Against Her Will

Belle lives in a town where murders are suddenly happening out of the blue. Of course, she doesn't want to stay here anymore but doesn't have a place to go. Soon Belle has the unfortunate displeasure of being held captive by the serial killer himself. Everyday, she has to look him in the eye and tell him that she loves him. She doesn't mean it of course! What happens when one day, she actually means it?


11. His House

Belle's P.O.V.

*One Hour Later*


I look out of the window and look at his house. I open my eyes wide and I glance at him. He's starring at me. I open the car door and get out. I shut the car door and look up at the huge house standing in front of me. It looks like a huge, white castle. He walks up to the double front door and I walk over to him.
"This place is huge." I said in awe.
"I know. It's meant to be." He said and opened the door. He walked in and I walked in after him.


He started showing me around and I was amazed at what I saw. Here is the whole house:







Living room:



Dinning room:












Laundry room:











His room:





My room:






Computer room:






Reading room:





Spa room:





Outside pool:


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