Against Her Will

Belle lives in a town where murders are suddenly happening out of the blue. Of course, she doesn't want to stay here anymore but doesn't have a place to go. Soon Belle has the unfortunate displeasure of being held captive by the serial killer himself. Everyday, she has to look him in the eye and tell him that she loves him. She doesn't mean it of course! What happens when one day, she actually means it?


12. Nighttime

Belle's P.O.V.

*That Night*


He takes me back up to my room then he leads me over to the dresser. I opened up the top drawer to see bra and underwear. I looked at him and he shut the drawer. I opened up the second drawer to see socks. He shut it then he opened the third drawer. There was t-shirts and sweatpants in outfits.

"Pajamas." He said and I nodded. He shut that drawer and opened the fourth, and final, drawer which was filled with shorts.

"How do you know my size?" I asked, picking up one of the shorts and looking at the size. He just took the shorts out of my hand and put them back in the drawer. He shut the drawer and he went over to the closet. He opened the double doors and I nearly fainted. It was a huge walk-in closet. He shut the doors and he turned towards me.

"So I'll be staying here?" I asked and he walked over to me.

"Yes." He replied.
"For how long?" I asked and he shrugged.
"Forever." He replied and I backed away.

"No. I need to go home sometime." I said and he sighed.

"Well you won't." He said, "Goodnight." He said and left my room.


I walked over and opened the third drawer. I put on a t-shirt and sweatpants then I got into the bed. I laid on my back and looked up the ceiling thinking of him. Who is he?


I close my eyes when I hear my bedroom door open. I can sense him leaning over my face. His face gets closer to my face then our lips are touching. I jump at this sudden feeling and out foreheads hit each other. I open my eyes to see him looking furiously down at me.

"Ow." I muttered and put my hand over my head. He sighed and pulled the gun out of his jacket pocket. He pointed it at me and I rolled of the bed. I ran over to the closet and shut the doors. I held the doors shut while he tried to open them.

"You can't stay in there forever." He said softly and the door opened then closed. I looked through the crack of the doors and he was still in my room.

"I know you're still in here. I can see." I said and he sighed. He pointed the gun to the closet doors and I gasped.
"This didn't have to happen like this." He said.
"Don't shoot!" I said and his gun hand fell down an inch.

"Why shouldn't I?" He asked.

"So you took me here just to shoot me?" I asked.
"No." He replied.

"Then why would you?" I asked and he left my room.

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