The Sun and the Moon

This is the sequel to The Sun and the Moon book 1 :)


9. The fire

Robert was sleeping peacefully until he had rays of sun in his eyes. He got up, changed and looked out the window, what a great mistake. He saw that it was not the sun but it was fire, setting on all the houses, he ran to Catherine and shook her . She woke up saying "Shit! is it morning already?" Robert quickly shut her up and said "Get changed we have to leave" She looked at him weird and said "Why?" Robert looked at her and said "The wildlings have come back!".


She had never dressed faster, she putted on a simple dark green dress with a green cloak, she braided her brown hair so it went on her left shoulder. She putted her hunting boots on and got armed with her bow and arrows. She went into the kitchen and said "I have to go get my parents you stay here!" she was starting to walk to the door but Robert stopped her and said "Are you crazy? I'm not gonna stay here while you go out there alone i'm going with you!". When they went out of the house they saw, people screaming, running and being killed. As they were going to her parents house they saw Williams parents being killed, she looked away. They went close to her parents house only to see them being dragged out of the house, and having a knife to Anne's throat Louis looked at the wildling and whispered "Let her go" he then yelled "LET HER GO!" the wildling laughed, he putted a knife to Louis's neck and said "Where is the girl?!" as he did not respond they slitted Louis's throat. Anne screamed and the wildling asked the same question again but more harshly this time "Where is the girl!"  Anne did not respond she was only saying something in a different language, Catherine recognized the dialect her mother was saying: it was a safety prayer for her daughter, Catherine. As Anne was not talking they slitted her throat as well Catherine was going to scream but someone covered her mouth with their hand she looked over and saw that it was Robert , and he took her hand and ran to the woods, Catherine took one last glimpse of her parents house that was on fire and saw her dead parents on the ground .  


When they arrived to a cave , Catherine wanted to sit down until they heard a sound coming from the bushes, she armed her bow with an arrow ready to shoot, finally two people came out of it: it was Lola and William. She dropped her bow and arrows and ran to hug Lola to which caused the two girls cry in each others arms. They made their camp in the cave until tomorrow, “Where will we go?” asked William Catherine got out the map she got in the woods a few days earlier and said “We could follow this it's our best chance” Lola looked at it and said “Where did you get that?” Catherine simply looked at the map and said “In the woods”


A few days later, they had followed the map and came across a village. When they arrived in the village, Robert and William went to rent two rooms in a motel and the two girl walked around the town to pick up food, as they were waiting for the food they had ordered two men went on each side of the two girls. “What's a pretty girl like you doing here?” asked one to Lola, to which Lola answered "We aren't alone we have our husbands waiting for us" the two men walked away. When Catherine was waiting she heard it, the unknown girl's laugh she said to Lola " I'll join you at the motel ". Catherine walked to the source of the laughter and saw the girl and asked "Who are you?!" the girl just laughed and ran off, not giving up Catherine followed the girl until there was no exit for her to run.


"Who are you!" Catherine asked again, the girl did not answer. Catherine stared at the girls face which looked a bit familiar, Catherine noticed that the girl had blue eyes as well, when the girl heard foot steps coming their way she took a necklace off of her neck and took Catherine's hands and putted the necklace in her hands. "Catherine?" Lola yelled, Catherine turned around to her friends voice but when she turned back to give the necklace back she saw that the girl was gone. When Lola found Catherine she said "You have been gone for two hours and we where worried" Catherine was still facing the wall and said "I saw the girl " Lola looked at her friend curiously and said "What did she want?"  Catherine turned around a golden necklace in her hand and said to Lola "She had my mothers necklace".

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