Niall's Story

Niall's younger sister goes missing and he doesn't know if shes dead or just kidnapped. Lauren becomes a very close person to Megan and she might know why she disappeared.


2. Chapter 2

Megan’s POV: It was a few days after the show. Lauren was visiting some family and I found out that she’s from Florida but was born in London. She moved to the US when she was ten.

    “Megan! C’mon! We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up!” Niall yelled across the tour bus.

    “I’m coming!” I responded.

    I grabbed my phone and ran off the bus. My phone buzzed and I realised that Lauren had texted me. She wanted to know if I wanted to hang out today.

    “Eh! Niall! Can Lauren come to your concert tonight? I know you want to see her!”

    “Sure! And no I don’t!”

    I responded to Lauren. She  was about an hour and a half away. The boys only did two shows in Milwaukee and now are doing two shows in Chicago. I was playing Candy Crush when there was a knock at the door.

    “Come in!” I yelled.

    The door opened and I heard light footsteps. I turned and saw Lauren.

    “Lauren!” I yelled.

    We hugged then I led her to the couch. We started talking and then the lads walked in. I saw Niall’s face light up when he saw Lauren. I knew he liked her!

    “How’s life Lauren?” Liam asked.

    “It’s good. I just miss my best friend Amber though. Oh! And Ursala is grounded for what she did to me at the concert,” Lauren responded.

    “Where does Amber live?” Niall asked.

    “She lives in Orlando, Florida.”

    “Our next stop is Miami,” Zayn said.

    Lauren’s facial expression turned into a smile. Paul walked in and had to take the lads away. They had to go get ready for there concert.

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