Justin Bieber fanfictions

Like reading Justin Bieber fanfics but just not like a story? Here you find short Justin Bieber fanfics. Feel free to comment if you would like me to write something specific.


2. For Alliebieber14

You are on your way to work, when your phone vibrates in your pocket. It's your boyfriend Justin.

"hey babe, I have a surprise for you after work". You get really happy and can't stop smiling. "omg really? I can't wait" you hang up and looks up and you already arrived at you work. Hooters.

You go change and go straight to work because you really just want this shift to be over as soon as possible so you can get home to Justin and his surprise.

The kitchen chefs got a little crush on you and it annoys you everyday. He always comment on every body part of yours when you walk by. Justins even been down at your work to tell him to stop, but he's obviously not giving up at all.

You're thinking to yourself, while walking with an order to a customer. "i gotta find a new job, but I do really like it here, except from that nasty guy"

"heres your meal, I hope you enjoy" you smile friendly to the customer.

"hey Page, your shifts over, I'll see your tomorrow" you heard your boss say. You suddenly got in a better mood, at couldn't help but smile and get butterflies in your stomach.

On your way home you texted Justin to tell him you were on your way.

"I'm home" you walk into the living room and Justins sitting on the couch with rose petals all over the it and on the floor. Theres candles on the table. You look around with your hands covering your mouth. Then you run over to Justin and gives him a big kiss.

"is this for me? why baby?" you ask, curiously. "yeah, I thought you needed this. but wait theres one more thing, stay here"

He walks into the bathroom and 2 minutes... "princess? come here" You walk into the bathroom, and sees him laying in the tub, all his clothes on the floor. It's all looking like the living room with candles, rose petals. So romantic. Justin breaks the silence.

"well babe, wanna take your clothes off and enjoy the night with me here?"

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