A Living Nightmare

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  • Published: 27 Apr 2014
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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The world is at it's worst. There's a zombie apocalypse going on and Sarah is on her own. She goes out on a run to get some food when she needs help, somebody who she never thought would come to save her....Calum Hood. *5SOS fanfiction*
She might just be a fan of them. What happens when they all meet up to live together? Will they survive together or will they fall apart? Find out in, A Living Nightmare. (Sorry I like Walking Dead and 5SOS)


7. Two Weeks Later

*Sarah P.O.V*

   My foot has healed now and I can walk around perfectly. Today would be the first day for me to go out on a run to get some food. 

   I walk downstairs and into the living room and grab a duffle bag from the closet. I place my gun in the bag and a few snacks for if I get hungry. I walk to the staircase and shout," I'm going out on a run. Do you guys need anything?"

  "Nope!," Luke replies.

    " No!," Ashton yells.

  " Wait! Sarah can I come along with you?" Calum asks appearing at the top of the stairs.

  " Sure." 

    " Hold on a sec," He says disappearing into the dark hallway.

   That hallway is always dark because everyone's door is always closed and of course the power is shut off because of the apocalypse.

   I walk into the kitchen and find Michael playing on a battery operated GameBoy playing Super Mario. 

  " Do you need anything because I'm about to go on a run," I ask.

  " Yeah....can you....um....get some more batteries...DANG IT!," Michael shouts in frustration and starts to curse under his breath.

    I laugh at his frustration and leave the kitchen. He had been in the kitchen all day trying to complete that game and it has to be at least 3 o'clock by now and I bet I can beat that game in like a day.

   I walk to the front door just as Calum shuffles down stairs with his cross bow. I take the keys off the little table that sits by the front door. "Ready?" I ask.


   I unlock all the locks on the door and take a step outside into the fresh air. Michael comes to lock the door once we close the door. We walk to the car I had used when I went to the store in and met Calum. Right when we arrive at the car doors, I stop and remember, I can't drive.

   " What's wrong?" Calum asks opening the back door.

   " I....um...I can't drive," I say scratching my head.

    " Okay, I'll just drive then," Calum says as we switch positions, but instead of hopping in the back seat, I take shotgun.

 I hand Calum the keys and he starts the engines. I crack the window letting in nice cool air into the car as we start to pull out of the driveway.

     " So do like living with us?"

     " It's not bad."

     " Oh...I thought you'd might say like, oh it's terrific or wonderful living with you guys," Calum smirks.

   " I'm just joking, it's great living with you guys," I smile," Do you think they like me?"

   " Of course they do. Why would you ask that?" Calum looks over at me.

    I continue to look out on the road.

    " Oh I don't know, it just feels like....I don't know, I may be just paranoid, but I don't think Ashton likes me too well," I say dropping my smile.

    " Don't be silly, he likes you," he turns his attention back onto the road.

       " Have you seen him stare at me? It's like as if I'm invading or something, but if we're all in a group or something he hides it. But I'm probably just being paranoid."

   Calum doesn't reply after that. 

       I start to look through car departments, trying to find this...AH HA FOUND IT! I had hidden a CD in here that I had found in the their house. It was is like one of those playlist CD's that you make on your own.

   I slide the CD into the CD player in the car and turning up to a good amount of volume where it is too loud, but not too soft. 'Let's see how far we've come' by MatchBox 20 starts to play and I sing along.

  Shortly after the chorus Calum starts to sing along too. We jam out to the song for the rest of the way until we get to our destination.

  Calum shuts off the engine and we get out the car and we walk into the store. We grab anything we can find, from bags of chips to cans of soup. Once we think we enough food and batteries, we get back into the car.

   " I hope we can take a little detour along the way if you don't mind," Calum says starting up the car.

     " Sure why not," I shrug.

   I turn on the CD again and it starts to play 'Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall' by Coldplay and we start to jam out once again. In a matter of time we pull up to a end of a forest with a nature path. Calum gets out the car first grabbing his bag and crossbow. 

   " You coming?" He ask.

    " Oh, yeah. I'm coming," I say grabbing my snacks from my bag.

