She has always been stuck in her sister's shadow. Nothing she ever did was good enough. She wasn't the pretty one, she wasn't the smart one. She was the one that just happened. Her parents even made it perfectly clear that they didn't care about her. So now she's on that thin line of life and death. That's when she meets them. Her new neighbors. At first she thought they were going to be like the others. Then they show her exactly how wrong she was. Suddenly the thin line she was standing on became much bigger with hope and love. Read.


3. New Neighbors

Chloe's POV:

"Move faster!" My sister hissed pushing me out of the way as she ran down the steps. I sighed walking down to the living room to see my mother talking to my father about something. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a soda then took a seat at the counter. 

"Chloe." I turned my head to see my father walking over to me. 

"Yes dad?" I questioned. 

"Your mother and I are leaving for a few weeks. Destiny is in charge." He stated before walking back out of the kitchen. I sighed before heading up to my bed room. I knew exactly what was gonna happen as soon as they left. She was going to throw a party, get caught, blame it on me. Like always. It seemed like I never win. I plopped down on bed then looked out my window. My eyes widened as I saw a moving truck in front of the house next door. I opened the window to get a better look. There were three guys grabbing things out of the truck. 

"Wow..." I mumbled when I saw how muscular they were. I heard my door slam open so I turned my head to see my sister. "What?" I groaned. 

"Mother wants us to go greet ourselves to the neighbors." She smiled before yanking on my arm pulling me with her. It felt like she was going to tear my arm off. Finally we got next door and she let go. I started rubbing my wrist hoping that pain would disappear. "Hi I'm Destiny." She smiled as she looked at the boys with her flirtatious eyes. 

"I'm Wesley, that's my brother Keaton, and our best friend Drew." The one with brown eyes said extending his hand. She took it with excitement. Afterwards she hurried back home forgetting I was even there to begin with. 

"What's your name?" Drew asked making me notice those beautiful blue eyes that I swear could pierce a soul. 

"Chloe." I softly smiled. 

"Your sister seems eager." Wesley laughed. 

"Well you made physical contact with her, so have fun." I giggled. 

"Wait what??" His eyes widened. 

"She loves attention and you just gave her some. She'll keep coming back almost expecting the same reaction." I sighed. 

"Well I am not touching her." Keaton laughed making his green eyes glow. 

"What about you?" Drew asked.

"What about me? You'll forget I exist just like the rest of them." I stated before turning around and walking back home. No one remembers about me as long as she's here. No one thinks about me because I'm just the ugly sister. I made my way up to my bedroom and sat on my bed with my back against the wall. I stared out the window and peered into the room across from mine. Keaton walked into the bedroom, when he looked up and saw me he smiled as he waved. Maybe these guys are different.

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