Rainbow Dash's Girly Side

When Twighlight Sparkle goes back to Canterlot High, she finds out there's trouble. Rarity, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack, and Pinkie Pie are trying to help Rainbow Dash be a little girly. But every time Rainbow Dash tries to be girly she ends up being more and more of a tomboy. Rarity and Twighlight casts a spell so that Rainbow Dash would be a little girly and it ends up good. But one problem. After of having Rainbow Dash being girly it's starting to get out of hand. Can Twighlight and the others stop Rainbow Dash?


1. Flash Century

Princess Twighlight Sparkle the alicorn (Pegasus and unicorn) woke up to Princess Celestia calling out her name. "Twighlight!!!" Princess Celestia cried. "I'm up. I'm up!" Twighlight yawned as she stretched. "No time!!!" Said Pinkie Pie the earth pony as she pulled Twighlight out of bed and nearly tripped on  sleeping Spike the baby dragon.they arrived at the room where it contained the mirror the held the portal to the human world that no one else knew about except for her assistant baby dragon Spike and herself. "What's the matter?" Twighlight asked frantically. "Geez." Rainbow Dash the pegasus said in a 'duh' voice. "It's obvious!" "First the mirror's portal opened which is soooo obvious my darling. And second the mirror is vibrating rapidly!" Said the number one styler Rarity the unicorn. Twighlight looked at the mirror again and blushed. "Oops. Sorry." She said smiling. "Princess... I.. I mean Princess Celestia!" A Pegasus guard said barging into the room. It was Flash Century. Twighlight met him at the human world at Canterlot High and she secretly liked him. Twighlight could feel her self heating up in embarrassment. "Discord is back." He frantically said. Then he spotted Twighlight and he turned bright red. "Twighlight?" Said the shy gentle Pegasus Flutter Shy. "You're drooling." "Ahhe...... I mean what?" Twighlight babbled as she sucked in the saliva. "You were drooling!" She whispered in her VERY soft voice. "Sorry." Twighlight said as she wiped her mouth with her hoof. "Twighlight. Go get the elements of harmony and go defeat Discord." Said Princess Celestia. "Yes princess." Twighlight said and she ran off. Flash Century chuckled. "Oh Twighlight." He smiled. "Always responsible." And he flew off. 




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