Katherine's Afterlife

Justin lived a normal life...tht is until the love of his life dies. His world will never be the same. But Katherine's Afterlife lives on forever.


1. Last Night.🙏

Katherine's prospective.

I checked the time again. I cried and cried harder and harder. I grabbed the blade and tried not to but the next thing I knew I was cutting a line in my skin as dark red blood appeared. I made another and another. I dropped it and kicked it away so I couldn't do another. I sat there and cried again and again. "No no I just wanna go home" I cried. 

"Dinner is ready!" Tommy said from the door. "I'm not hungry" I yelled. I knew I wouldve threw it up anyways. I sat on the floor and cried over and over. I grabbed the pills on the counter. They were originally my mother's. I opened it and grabbed five pills. I looked at them but could only see a blur because of the tears in my eyes. I dropped the onto the floor in a pile. Should I do it? I can't stand this world. It's too much. I quickly grabbed them and so fast ,so I wouldn't think of another way to stall it, I swallowed them. Nothing happened. I didn't feel anything. I grabbed four more and swallowed again. I was suddenly feeling sleepy then fell asleep.

Tommy's prospective.
Finally we finished dinner. "Go tell your sister that we left her leftovers if she gets hungry" mother said. I nodded and got up and knocked on her door. No answer. I knocked again. I know she would get pissed, but I stormed in. There she was. Laying there breathlessly. "Katherine?" I said. I shook her to wake up. "Katherine! Please wake up! Katherine! Please!" I screamed. 
I shook her harder and harder but nothing. "Mom!!!" I screamed.
She came running. "Oh my god" she said as she ran to call 911. But when they got there. Nothing. I looked around and saw a paper. It wrote 'GOODBYE' at the top. Probabily her suicide note. I folded it and put it in my pocket. There was nothing thy could do for her Katherine was dead. I cried harder and harder. I had never seen my Mother cry so hard either. We cried together as she held me close. 

The next day.


Justin's prospective.

I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I banged it. "Ugh" I moaned. I got dressed and messed with my hair. Then brushed my teeth. I got a call as I ran downstairs and grabbed and apple as my mom waved me goodbye as I ran to cross the street. "So what happened?" Jake asked.

"We broke up" I said.

"Man but you and Katherine we're a good couple".

"I know but it just wasn't working out I guess..." I said.

"Wasn't working out? Or Karly Sanders finally likes you?" he asked.

"Hmmm both" I smiled and threw away the eaten apple. 

I hung up and walked into the school.

Everybody was whispering like always. So annoying. I walked to my locker. "Hey Justin" some girl said a he smiled at me and bit her lip. "Hello" I smiled.

"I gotta go" i said.

"Okay...see you later cutie" he smiled and I think I saw her wink then walk away. That's what Katherine used to call me. Her 'cutie'. I liked it when she called me that. She was so beautiful. I smiled at the thought of her. I walked into class. She wasn't there though. The teacher looked sad and not saying a word. He just looked down at his desk. Then finally the speakers screached then said the morning announcements. Then I could see Jack walking in class late. I expected the teacher to be upset and give him detention like always. But no he didn't even look up. 

"Basketball game is tommorrow! Come to cheer the school on! And now sadly we had just found out the the sad news of Katherine Dalldell." the speaker said.

I suddenly paid attention. 

"Umm well she passed last night...and we will have a memorial for her on Friday... Thank you." 

Suddenly everyone had shut up. Or was it just me? Maybe I had expected to make out with her after school. But my heart dropped. I suddenly couldn't breath. My shoulders suddenly weighed a ton. I felt my eyes water. Why did I care so much? Was it because I had no one to call when I needed someone to talk to? Was it because I missed her sweet giggle? Was it because her perfect smile? Was it because she was my first? What was it? Why did it hurt me so badly? I didn't know what to do? I felt dizzy. Like the world was moving around and around. I wanted to throw up. 

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