" Luke please, I'm sorry it was a mistake, I-I was drunk and confused, I never meant to hurt you like that"

He ran frustrated fingers through his hair as he continued to walk away.

" Luke please!....please"


11. 11

Micheal rolled his eyes smirking at us as luke and i sat down at the table.

"finally! jeez you guys were making out for like 10 minutes. holly crap, i mean i know you have a thing but...."

"we didnt kiss!!!"

Luke yelled cutting him off, both of our cheeks burning red.

I hid my head in my hands trying to hide it.

"i just had to talk to him"

i muffled into my palms.

all three boys started laughing,

" look how much they're blushing'

and unfamiliar voice laughed, i peeked out of my hands to see the brown haired boy.

"her face is so red"

he continued,and some how ended up falling to the ground he was laughing so hard.

i giggled, and looked over the table to see him holding his stomach, trying to control his laughter, his face probably more red than mine rite now.

i laughed

"you okay?'

 he tried to answer but every time he'd just laugh harder

"i think we should call an ambulance"

the dark haired boy snickered

Finally, the brown haired boy stopped laughing, sitting back up in his chair and wiping tears from his eyes.

"oh shit that's funny"

he smiled, chuckling slightly, then he looked over to me and his smile got brighter, sticking a hand out in front of me.

"Hi!, i'm Ashton"

i smiled and shook his hand


"I'm Ebony"

"Luke's girl?"

he smirked, my cheeks went red again


i watched his smirk get a bit wider

"but you want to be?"

he asked wiggling his eyebrows


he chuckled, and i felt my cheeks burn brighter

"knock it off Ash"

the dark haired boy said, slapping his arm

"ow!, it was just a joke"

the dark haired boy rolled his eyes and put out a hand to me.


he said glaring at ashton

" um, i'm Calum"

i gave a light smile and shook his hand


with that he smiled, and turned away, starting a conversation to try end the awkwardness Ashton caused.

I leaned back into my seat, not really thinking about anything, and half listening to them talk about cars , and how they only have Micheal's car and it's a piece of crap.


someone yelled, i jumped


i said coming back to reality.

the boys laughed at me, i looked at them confused.


i asked again

"how much do you space out?"

Micheal laughed, i shrugged

'i dont keep track usually"

they all laughed again

"we asked if you if you want go back to Luke's to watch us play"

Ashton smiled

"oh, ok"

"then lets go"

Luke yells excitedly, grabbing my hand and pulling me back to the car.

the rest of the boys fallowed us

" I call shotgun!"

Ashton yells, running up and pulling open the passenger side door.

Micheal gets into the driver side and Luke dragged me to the back with him, putting me in the middle seat, Calum sat on the other side of me.

I looked down at my hand, Luke held in his lap, i smiled pulling his hand back into my lap instead and aimlessly played with his fingers.

i heard him giggle, making my smile widen.

"what are you doing?"

he asked still laughing.

I just shrugged, my cheeks heating up slightly as i felt his, and the rest of the boys eyes burning into me.


i asked looking up to him, he bit his lip and smiled.

"because it tickles"

i giggled, smiling like an idiot
"so what"

"So what?'

he repeated,making me laugh


i giggled as he pulled his hand from mine

"i'll show you what"

he laughed, i looked at him confused until he started tickling me


i laughed, trying to push his hands away


"Calum *laugh* make him *laugh* Stop *laugh* please"

the boys snickered and Calum shook his head

"no way, you tickled him now he gets to tickle you"

he smirked

i was laughing so hard tears started at the corners of my eyes

"but it wasn't *laugh* that bad"

"i don't care"

Luke chuckled

"no *laugh* please Luke *laugh*"

suddenly the car stopped and the other boys got out

"were gonna go up stairs, and leave you to it"

Micheal chuckles before leaving

"no*laugh* wait"

Luke pushed me on my back and crawled on top of me, continuing to tickle me

"Luke *laugh* please"

he giggled at me


he smiled

"i'll *laugh* i'll do *laugh* anything"

i watched him smirk


i mentally cursed myself, but still wanted him to stop



he smirked, finally pulling his hands away.

i gasped for breath, and wiped the tears from my eyes.

I looked up at Luke and bit my lip, realizing he was still sitting on my stomach.

he then realized himself, his cheeks burning as he climbed off of me.


he mumbled, blushing more from embarrassment.

"so what do i have to do?"

he looks at me smiling as he shrugs.

"i haven't decided yet"










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