   I hop out of the car and follow Calum into the woods. We follow the trail for a little bit, but then he makes a right where the trail goes left. I just follow him without saying a word about the trail or ask where he's taking me. 

     Then Calum comes to a stop and says," Here it is. Isn't she beautiful?" 

    I catch up to him and see what he is looking at. It was a wide river that is about 20 feet wide and at the bottom you could see rocks and the fish that swam in it. It was fresh water from the looks of it. The water sparkled which made it even more beautiful. There were large rocks that sat by the river. 

   " Yeah," I gasp in amazement.

   " I found it one day when me and the boys got in a fight and I need some air and I found this place. This place helps me relax," he sighs.

   He walks over to one of the big rocks and sit on it looking down into the water.

  " I've never told anybody about this place. You're the first to know about it," he says still looking into the water.

   I go to join him on the rock and say," Well this place is beautiful and a nice get away."

  " Thanks," he says looking up from the water and into my eyes with a smile. His eyes sparkle just like the river. I smile back.

   " You know you look better that way," he says shyly, looking at the ground still with his silly smile.

  " What way?" I ask confused.

  " Smiling," he says getting up from the rock.

  I blush. Surely he doesn't mean it, he's probably just saying things. I watch as he slides his shoes off and sits down by the river putting his feet in the water. He looks over at me and pats the ground beside him and smiles," You can join me if you want, I don't bite."

   " You're sure? You've been showing those pearly whites a lot lately," I ask jokingly.

 " I'm sure," he says smiling extra wide.

   I take off my shoes and place them next to his and I sit down next to him. I move my feet around like a little child and then I slowly start splashing more and more, until I start getting Calum wet. He tries to block his face from the water, but he still ends up wet. I start laughing as he pleases me to stop. Finally I stop, but I still laugh.

  " Thanks for getting me all wet," he says shaking his wet hair in which I just drool at. He look so cute when he did that." I think it's time for you to get a taste of your own medicine."

  With that, Calum pulls out his right leg really high making his foot straight then he smacked it into the water and as that one goes into the water, the other leg comes out does the same. He keeps doing it over and over while I laugh still and try to cover myself, but epically failing.

   That's when I fight back and start kicking my feet forcefully in the water trying to make him wet. I start using my hands to get some water and dump it on Calum's head and repeatedly start splashing him in the face with my feet and my hands. I haven't had this much fun since my younger brother was still alive and when we used to go to the community pool and have splash wars until one of us surrendered. 

  Calum after some time, surrenders.

 " I give up! You win!," he shouts stopping all of his movement.

  I stop and smile and ask," Say that again. I what?"

  " You win and here's your trophy," He says with an evil smirk and quickly cups his hands and puts them in the water and pours the water on my head.

   " Noooo!" I laugh feeling the cold water pour down my head and down my back.        

    " And how about a hug for the winner too?" he says literally tackle me in a hug and my fall on my back on the ground still laughing.

  I stop laughing realizing how close I am to Calum. Calum is on top of me, our noses touching, and are breathes heavy from laughing so much. We both look into each other eyes. I lose eye contact and look at his lips wishing to feel his lips on mine and them I look into his eyes again. Calum breaks the silence and whispers," I've been waiting to do this for a long time."

  Do what?

  He leans in closer and our lips meet. Instantly sparks fly and electric flows through us as the kiss becomes more passionate. I run my fingers through his wet hair. We pull away and I blush so brightly while he smiles like a mad man. We get up from the ground and put our shoes back on. Calum gets his bag and pulls out two towels.

  " Here you go," he says handing me a towel.

   " Thanks," I mumble still blushing as I look at him.

    He giggles at me. I probably look like a tomato right now. 

  I wrap the towel around my body tightly just as a gush of wind blows into us. The sun is about to set and we start to head to the car. Along the way I share my snack with Calum. When we get to the car, I fall asleep quickly feeling drain from everything that happened today.

     You just got to love this boy. 


 Ahhh, wasn't that nice chapter.

  But I wonder what Luke will think about this.

  Will Luke even find out about it?

   What will Ashton do if he found out about this?

  Will Michael ever win Super Mario?

 The world may never know. 















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