl and pulls him in a big hug. The rest of the group reacts slower. The rest of them rush toward us. Beth is holding Judith, but she still throws her arms around me and Carl. We are the center of attention, smashed in the middle of a big group of loving people. I cant help, but smile big. They really were worried for us. I guess really, deep down I believed that they didn't care if we died. That they only cared that we saved them from their doom. I couldn't have been more wrong.


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