The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


10. The king of Iskira

As they were leaving, William and Lola stopped walking and said to their two friends "We will be staying here, we have both decided that we will start a new life here" Catherine hugged her two best-friends and Robert said to William "I swear if you hurt my little sister i will hurt you! got it" William shook his head yes and so Robert and Catherine continued following the map.


As they were walking in the forest , Robert saw a stone path and said to Catherine "Instead of walking in the woods we can walk on the path" Catherine looked at him and said "No Robert we have to follow the map" he looked at her and said "Come on, it i'll be fun". As they were walking on the path, four horse men circled them and one of them said "We are here to arrest both of you by orders of the king!" the guards attached their hands with ropes and attached the ropes to the horses. As they were walking captive Catherine said to herself mimicking Robert "Come on he said it i'll be fun he said".


Three days later they arrived at a castle, they were brought to the throne room. When they arrived to the throne room doors Catherine was surprised when she heard the kings voice. By his voice she could tell that the king was a young man. When the king saw the guard he said "What is it" the guard bowed before the king and said "My king we have caught two young peoples what should we do with them?" the king just waved dismissing the guard and plugged his teeth into a young woman's neck. Robert and Catherine were suddenly pushed into the throne room and shoved to their knees in front of the king, Catherine was about to look at the king but Robert whispered "Don't Catherine, he is one of the devils creature" . When the king was finished drinking the girl's blood he whipped his mouth, he  looked at Robert and Catherine and said "Nobody told me we had visitors... what's your name boy?" Robert looked at the king and said " I'm Robert ". The king then saw Catherine, he got out of his throne and bent on his knees in front of Catherine and took her chin with two of his fingers, raising her head to look at his face. 


When she looked at him she saw that he had black hair that swooped on the right side of his face and that stopped just before his eyebrow he also had light blue eyes. The king looked intensely into her green eyes and then smiled  and said to her "What is your name?" she looked at him and said "Catherine".  The king went back to his throne and said loud enough "These people are no traitors and will stay at the castle", Robert and Catherine got up and got untied just when Catherine went to the doors with Robert the king came to them and said "Lady Catherine, are you married?" Catherine looked at the ring on her finger and said "Your grace i am married to Robert" the king looked down and said "Has your marriage been consummated?" Robert looked at the king and said trough grinned teeth "No your grace" the king smiled and said "Very well" he then went back to his throne. The king said loudly enough for every one to hear "I have made the decision to marry the lady Catherine even as she is married their union has never been consummated in which case i have decided to make her my bride and we will marry in four nights". Cheers were heard all around the room except for Catherine and Robert.

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