Lets MisBehave

(Warning : The following Story is very graphic .. I'm sorry )


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Brooklyn - June 1st ,2014 


In the real world there's always that little girl running around in her Tu-tu and her tiara and having her tea parties with her stuffed animals and imaginary friends . Her only dream is to become FAMOUS . Wanting her Barbie Dream House and to have her prince charming come rescue her from the towe . That was me . Brooklyn Wright . But I grew up not wanting to believe that I wasn't gonna get everything I wanted . I believed I was gonna live happily ever after with Prince Charming one day . Until I remembered him . The boy who was gonna change my Life FOREVER


Today was the day I was moving in with my Mom in L.A . Now that I finally gradutaed Highschool I can go with my college choice at UCLA .Which meant I can finally kiss Texas goodbye . I packed my bags early and now I just got off my plane in sunny towns of beverlyhills .

Moments later I saw my moms car in view . A smile and nothing but fell on both mine and her lips as we ran over and hugged eachother . 

"I missed my sunshine so much " She whispered against my cheek as she kissed it . I smiled "Missed you too mom " I told her . "How is dad ?" She asked helping me with my bags . I shrugged " Pretty much the same .. Alot has changed since Karen moved in " . "Oh . Well its fine let dad be in his own world " She sighed .

Karen is my Step .. Well shes not even a mom to me . I hate her .

I Strongly dislike the fact that my dad thought Karen could just come in and I would replace mom like that .I would have stayed in Texas with dad if Karen wasn't there . And I made sure he knew and respected that reason . 

Pulling up to my old house all the memories came flowing back . All the incidents we had , the problems we resolved , all the family moments we had ."Brooklyn !!" I heard a voice all . I looked every way until My eyes landed on Harlem my older brother .

I literally jumped out of the car and sprinted to his waiting arms . I missed him the most . I had to miss him getting out of Jail and that sucked .

My father literally pushed him out the family . Said he wasn't a Wright anymore . And since then Dad has been expecting more from me that I try hard to give .

"How are you Brook I've missed you !" I squeezed me . I giggled "I've been fine . I've missed it here " I sighed . "I've missed you here . I needed you here . I was going through a little rehab after I got out and you came up in my memorie and I've been itching to see you " He explained .

I smiled "Well I'm here now and I ready to know all about it " I told him as we walked back to the car to unpack . "Oh my gosh B!" I knew that voice from anywhere .

I screamed running over to my bestfriend Lily . Lily is like this bestfriend you can't get enough of . Her and her charismatic attitude .

"Oh my gosh where have you been all my life !!" she squealed . I sighed "In Texas . I'm sorry  !!" I hugged her and she hugged back .

"Hey we should really catch up . I was about to go shopping " She told me . "Mom mind if I go shopping with Lily for a while ?" I asked her .

"Oh denfiantely make sure you be back before dinner " She told me . With that I nodded and we ran off to the mall . 

We shopped for atleast 4 hours . Or atleast she did .We walked back with all our bags in our hands and new sunglasses on our face as we catched up . "I can't believe you survived living with your dad for 4 years .. I don't see how you could do it he's so boring " She groaned . I shrugged .

"He's not boring .. maybe he just wanted the best for me . Keeping me out of trouble I guess " "Keeping you out of trouble ? .. Or keeping you from being like your brother ?" She corrected me .

She was kinda right . He would do anything to make sure I don't ever end up like Harlem . He kept me in church 24/7 ,I never had many friends at school because he found them too inapropriate or grown , He kept me in the family busniess , and on top of all that he tried to keep me around Karen to make me change my mind about L.A .

I don't even feel like a teenager anymore after living with him . "You're right . Harlem going to jail really crush some of dad's dreams I guess " I sighed . "I'm sorry to bring that up .." Lily rubbed my back . I chuckled "Its okay . Its true I can't do anything about it ..Reversing time is what I would do if I could trust me " 

We arrived back at my house and we walked up to the front door . "Hey can I stay for dinner ?" Lily asked . "Sure you can help me unpack too " I smiled as she clapped excitedly . We walked in the door laughing up a storm . But our laughing died down a little once we heard other laughters circling around the room .

We looked over to the couch and Saw Harlem and some other guy playing the game . His face was so familiar I just didn't remember . Maybe his hair was different or the fact he had tattoos I know this guy . "Hey Brook you remember Beiber right ?" Harlem elbowed the guy next to him . "Bieber ?" I questioned . He chuckled pausing the game

"Come on . Justin ..Ryder's little brother ." Harlem tried to remind me . I was kinda confused . I didn't know this kid as much as Harlem wanted me to . He did look famliliar though .He sighed chuckling again

"Its okay . You guys never really liked eachother anyway " Harlem shrugged continuing to play the game . I continued to look at the boy on the couch . His features looked so familiar . I swear I would know those brown eyes anywhere . 

Then I remembered . The trouble maker of 8th grade . I hated him . And EVERYONE loved him . They favortized over him no matter what . He would always do this thing . He would half smirk and bite the side of his lip . I saw him . The guy sitting on the couch is him . As his eyes came back to me he smirked . And it happened he bit his lip . I remembered him . Justin Bieber . 

"Brooklyn!!" Lily's voice screamed . I shook my head and blinked a couple time then looking up to see my brothers , Lily and Justins eyes on me . "Y-Yes?" I said . "What up with you ? Come on Let get to unpacking your stuff " Lily pulled me up the stairs . That was weird . I mean its been 4 years I can't still hate him right ? . Does he even remember me ? . Maybe its best to leave things as they started . Not make friendships with this guy at all . Afterall . I will never fall into Justin's trap . EVER


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